Chapter 1: Default Chapter

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Chapter 1


Earth is going down and is busy with something's and not to mention getting older. Gohan is busy being a father and work. Goten is trying to follow his fathers footsteps but since he lived in a time of peace he has to start from the beginning. Bulma wants Trunks to take over Capsule Corp and Vegeta want him to train. Bra is getting "private" lessons from Vegeta so both of them are two busy to risk there life's. People are worried that no one will save them but is there?

In a small little town not far from the latest attack a 14 year old girl is training to try and stop the new threat. She knows that she is different but she knew what her life would become very soon.

"Hello yes I know dear I know"

"Well if you know then do something about it "

"I wish I could but I can not I don't want to put you though what my father put my mom and me though"

"You are strong and think about it if you don't beat this thing then everyone is going to die "

"Goten is training let him finish and fight this thing"

"What Goten is just starting to learn the intermediate lessons he could be training for months"

"Gohan where are you, you are suppose to be at a meeting"

"Videl I have to go we will talk when I get home okay?"

"Fine see you later"

At Capsule Corp

"Hey boy why aren't you training?"

"I am busy with a buyer, dad, I will train when I am done!"

"Your mother can finish it, so get into the gravity room me and Bra will be waiting"

"Excuse me sir, Bulma will have to finish the deal"


"Mother please finish the deal for me father is getting to be a PAIN IN THE BUTT!"

"Sure, hello sir"

"Hi ma'am"


"Again, no not like that like this"

"That's what I am doing dad"

"No move your hand over a little to the left"

"Okay here it that it?"

"Yes but you need to put more energy in to it to make it work better"

"I would but I am not done training for today"

"Well whatever I am going into the house so see you later Goten"


At school

"Open your books to page 173 and do questions 1 to 6"

"Ah man stupid science I would rather be training if only these stupid people realized what was going on in the world"

"Whatever you don't finish is homework"

"Oh crap I better finish I can not put my training on hold."

" Don't forget report cards go out next week"

"Man dad is going to kill me stupid grades...oh well"


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