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Row Row (continues) by LorelaiGilmoreDanes

Segment # 4

Lorelai's House (Day 4 – Morning)

Lorelai calls Rory at Yale – getting breakfast. Scenes switch between the two locations.

RORY: Hello?

LORELAI: I am not so grown up after all.

RORY: (Confused) What?

LORELAI: Do we meet at your grandma's or carpool?

RORY: Meet. (Senses her mother's sad tone) Mom, you OK?

LORELAI: Yeah, just had a lousy night. Couldn't sleep.

RORY: How come?

LORELAI: Carpool with me, and I'll fill you in?

RORY: Yeah, sure.

LORELAI: OK hun, I'll see you tonight.

RORY: (in a look of concern) Yeah, bye mom. (Looks up at Anna – whose sitting at a table talking to a guy – Rory walks over really fast).

ANNA: (Sees Rory approaching – quickly whispers to the guy). Leave… now! (The boy quickly leaves).

RORY: (Comes over the table and places her hands on her sides) I am sorry, I didn't know today's breakfast special came with an annoying brat trying to hook up with the entire male population within a 3 mile radius.

Cuts to the Driveway of the Gilmore Mansion (Day 4 – Evening)

Rory and Lorelai walk arm in arm towards the door.

RORY: (Sympathetically says) I am sorry you guys had a fight…

LORELAI: Yeah, me too…

RORY: …but you can't avoid Luke.

LORELAI: …I don't want to upset him more than I already have.

RORY: …avoiding Luke after a fight was so last season, it was before you two were 'boyfriend and girlfriend'

LORELAI: (Looks at Rory)… but we always made up.

RORY: … yes, but there's more at stake now.

LORELAI: (Looks down) I know. (They arrive at the door and Lorelai rings the bell).

RORY: Don't… (she is cut short by the maid)…

MAID: (Reaches out) May I take your coats?

Both Lorelai and Rory take off their coats and hand it to the maid.

EMILY: (Walks into the foyer with a huge smile) There they are! Richard should go out on business every week, so I don't have to share the two of you. (Notices what Lorelai is wearing and her facial expression changes drastically) What are you wearing?!

LORELAI: (Startled) What?

EMILY: (Points towards her legs) You are wearing jeans! You don't wear jeans to Friday Night Dinner!

Both Lorelai and Rory look down at the jeans

LORELAI: Oh, mom… I wasn't thinking. I am sorry. I was in a hurry. If you want, I could go home and change. But then you'd have to wait an extra hour to eat dinner…

EMILY: Well we can't do anything about it now. Come, come… Let us get drinks.

Lorelai is very quiet through drinks. She barely touched her martini.

EMILY: Anything wrong with the martini, Lorelai?

LORELAI: (Notices her glass still full) Oh no, mom. Just ugh…

EMILY: (Cuts her off by calling out the maid) Maggie! We are ready for dinner, it's almost past seven.

RORY: (At the same moment whispers to her mom) Mom, don't wait too long to talk to him.

EMILY: (As she stands on her feet) All right, well let's have dinner now, shall we?

They walk towards the dining room, except Lorelai. She walks towards the front door.

EMILY: (Notices Lorelai walking away) What on earth do you think you are doing?!

LORELAI: (Desperately) Mom, I am really sorry – but I have to go. (Then looks at Rory whose standing next to Emily and slightly smiles).

RORY: (Smiles back) I'm sure grandma won't mind me spending the night.

EMILY: (Still stunned by Lorelai's behavior) You can't just take off like that!

LORELAI: (As she puts her coat back on) Mom, seriously… you can call me tomorrow and yell at me all you want. I promise I won't hang up on you… and I might even extend our talking time so that you can yell at me for five minutes longer than usual. But right now, I have to leave. (She opens the door and leaves without another word).

EMILY: (Shouts after her) Lorelai Victoria Gilmore!!! Where on earth…

RORY: (Places her hands on Emily's shoulders and guides her towards the dining room) Grandma, wanna hear about my week?

Scene fades out.

Cuts to sidewalk next to Luke's Diner. (A few minutes later)

Lorelai gets out of her jeep and sees Luke through the window. He's alone going through receipts. It's a rare Friday night lull. After a few seconds of staring at 'him', Lorelai walks towards the diner.

LORELAI: (Opens the door and looks straight at Luke).

LUKE: (Looks up at Lorelai as she flips the 'Open' sign and locks the door behind her).

Their eyes meet and they both have an expression that said that it was time. It was time for them to talk.

