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Title- Lost in Paradise

Summery: Jimmy and Cindy get lost on an uncharted Island. Will they be able to survive or will they be at each other's throats? (Warning: It's lame how they get on the island but...the rest will be good)

Chapter One-----Bad Plane Trip

Jimmy ran home and flew up the stairs, literaly. He was using his new Flying Chip as much as possible. He just put the chip on his body and he was able to fly...(which would be soooooo cool). He floated himself down onto his bed and sighed. His entire grade was going on a feild trip to Paris tomarrow! Sure he could go there pretty much anytime he wanted to but this was different somehow. He couldn't figure out why though.

Everybody had known about the trip for sometime and Jimmy had been packed for weeks, he couldn't wait. Cindy on the other hand wasn't to big on the idea. She was going to miss her Tai-Chi tournment and there were three new movies out that she wanted to see that week they left. She was just packing today.

The next day...noth Jimmy and Cindy's parents saw them off at the airport. Cindy had her headphones on and her eyes closed as she sat down in her seat on the plane. She didn't notice but she was singing along with some of the words. She felt the person next to her who was suppose to be Libby tap her shoulder. When she turned to see what they wanted she saw...

"Nerdtron!? What are you doing in Libby's seat?!"

"This is my seat and your in Sheen's seat! Let me see your ticket." He said holding out his. She willingly showed him hers. Only to find that they were seated next to each other. They took one quick look at each other and turned around to see Libby and SHeen holding hands and laughing. Without even saying anything they sat back down and shook their heads.

"I can't believe she did that. She switched my seat and his..." Cindy said rolling her eyes.

"I've been looking foward to this trip for to long and I'm not going to let you ruin it."

"Well I don't want to go so I'm going to try to make it horrible for you." She snapped back. "I'll talk to you the whole ride there. What shall i bore you with first? Make-up? Nailpolish? Hmmm maybe facts about my life that you couldn't care less about?"

Jimmy turned away when she started talking about herself but at the same time tried to listen carefully. He actually learned a bit about her and it interested him. A few hours later he stood up to go to the bathroom. Cindy was still talking about herself. It was amazing how she never got bored of it.

"What are you doing?" Jimmy asked when he saw that Cindy was following him.

"I'm annoying you, like I said I would."

"Yeah but I'm going to the bathroom. You can't follow me in there. And I know you don't want to right?" Jimy asked raising an eyebrow. When she blushed and looked away he smiled. "Ohhh....So you have a crush on me do you?"

"NO! I can't believe you'd think that!" Cindy gently pushed him.

"You like me..." He continued to taunt. Jimmy also gave Cindy a playful push but then she pushed him really hard and he fell backward and rolled until he hit the wall. Just then a voice came over the speeker phone.

"Please fasten your seat belts. We are experiencing some strong winds, nothing to worry about though. Thank you." The plane tipped upward so Cindy fell foward toward the back and rolled right into Jimmy's arms.

Jimmy instictivly put his arms around her back to catch her. Her head slid right past his so their cheeks were rubbing aganist each other. Cindy pushed herself up over him but she was still in his arms and looking into his eyes. Jimmy smiled and without realizing it tightened his grip and pulled her onto his body. Cindy willingly pressed her body to his.

Just then the plane turned and they rolled across the wall and over a button that opened a door on the side. Jimmy and Cindy kept rolling right out the door. Soon they were out in the air with out parachutes or anything! Jimmy and Cindy let go of each other. They started flying downward in mid air.

"Jimmy!" Cindy cried out. "I can't believe you did that!"

"I didn't do anything!"

"Save us you idiot!"

Jimmy quickly pulled out his Flying Chip out of his pants pocket. He attched it to himslef and stopped falling. He just floated there and then saw Cindy fall right by him. She was still falling! He quickly shooted himself down and grabbed her waist.

"Cindy! Stop screaming, you're okay." Cindy continued to scream and Jimmy shut his eyes tight. "Cindy!" He had to cover her mouth to stop her from freaking out. Cindy calmed down but Jimmy kept his hand on her mouth. She licked his hand to get it off.

"Hey! Whoa! How are you flying? This is cool."

"It's my newest invention the Flying Chip. It gives me the ablility to fly. Now lets go get back on that plane." He started to move toward the plane when he sees sparks fly off of the chip. "Uh oh."

"No...no uh oh. Thta's not aloud." Cindy joked a little. Then she shook her head realizing that she was trying a really lame way to flirt with him.

"It looks like I wore out the chip and we're about to fall agian. Here I think I see and island down there. I'll guide us down as far as I can but we're going to have a rough landing. Here get on my back." He moved so Cindy was able to climb onto him and sat on his back. She wrapped her arms around his chest to keep herself from falling. She couldn't see it but Jimmy was smiling when she did.

Jimmy was able to get them about 12 feet from the ground then fell on his face with Cindy on his back. He was hurt but not badly. Cindy got off of him and didn't even help him up.

"Where are we? There's no one here. Shouldn't there be someone here?" She turned to look at Jimmy slowly getting up holding his side.

"I don't know...It's getting dark. We should probably find some place to stay and in the morning I'll find out where we are." He shook his head a little and looked at Cindy who was looking at the sky. 'Well this oughtta be interesting' Jimmy thought.

'A moment in heaven, now I'm in hell.' Cindy thought.

(I know the first chapter sorda sucks but I promise the next chapter will be up in a few days and it will get better...)