Chapter 1

Ericka-14 is a freshman in highschool and is getting notes from a person in school sadly there not love notes.

Jack-14 is a freshman in highschool, he has his eyes set on someone. Will he get the surprise of his lifetime?

Emma-16 a jr in highschool.She has a boyfriend that Rachel loves but Ross hates.(surprises you any?)Will she have to breakup with him just to please her father?

Ross-a business man, can not stand Emmas boyfriend he thinks he is bad because he was in detention and has a nose ring.

Rachel-owns her own cloting store. Personal she loves Emmas boyfrend because he is very sweet.

Monica- has her own cooking business that is going very well but something could happen that would change her life forever.

Chanler-Works as the captain of the New York Islanders.

Okay Chapter one is just to give you an idea of the story. Chapter 2 is coming soon, to a computer near you.