Savez-Vous Pourquoi?

Um. Okay. I hadn't updated this in over two years. Wow. Um. Wow. So anyways, here's this chapter. I hope everyone enjoys it. It's kind of short, since well, I was halfway through it when I picked up on it again. So, if anyone was/is still following the story, please enjoy. :)

The Devil's Daughter

"Turn that ruckus off!"


"This is my house. My rules. Don't you understand your actions have consequences! What will the church think!"

Beast Boy's acute sense of hearing was able to pick up a conversation above him in an apartment building over all of the rain and booming music that had recently been turned off. He didn't like the tone of voice that the man above him was using, and he became afraid for what might take place next.

"Dad, stop! Don't!"

Thwap. Beast Boy recognized the sound of fist to face contact and a body fall a second later. It startled Beast Boy, but he wasn't sure what he could do.

"You embarrass us all, Angela."

A door above Beast Boy slammed and the soft crying of a young girl was heard. He was just about to turn into a bird and fly to the window, when the window opened up, and he saw the slender figure of a girl no older than seventeen come out and land on the fire escape wearing a trench coat and a backpack lightly filled with what looked like little belongings she must have. A raven called out to her.

"Quiet! Please be quiet you stupid bird!"

Angela climbed down the ladder before Beast Boy spoke to her.

"Are you okay?"

The girl only responded by shoving past him and continuing running down the street. A large raven swooped down overhead and flew after the girl almost calling for him to follow too. Beast Boy morphed into a bird and continued following the girl through the raining night.

Eventually, Angela reached an old gothic church. It was fairly rundown, but looked as if it might provide warmth and shelter for a while. Beast Boy landed and changed back into himself. He shivered and shrunk into himself before vocalizing complaints.

"It's cold and I'm wet. I don't even know where the heck I am. Hellllooo. Why aren't you listening to me? Are you deaf?"

Angela didn't respond.

"Hello?" Angela said.

"I'm right here!" Beast Boy yelled at her from directly behind him waving his arms and jumping up and down. "Why can't she hear or see me?"

Angela spotted a glass jug of water sitting on an alter and hastily drank it. A woman in a green cloak effortlessly almost floated toward them, startling Angela and Beast Boy alike.

"Can I help you?" the woman's voice had dark undertones lying in it.

"I…I'm sorry. I was just so thirsty. I didn't—oh god. Is this… is this Holy Water? I didn't mean to…"

"No, sweetie. Not quite."

"Enough, enough of this!"

Beast boy's surroundings seemed to dissolve around him, bringing him back to a temple like room. It was painted warm pleasant colors, and gave a relaxed vibe to it. The ceiling was so tall it was almost out of reach.

"My daughter has seen enough of this. She knows very well all about-"

Beast Boy now noticed the room was full of people in white robes. One of them had raised their hands to silence Angela from speaking. Angela had recomposed herself but not before reaching out to touch a young girl with pale skin covered in a white robe as well. She stopped herself when she was within an inch of the girl's arms, almost as if she was afraid. The girl shirked away a bit as she walked forward. The woman who had silenced Angela walked forward and began to speak, though she addressed Angela as Arella now.

"You are not to touch the child. Nor show it affection, Arella. She has inherited many of her father's powers, and it is vital that she learn to control her emotions."

Angela's face remained emotionless as she sank back within the crowd. The woman went up to the child and spoke.

"Now, Raven. We must instill the sense of urgency in you. You must never lose control of your emotions. There has been a prophecy about you, child. You are to open the door for your father Trigon. It must never happen. You must never lose control."

"You are the devil's daughter. You are never to frown, smile, cry, or laugh."

Beast Boy wasn't sure what he was seeing, but he didn't like it. This little girl, was this the Raven he knew? The Raven who never laughed at his jokes, which were always hilarious? It just didn't feel right. Telling all of this to a child that looked no older than seven. The little girl did not cry though, taken with this information. She did not frown, or even smile. She just stood there with a stern look on her face, as if this was only another time she had been given this information,

"I know," Raven said in a small, emotionless voice.

Beast Boy reached out to touch the small girl, as if he wished to give her comfort, but something stopped him. It seemed as though Arella's eyes were boring into him even though he knew that she could not see him. No one could. At least, that's how it had been earlier right?

Evil is, as evil does. That is the curse.