Lost in Paradise

Chapter 6:-Escape

Cindy was a little overwhelmed by Jimmy's hug and his words. She wasn't sure if she wanted to leave yet. They had just gotten together and she knew it wouldn't be the same when she got home. She didn't want things to change.

"What's wrong? Aren't you happy?"

"Yeah I am it's just... I don't think I want to leave yet." Cindy said said looking down.

"Why not? Don't you miss Libby and your family?"

"Of course I do!" She yelled a little offended

"Sorry I didn't mean it like that. Why don't you want to leave?" Cindy looked up at him and pulled him into a hard kiss. Jimmy followed her to lay on the ground and layed down ontop of her. Once they broke apart he looked into her emerald eyes. "Oh...that's why?"

"I don't want things to change."

"They won't. We'll still be together."

"Yeah I know that but people are going to make fun and it'll be uncomfortable. Won't it?"

"Are you saying you want us to hide our relationship from everyone?" Cindy nodded shyly. She didn't but at the same time she did. "Alright then we'll hide it. Now are you ready to go home? It'll only take me a few minutes to fix the chip."

"Yeah I'm ready to go home." Jimmy slowly got up and walked over to harvest a few crystals. "Jimmy...thanks." He nodded and went back to work. Cindy layed back down and fell asleep agian. When she woke up, she saw Jimmy flying above her. "You got it working I guess?"

"Yeah so let's go."

"How do we know where to go?"

"I figured we'd fly around until we see land or a boat or something." He landed on the ground.

"That's your big plan? Fly around?"

"Do you have a better idea ms. Vortex?" Jimmy said smiling. He moved closer as she stood up and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I guess not Mr. Neutron." They laughed a little then moved in for a kiss. Cindy moved her head back quickly when they shot into the air. "Jimmy! Don't do that!" Jimmy just laughed as he helped her climb onto his back as they started their trip home.




"How long do we have to hide our relationship for?"

"I don't know...Maybe we can work up to it ya know like become friends then show it."

"Alright." Jimmy sighed. He didn't want to hide it. Now he was starting to wish they never left the island. It took awhile before they saw a boat and landed.

"Who are you?" A man said as they landed.

"I'm Jimmy Neutron and this is Cindy. We need to get to Retroville. Do you know where that is?"

"Yeah...It's just over there."

"Thanks." They took off agian. "So you excited to get home?" He asked her

"Yeah...I can't wait to eat real food. I hate the feeling of being lost."

"Yeah but at least we were lost in a paradise." They both smiled.

It didn't take long until they found Retroville. They landed in front of Jimmy's house and his mother came flying out to hug him. His parents had found out when the school called and said that Cindy and Jimmy didn't get off the plane but had gotten on.

"Mom! Dad!" Cindy and Jimmy yelled out to their parents. They all hugged and the moms started to cry as they held their children. Cindy and Jimmy took one look at each other before they went their seprate ways. They smiled and winked. It was the begining of a new life for both of them and the ride wasn't going to be all fun and games...

The End

Hoped you like it. I plan on writing a sequel soon but i'm taking a short break...happy hoildays everyone!