Savez-vous pourquoi

Hello again readers, and welcome to my newest story Savez-vous pourquoi. Which is French for Do You Know Why? (correct me if I'm wrong) The story idea actually comes from my dear friend Let's Point Out the Obvious, aka, Julia. :) She's awesome for letting me use such a great idea! So… it's been almost a month since my last story, Echoes, was finished. I think my writing has matured slightly… so I hope you like it. Btw, I always imagined Beast Boy in red hearts boxers…

Disclaimer: titans teen owned by not me.

You and Me Today

Beast Boy yawned and stretched openly from underneath a green woolen blanket. He opened his green eyelids and blinked a few times showing off stunning green eyes. He clicked his tongue a few times before crawling out of his bed and down the ladder of his bunk bed. He stood on what little clean floor in his room there was and inspected his body in the mirror. He was naked except for the red heart boxers he was wearing. He flexed his muscles a couple of times and rolled his eyebrows.

"You are one babe magnet!" he told his reflection. His reflection mimicked his words at him.

"Thanks, I know!" he replied.

Once again, the reflection mimicked him.

"Aw, don't be so modest!"

He eventually grew tired of his primping in the mirror, and turned his attention to a torn wildlife calendar that hung just beside his full-length mirror. A giant ape with the words 'December' scrawled across it's tree was showing, and a couple weeks days were marked off with a sloppy red x. Beast Boy leaned over and ran one of his fingers across the dates until he at last came upon the day that had just dawned.

"The seventeenth! Annoy Raven day! Perfect!"

Actually, to Beast Boy, every day was annoy Raven day. But today was special. Today was the day he first realized that he may have slightly more feelings for his dark teammate then he let on. Or did he let it on?

Beast Boy had decided the night before that he had wanted to look special for today, so he had already picked out what he was going to wear. He grabbed his newest jumpsuit and put it on, making sure to zip it in the back, even though he had to struggle to do it. It was a black, with a red stripe in the middle of it, made out a shiny spandex/latex–y material.

Once again, Beast Boy backed up to his mirror and inspected himself. He reached to the floor and grabbed a bottle of half-empty cologne with the name 'musk of manly men'. He sprayed some, and proceeded to make a double gun side at his reflection.

"You are one manly man, Beast Boy!"

Meanwhile, Raven had also been in room, though, for reasons differentiating slightly…

"Azarath, metrion, zinthos," she chanted. "Azarath, metrion, zinthos…"

Raven had been up for an hour or so by this time meditating. Or… trying to. She had tried everything to get herself in the mood, incense, crystals, music, candles, everything. Maybe it was because her mind wasn't clear. It wasn't really flooded with thoughts either; she just couldn't concentrate.

It was too… quiet. Just the way it should be right? Actually, she had grown accustomed to meditating whilst trying to ignore the green boy who was always struggling to get her attention.

She knew she should go out and face the world about now. She got up, and walked into her bathroom first, to… spruce herself a little she supposed. Out of one of the cabinets she took out a black comb adorned with demonic dark faces and brushed her hair out of her way.

She inspected the gem on her forehead carefully to make sure it was okay. She did this every so often to check her powers. The red gem had been carefully placed on her ajna chakra. One of the seven energy points called chakras in the human and animal body alike. The gem had been places there to stimulate the chakra, also known as the third eye. Having this gem on her third eye furthered her reputation as witch, because it enabled her to have better connection with the astral plain. Though, most people did not understand this.

A flash of yellow came from her peripheral vision. She looked up on the mirror and found a post-it note with a message on it in her own writing. How had she not noticed it before? She took the post-it down and read it aloud.

"December seventeenth."

Raven pondered the meaning of the date she was obviously supposed to remember, but could not think of the significance. She let the paper drop to the ground, as she walked out of the bathroom. She hastily grabbed her cape and wrapped it around her neck as she rushed out her door on her way into the main area of Titans Tower.

Beast Boy was already out there eating a special tofu dish he had just made for himself, thinking of ways he could annoy Raven today. He had narrowed it around to stalking her the entire day, rearranging her underwear drawers, and showing off to her. He already knew today was the day he was going to make her laugh at one of his jokes.

He poked at his food with his spoon before deciding he was finished, he dumped the bowl into the sink, so that it would be awaiting Cyborg later tonight when he was doing dishes. He heard the door open and close with it's spaceship like sound, and turned to see Raven walking out. His heart gave a little jump as he quickly rushed out to sit on the couch.

Raven walked over to the kitchen counter and took down her white cup so she could pour herself some tea. Either she didn't notice Beast Boy staring at her back, or she did not care. She did notice how quiet it was. Where was Starfire's naïve questions? Robin's determined voice talking about nothing? Or Cyborg and Beast Boy arguing over a video-game? Beast boy.

Raven turned around and walked towards Beast Boy, not taking her eyes off of the herbal tea in her cup. She sipped it before she looked at Beast Boy and posed a question to him.

"Where are the others?" she asked in her monotoned voice.

"Out grocery shopping and party shopping," Beast Boy said trying to sound macho while looking at his fingers through his gloves.

"Hm." Raven said before sitting down opposite him on the sofa.

"Guess it's just you and me today, Rae. Isn't that great?" Beast Boy said, not bothering to hide his enthusiasm.

"Super," came the reply, half-annoyed, half amused.

The two sat in silence for a few. Raven vaguely remembered the other Titans talking about having a party at their tower a few days ago. They thought it would be interesting to have a Christmas party and invite… Who would they invite?

Beast Boy interrupted her thoughts with his usually annoying voice.

"Hey Raven! How do killers get through the forest!?" Beast Boy looked at her hopefully. When she said nothing, he rushed on to the answer.

"They take the psycho path!"

Raven smiled on the inside. This was more like it. She better get to meditating while she still could.