Chapter 10: Por La Noche

The sound of a rather loud motorcycle drew to the front window. Squinting into the inky blackness of the outdoors I was aghast to see that there were figures moving around on our front walk.

"Vernon." My voice was a shrill whisper as every kidnapping, murder and assault story I had ever heard passed through my mind. Only the presents of my sturdily normal and respectable husband behind me relieving any of my fears.

"Petunia?" At his question I pointed through the lace curtains to the figures, obviously thugs, outside. With a sharp intake of breath he agreed and immediately set out to check that all the windows and doors in the house were perfectly secure. I rushed to the living room to check on Dudley.

The little angel was asleep. His head resting on a block as squeaky voiced animals sang out children's songs in shrill falsetto. Picking him up I silenced the groan of sleepy protest with a sweet and carried him swiftly upward to his nursery. When I turned to leave however, no matter how peaceful he had looked before, he let out a piercing shriek of protest. Well no wonder, Bunbun, Jack, Jill, and Neck had been placed on a shelf that morning. Quickly placing them in his flailing embrace I left him chewing on Jack's ear, quiet mustic welling up in the background.

"They're gone now." Vernon commented as I descended bowl of pretzels in hand he continued on route to the living room and the evening news. "But you'd better call the police in the morning."

I nodded and followed, taking stiff residency on the other side of the couch; my mind temporarily distracted with a postal strike, people starving in Africa, and why you should make Australia your next holiday destination. The evening went on rather normally from there.

I was woken in the early hours of the morning by a wailing cry. Jumping up I rushed into Dudley's room fearing the worst, but was greeted by the peaceful face of my darling baby fast asleep.

"What is it now?" Vernon groaned at me impatiently. Pursing my lips in frustration the noise reached a crescendo as the neighborhood dogs joined in the augmenting chorus.

"What is it?"

"I don't know." My frustration at the uproar showing through the nails that were bighting painfully into the skin in my right wrist. A sudden revelation had been rushing to the window however. Opening the window I practically threw my upper torso out and gazed down at the sidewalk bellow, a suspicious mass had been laid on our front step.

"Petunia, are you all right?" The next second I had been forcefully ripped back into our bedroom, I stared down at Vernon eyes wide gasping. "Well?" a mixture of concern and frustration battled out on his face.

"Yes dear." I muttered distractedly. Pushing past him I rushed with reckless abandon down the stairs, and I would not be surprised if my husband thought me crazy; perhaps I was… my revelation had sent me into a frenzy.

Carefully opening the door I looked down at the basket contained baby on my doorstep. Lily? My stomach plunged into depths of ice as I stared into a pair of wide green eyes; memories filled me with repressed feelings. Gulping for air I stumbled back into Vernon a hand to my forehead.

"Petunia?" Vernon, obviously at his wit's end, shoveled me off onto the steps where my head slowly slipped down lower to stop the spinning and buzzing in my ears.

"It's Lily's child." I stuttered pointing shakily at the door that was slowly swinging shut.

"What?" Vernon replied spluttering.

"Lily has shoveled off her child on me." I muttered contemptuously; it would be something those people would do. I reasoned as I stood and walked to the door. If the child kept up that racket the entire neighborhood would be talking.

As the child lay on the table, finally quiet, I slowly opened the letter that had accompanied this ill-fated guest. Reading slowly I was somewhat relieved and even more annoyed. Well Lily had finally gotten what was coming to her, she and that man had been killed. They annoying part, with our parents having passed away last summer there was apparently no relatives for him to go to.

Up until I looked down at Harry I had not planned on keeping him. In fact I had planned on sending him directly back where he had come from even if I had to take him back to Lily's house on foot! In that moment though a short parade of memories passed before my eyes; the few I had of before Lily had gotten her letter. She had been decent.

"I'll tell you one thing, you're not getting away with whatever you're pulling on me." I snapped down at the two sucking bundle before me. My mother, Lily had gotten her eyes from my mother.

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