LORELAI: (Silently walks around the counter and takes his hand and leads him up to his apartment).

Cuts to the apartment as they enter inside.

They stand in silence facing each other for a few seconds. Then Luke prepares himself to say something, but Lorelai stops him by placing her hand on his lips.

LORELAI: Please let me go first? (Luke slightly nods) I am sorry about the boat. I should've listened to you. I feel like such an idiot. I mean, I would never intentionally do anything to upset you, Luke. I need you to believe that. I just thought that maybe you would regret your decision later. If I had known that when you said to 'scrap it' you really meant it, I wouldn't have had those guys with the weird jump suits haul it over to my place…

LUKE: (Speaks softly) I am glad you did.

LORELAI: Really? But…

LUKE: (Cuts her off and points at himself) Now, it's my turn. (Then walks over to the sink and turns around leaning his back against the counter). I shouldn't have yelled at you. I can't believe I yelled at you. I am sorry about being such a… jerk… about all of this. It's just that when…

LORELAI: (Walks over and places her hands on his chest) You don't have to explain…

LUKE: (Continues regardless)… My father started building it when I was born…

LORELAI: The boat?

LUKE: … a year later, Liz was born so he didn't have much time to work on it. A couple of years later I guess he worked on it a bit more and it was too big to store in our garage, so he rented Mrs. Thompson's…

LORELAI: Ahh… (she says softly).

LUKE: … it wasn't finished. He was too busy with the hardware store to work on the boat, so he just stored it in that garage. (Lorelai nods). Then a few years later, mom got ill. My father suddenly started spending his free time working on that boat. I didn't understand it at first – but he couldn't stand it. I mean he was there to look after her – but any chance he got; he would be out of the house – mostly working on that boat.

LORELAI: (Slightly rubs his chest) You know you don't have to…

LUKE: You know that doctor lady that came up with the five stages of death? (Thinks to himself) What was her name? Some Ross… Something, something Ross…

LORELAI: (Smiles slightly) I am sure if Rory was here, she would've helped you there…

LUKE: Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. The five steps leading to death. While my mother… you know – the person who was actually dying… skipped right to the 'Acceptance' part, my father was stuck with the 'Anger' and 'Denial' stages throughout most of her illness. Towards the end he came around, but you could tell that a huge part was dying inside him. (He looks away for a second – trying to hold back whatever feeling he was overcome with). He was a good man…

LORELAI: (Agrees) Yes, I am sure he was.

LUKE: (Looks at Lorelai) Anyway, after mom died he never went back to the boat. Kept paying rent on that garage but didn't look at the thing...

LORELAI: And you?...

LUKE: Saw it last night for the first time in 15 years… in your garage. Brought back memories.

LORELAI: I am so sorry, Luke. (With her hands still on his chest)

LUKE: (Places his hands on top of her hands) No, no more apologies from you. (Then holds her close to him as he continues to lean against the counter).

LORELAI: So, we're good?

LUKE: (Nods) We're good.

They hug each other for a few moments.

LORELAI: (Pulls away slightly and places her hand on Luke's face – she traces his jaw line up to his lips – then suddenly she says softly) I love you.

LUKE: (Subtly surprise, he smiles at her) I love you, too.

They kiss softly for what seems like a very long time. Then they finally pull away.

LORELAI: Maybe you can finish it… the boat. (Realizes that it may be too early for her to be saying such a thing)… I mean… if you want…

LUKE: (Smiles) … maybe.

LORELAI: (Smiles back) I mean, I know how well you work with wood. You did make me that chuppah.

LUKE: (Chuckles – then realizes something) Aren't you suppose to be at Friday night dinner?

LORELAI: (Grins) Rory's covering for me.

Cuts to the Gilmore Mansion dining room.

Rory and Emily have just finished dessert and Rory continues to describe her week.

RORY: … so, I tell the guys to get lost. Then Anna got really mad at me. But I told her "Tough luck sista – you are on my turf. And that means you follow my rules." I mean, she's not even 18 yet! Then today, Logan and his lame practical jokes. Just when you start thinking 'hey, he isn't so bad,' at that very moment he decides to act like a 12-year old. And Marty, poor Marty… I've been dumping so many things on him lately. (Shakes her head… then continues). The bright side to this week was seeing Anna annoy the what-ama-jiggers out of Paris. (Sighs). So that was my week. (she nods) In a nut-shell. What about yours grandma? How was your week?

EMILY: Do the jeans have anything to do with why she just took off like that?

RORY: (Sighs and drops her head on her hands).

Scene fades out.

End Credits.


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