Chapter 8

Everyone was getting use to everything that happened to them. The gang was in the middle of practice when: "We interrupt this program to bring you this breaking story a monster is in Southwest City and is destroying everything in it path, The town has been evacuated and Army and Air forces are heading to the town."

"Come on guys lets go" said Goku

They just stood there

"Um I don't think that's a good idea people just started accepting us and we don't want to start over again"

"People are in danger you can't just sit there and watch!"

"Sorry Goku but we can't do it"

With that said he turned and headed to the city.

The rest just stayed where they were.

"What are we doing we are the only ones that can save the people of this planet'

They gathered there courage and flew off, when they got there the fight had already started. Goku was on the defensive but he was totally out numbered. In no time he was out of the fight. Jessica and Natalie went to get the Gohan and the others while the rest fought.

When Jess and Natalie got back with the others everyone else was out cold Gohan was looking around to find out who was there enemies when he realized that it was just a group of people. Jessica and Natalie just stood there.

"How could a group of people take out Goku and everyone else?"

"Because they aren't human, while they are human but they don't train to help people they train for revenge"

"Revenge, but what did we do?"

"Not sure"

Amanda had woken up to see everyone taken out and Gohan and the others standing floating above. No massive damage was done to her so she wasn't out yet. But before she could act, Gohan went on the offensive followed with the rest of them.

"NOOOO" is all she could saw as she saw them get hit and get thrown into the cliffs around them.

Everyone was down she was the only one left who could stop them now. She gathered all of her power and courage and started went on the offensive.

She kept switching from offensive to defensive rapidly. She realized that she was getting stronger and stronger after each hit she gave to her opponents. Finally she backed off and said "What are you doing here?'

They said in unison "YOU"

This took Amanda in surprise "What do you mean" trying not to sound nervous

"You gave away our identities with your remote control, YOU made our life harder then it already was, now you and everyone that has caused us pain will die!"

"Over my dead body!"

They went back at it, for every hit Amanda endured four people went down. All of a sudden she was sent back into a building. She was badly injured she didn't think she could move but then she thought she heard everyone telling her to get up and save her people. Amanda could then feel the power surging though her body and she knew that she was back in the fight.

Her friends were cheering for her as they started getting up. News copters were showing the fight for all the world to watch. Suddenly Samantha, Alicia, Jessica, Natalie, and Alex joined in the fight, Goku and the others stayed behind and watched, for it was time for Earth to accept earthlings powers instead of someone else. Finally after hours of fighting they won. The good guys won and the whole world knew the true saviors of Earth.

The group fell to the ground completely out of power. Their boyfriends and girlfriends can running and helped them up. As they stood they saw people saying Thank You some holding banners and everyone was cheering. It was a really happy moment. Their families held a party a few days later. From that point on they were no longer called freaks or aliens they were now called Earths Heroes. They were called on when evil appeared and they still trained with Goku.

When the time came for Goku to "retire" completely they asked Gohan but he said that they were much better then he ever was( which was a lie) and would be able to face anything that got in there way.

Years Later

The group is now married and is training their kids at the same school they built. Every year they get together and go to Goku's grave .

No one will ever forget him and the world will never forget that some times normal will become an Unlikely Hero.


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