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The Potters had once crossbred with incubi, generations ago, and the heredity of incubus has been lurking in the bloodline ever since. Now just Harry's luck, the dormant incubus gene has awakened inside of him.

An Incubi, is a species of rare magical being that feed on vitality. They send out magical pheromones to lure humans - muggles, witches and wizards alike - and when the victims are close enough, they will hypnotize them and make them climax by magical technique - while feeding on their vitality. A few of the victims might become addicted to this process, and turn violent.

Incubi only have one mate in their lifetime, and only really have sex with their mate, so they are protected and possessed. They have focused magically abilities. They are also so sensitive about their mate's mood and feeling it's near telepathic. When they're 'interacting' with their mate, they will make their mate more vigorous and strong - whether physical or magical.

Rules: Harry's life mate should be a Slytherin - the options include Voldemort, Severus, Lucius, Draco and Blaise - and his victims could include all the male characters and maybe female. Voldemort, Severus, Lucius, Draco and Blaise... At least one scene in which one pair of them fight over Harry's affection and attention. Watching them disrupt each other by stealth is most entertaining. Or seeinganyone in denial of the attraction.


Prologue: Awakening

Harry rushed out of the upstairs bathroom of Grimmauld's Place dripping wet, annoyed and wearing only a towel around his slim waist. He'd let himself oversleep on the day he had to go back to Hogwarts! Of all the days, especially as this was his final year there. Harry practically ran into the room he'd shared with Ron in a panic.

'Everyone else is downstairs already and I'm not even dressed yet!' Harry groaned, shook out his hair and pulled on his clothes quickly before casting the quick spell to make his trunk follow him as Molly Weasley's voice echoed up the steps for him to hurry up.

'Wait, one more thing.' And the last thing he remembered before he woke up was reaching down to pull an air freshener out of an electrical outlet.

"Harry! Come on Harry...wake up!"

Harry winced slightly suddenly feeling too many things around him beyond his closed eyelids. There was a small object sticking into his back, he felt uncomfortable, like he'd been fried and why was that person talking so loudly?

"Remus..." Harry rasped out woefully eyes squeezed tight shut.

"Thank God!" Mrs. Weasley's voice sounded even louder to Harry and he winced again arching off the floor.

'Oh Merlin please move me!' Harry wriggled slightly before setting himself back down. The indent in the floor was killing him. He didn't even wonder how he could feel it he just wanted it gone.

He felt arms pick him up and was staggeringly grateful. Harry breathed in carefully, the scent of two adults, one human, other part human part werewolf, in the room and others wafting to his senses from downstairs. And other smells old and new. Harry sighed as he was placed in a soft warm bed. Fluffy, cotton, smelled of him. He didn't realize he could never sense all this before.

Harry opened his eyes to explore the rest of his world. And his mouth dropped open as he gasped softly. He had never seen like this before. So vivid, so real! Harry blinked again wondering if his mind was playing with him. Sure he'd got his vision repaired. Glasses would be a weakness at war but even with Professor Snape's potions and charms from Dumbledore...never had the world been this clear, colourful, minute.

Remus was leaning over him looking extremely worried and Harry looked over his face slowly still in awe. He could see every little wrinkle from laugh lines to the stress ones. The slight gray hairs, healthy brown ones, Harry's nose wrinkled slightly, dandruff, but hell he had it too probably.

"Harry are you okay?" Harry switched his attention deep into the amber coloured eyes and smiled slightly when Remus fidgeted and pinked under his gaze looking away. He had really beautiful eyes. Harry could see all the flecks of green and brown and hazel in his irises.

"Harry?" Harry blinked and turned his head slowly to Mrs. Weasley who then smiled and gave a quick look out the door. "Do you think you can still make the trip on the train?"

Harry shut his eyes for a moment. He felt weak and certainly different now but something told him he had to get on that train.

"I can make it."

Harry collapsed onto the seats in a compartment on the train. He thanked Merlin he'd got one alone. He needed to rest. He hadn't fully appreciated the activity on platform 9 ¾'s until today. He'd walked through the barrier after enough distraction on the other side to be mobbed with feeling.

The scents of all those people, every colour, every sound, clashing. It had been rather overwhelming. If not for Ron and Hermione rushing him to a carriage because they were already worried about him after finding out he'd got fried, he would have fainted.

The excitement had been heavy on the air and it had made him feel so weak. He needed...food? He didn't know what he needed it was just that all that had made the bottom of his stomach clench and squirm in the most disturbing way.

All he needed was rest. Harry stretched out and shut his eyes. The others wouldn't bother him. He snuggled into the seats and drifted off.

While Harry slept his body went through some subtle changes unknown to Harry.

Over sixth year and the summer Harry had gained a few inches and was around 5"8, just happy he'd past average height. But as he slept his body lengthened out with only a few twitches from Harry. When he woke he'd be an even 6ft. And the physical and magical training Harry had done with Professor Snape over the summer was obvious in the way his body had toned but then again subtly, his body changed, making what had been his before not so muscled body more lithe with a hint of muscle. All covered in skin that was changing shades gradually and unnoticeable to anyone with sight not as acute as Harry's, to a soft golden brown. Behind his eyelids Harry's eyes were darkening slightly gaining what could only be called an unnatural shine. And if anyone entered the compartment now they could wonder if their eyes were playing tricks on them as Harry's hair gained sheen and became feathery light, manageable locks. Unfortunately for Harry the same thing happened to his eyelashes turning them into ones girls would maul him for quite literally. Harry rolled over in his seats and his mouth dropped open slightly in his dreamless sleep. The final touch? Harry now had candy pink, full lips.

"Harry?" the voice sounded hesitant and Harry wondered what was wrong with Hermione.

"We're here! Harry come on lets go. Up, up, up." Ron started to poke at him and Harry immediately shot up out of the seats and his eyes snapped open turning on Ron with a death glare to rival Snape's.

"Damn it Ron! I'm up!" He turned from Ron haughtily and stood stretching before turning to his trunk and taking out his robes. He didn't notice both Ron and Hermione ogling him interestedly and shrugged into his robes muttering.

"You'd think you could cut some slack for someone that got fried only a few hours ago." Harry muttered darkly his trunk floating behind him as he turned to Ron and Hermione.

"You look good fried." Harry froze and slowly faced Ron who was the colour of his hair and had a hand clamped over his mouth, eyes wide open in shock.

Hermione tore her gaze from Harry as his eyes shifted to her and she laughed forced lightly. "What he meant of course is that you look good...considering you were fried."

"Yea! yea..." Ron laughed lightly.

"Okay...um...shall we go now?" Harry fidgeted feeling uncomfortable suddenly in a room with only them.

"Of course!" Hermione suddenly snapped out of a daze and opened the compartment door followed by Ron, who held it for Harry, who gave him a look and a grin before exiting.

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