Summary: Syaoran is a hard core surfer in Hawaii that's really good and famous. He and his friends are surfer bums. One day he meets this girl Sakura.

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The waves hit the shore with a wall of mist that no one could see through. Everyone around put their hands up as if to stop the wall, except for a group off to the right. A group of surfers- willing the water to spray them. This group of men would stand out if they were anywhere but here. They stood, bare chested, with long shorts on. Tan skin glinted from the water of the spray, accented the white-blonde hair bleached from the sun. And each of them held a surf board.

There were five of them, each with their own style, as they watched the waves off the coast. Unknown to their knowledge, they stood very regally and the hungry photographers breathed it in. But to the five men, it was all about the waves. It was their life, really. Surfing was not only a way of life, but a lifestyle. They lived around it, they lived for it.

Two surfers, both with long bleach blonde hair walked out in front of the group towards the water, as if to test it out. Soon a man with long curly brown hair and slightly darker skin walked out to join them. That left two remaining men, one with short amber hair and one with blue-ish, black hair.

"Ready?" The one with blue-ish black hair asked. The other nodded and went out to surf the waves.

This group was called The Clan. They were a bunch of surf bums off of Northshore, Hawaii. The group consisted of these five men between the ages of 19 and 22.

One of the boys with blonde hair was a 20 year old American named Jeff, who had migrated to Hawaii from California after hearing of the great waves the island had to offer, he never left.

The other blonde was a man at the age of 21, named Chris, a native to Hawaii. Chris had been surfing since he could stand.

With back length curly brown hair, most always in a low pony tail, was JimRay, a Hawaiian who at the age of 19, worshipped surfing.

The man with blue-ish black hair was a 22 year old from England named Eriol. Eriol had lived on the west coast of England before moving to Hawaii for some warmer water surfing.

The last member was perhaps the "leader" for he was the best surfer. Syaoran, had lived in China, but had surfed in Hawaii every year excelled in the sport (it just came naturally) and moved when he was 18. At the age of 22, he was by far a leader of the entire surfing community.

"Lets surf." Syaoran said as they headed out into the swells.