Chapter 10

Years Later

Erica is married to Chris and has a boy, named Evan who is 6 and they adopted a girl named Alicia who is 3. Jack got married to Rosemary (he broke up with April) he saw Rosemary again when he was started college. They have twin boys Daniel and Alex who just turned 7. Emma married Chad after months of arguing with Ross to accept it. They have a daughter who is 9. Emma named her Rachel because she looks just like Rachel. They also have twins one boy named Josh and a girl named Cayla. May is in the Middle School and has a crush on Brian. Hannah is a senior in college and dating a man named David. Randy is getting married in two months to a girl named Samantha.

All of them were enjoying a nice day at the park. Every year they got together just to enjoy the day and the time together.

Many Years Later

Emma is a fashion designer for Lord and Taylor. Chad is a police officer for the NYPD. Erica became a Kindergarten teacher. Chris works for a law agency. Jack become a construction worker. Rosemary is a stay at home mom. Hannah works part time at a diner for some spar cash. David is trying to get his doctor degree. Then he plans to marry Hannah. Randy is a secretary at a office building. Samantha is a cashier for now.

They live life as it comes and for them it is just beginning. They will never forget what they have gone through and they will never ever forget that Life Changes.

This story is done and over with. I hoped you liked it any ideas please add in review.