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Majin Gojira: There were at least four times in Buffy (that I can remember) that she never sensed vampires even though they were less than two feet from her. I would say that the power to sense vampires is, at best, underdeveloped or, at worst, inconsistent. As for Buffy "sensing" Sara, rather than having her sense generic evil, I likened it to two predators where one entered the others' territory. I want that type of relationship to, at least, slightly affect both characters.

Here is the sequel to my previous story, "Urbs Sanguinis". If you haven't read it, go and do so (please). Since I'm short on intros...

Synopsis: Amy has been consolidating her power base as Sara and the Scoobies, along with Slayers, have been training and preparing.


"Are you ready?"


The young Slayer circled around the blindfolded figure before her. Like a cat, she was poised and ready to strike, to seize upon any opportunity to dominate her opponent. The blindfolded woman held her guard up, trying as best she could to sense the area around her and gauge her opponent's distance.

The Slayer led out with a punch, which was quickly blocked by the woman. She then threw out two punches, a right and a left in succession. Those, too, were blocked. It was then that the dance had begun.

The Slayer soon was a flurry of punches and spinning backfists, the woman parrying, blocking, and ducking each one. The woman countered with her own jabs and crosses, the Slayer avoiding them like it was natural. It was a like a deadly ballet, each trying to outdo the other in movement.

Soon, though, a blow had landed. The Slayer had connected with woman's face. But the woman retaliated, throwing punches and kicks until she grabbed the Slayer's wrist and backfisted her right on the bridge of her nose. Recovering from her blow quickly, the Slayer stood back in a ready stance, poised to strike again.

She moved forward and attacked, her movements a mixture of kung fu, karate, and Western boxing. The blindfolded woman blocked and parried successfully, until she was met with a jump side kick to her chest. She fell down and rolled backward until she started to stand, the Slayer advancing toward her to capitalize on the moment.

The woman had only a moment to react when she grabbed the approaching figure, dropped down to the ground, and use her leg to propel the Slayer over. The Slayer landed with a thud, but quickly got up and returned to her fighting stance, ready to continue.

"And time!" yelled Rupert Giles, looking at both combatants, their breathing moderately accelerated.

The woman took off her blindfold. Detective Sara Pezzini and Rupert Giles had included the blindfolded-fighting aspect into Sara's training, to help her out in combat situations. The intention was to assess and maximize the fabled Witchblade's abilities. Giles had only recently added this to her training, teaching her meditation and concentration techniques before anything else. He was hoping that they provided some measure of control over the gauntlet's overpowering effects.

"How'd I do, Giles?" Sara asked.

"You did well, but there are still some things we need to work out in terms of technique. Other than that, you did fine. What do you think, Kennedy?"

"I'd say she's only gotten better, which is scary since she was pretty good before," the girl replied. As field commander under famed Slayer Buffy Summers, Kennedy knew a good fighter when she saw one. She had journeyed to New York City a year ago, after Buffy, Giles, Sara, and her girlfriend, uber-witch and part-time hacker Willow Rosenberg, had an... encounter with Amy Madison. The four had felt that more Slayers would be needed to take on their newest threat. More so, Kennedy had desired to be close to her girlfriend.

"I'll take that as a compliment," Sara replied, smiling. A year ago, she was ready to put Giles and his crew in the slammer for interfering with a police investigation. Now, she was not only training with him, but also providing consultation services to the new Watchers' Council and the Slayers. And her counsel could not come at a more needed time. Amy Madison, now Amy Madison-Vitelli, had copied her own Witchblade from Sara's wrist, an action which was preceded by a string of vicious murders designed to facilitate it.

But what was even more disturbing was Amy's collaboration with organized crime. After the demise of Genovese and Carlo Vitelli, a power vacuum was left to fill, and Amy was only too happy to fill it. In the past year, she had taken majority control of the Italian Mafia in New York. What was more astounding was the fact that the Yakuza, the Russians, and the Triads started bending to her will. Those who didn't often met with either untimely, or unknown, demises. Few in the criminal underworld knew how a woman, a previous unknown woman at that, was able to integrate herself into their "old boys' club" and take control. But Sara and the Scoobies knew. They knew that Amy was part of two underworlds, one criminal and one supernatural. If any dared oppose her, a cadre of vampires could deal with them without notice and without danger of prosecution. To know that Amy could get to anyone, anywhere, at anytime had made a majority of the rest fall in line.

To combat Amy's power-grabbing, Buffy, Willow, and Giles formally established a base in New York and set about finding the Slayers in the city. While a few from the Sunnydale battle had been transported to the city, it was still a daunting venture to find and gather each New York Slayer. But once they did, things moved like clockwork. With a few renovations to the building, the New York Slayer headquarters started to bustle with work. And over the past year, the fifteen Slayers that had been discovered had gotten a rude awakening to what was in store for them. While Amy and her goons had never directly attacked them, her presence was felt too many times on patrol. Whether it was a vampire hit or a demon raid on the local competition, Amy wanted to make sure she let it be known who was running things.

It had been stressful on them all. The Scoobies had speculated as to why Amy hadn't really come after them. They had three theories, each of them valid. One was that Amy didn't want to take the chance of killing a New York detective investigating her. The second theory was that since Angel and Co. was running the Los Angeles branch of Wolfram & Hart, any attack on Buffy and her friends might spur retaliatory action against Amy. Then there was the third theory, which was the most disturbing: that Amy didn't see them as a threat. If that were the case, then she would never worry about what they were planning. In any event, they were all counting their blessings... for now.

"Well, see you guys. I want to catch a little bit of the Yankees game before bed," Sara said, picking up her bag.

"It's important that you're here tomorrow night. Are you sure you're free?" asked Giles.

"Yeah, Giles, trust me. I'll be here tomorrow at 6:00 pm. Good night, guys."

"See you, Pez," Kennedy said as she waved. As soon as the detective was out of earshot, Giles asked the dark-haired Slayer, "Do you think she's ready?"

"I don't know," she replied. Turning to Giles she asked, "Are you sure about this, I mean, what you're planning tomorrow?"

"Are you having reservations about it?" Giles inquired. "You seemed to agree with the plan when I first mentioned it."

"Yeah, I did. But now that I think more about it, is it really necessary?"

"Yes, it is. Sara has learned a lot over the past year. We went over meditation techniques in the first six months and extending her combat skills in the past six. But I want to test her control. I want to know if she can tame the Witchblade's impulses when it really matters. That's why we're doing what we're doing tomorrow."

"Fine. But what if she fails?" Kennedy asked.

Giles just looked at her briefly before turning and walking toward the training room door. Staring at him as he left, Kennedy let out a great sigh.