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A young teenage girl known by most as Kitty walked through the halls of Xavier's school for gifted youngsters looking for her friend, Rogue. She phased through the wall and found herself in the library.

"Rogue! Are you like in here?"

She called out as she looked around for Rogue. A few bookshelves away sitting by the window was the x-man that no one could touch. She put her book down and looked around the library trying to locate the source of the loud cheerful voice that seemed to echo around the room.

"Ah'm by the window Kitty. Keep your voice down, this is a library ya know."

The valley girl phased through a couple bookshelves so to come closer to Rogue. She uttered a quick sorry then gave Rogue a mysterious look that made the gothic teenager worry.

"Like let's go somewhere!"

Rogue looked out the window at the rain that fell outside. It had been raining all day and there wasn't any sign of it letting up anytime soon.

"Are ya serious Kit? Ah mean it's kinda raining"

"Like ya. Its too depressing around here and you need to get out more."

Kitty took Rogue's book and put it down on the nearby table. She ignored the death glare that Rogue sent her and grabbed Rogue's gloved hands.

"Where do ya want ta go? It isn't exactly picnic weather."

"Like mall, where else?"

Rogue shuttered at the suggestion. She had gone shopping before with Kitty once and had swore she would never do so again without back up of some kind.

"How 'bout not."

She pulled out of Kitty's grasp and reached for her book only to have Kitty phase it out of her hand.

"Oh like come on! I promise I wont force you to go into stores you, like, don't want to."

Kitty sent her a pleading look with her big puppy dog eyes and Rogue knew she was beat. But if end up at the mall she needed an allied mutant to be around in that kind of war zone for support.

"Can Wanda come with us?"

"Like sure! You go call her and meet me at the garage."

Kitty phased through the floor leaving Rogue alone to call Wanda. She went to the phone next to the grand stair case and dialed the Brotherhood. It rang for a few moments then someone picked up.

Phone Call--

- No you shut up! Hello?

Rogue had to hold the phone away from her ear for a second.

- Lance, is Wanda there?

- yea hold on for a sec.

(the sound of toad being thrown across the room could be heard along with Lance yelling for Wanda to pick up the phone)

- Who's this?

- Wanda it's me Rogue.

- What do you want?

(More objects could be heard being thrown around)

- I was wondering if ya wanted to go to the mall with me and Kitty?

- Why on earth would I want to do that?

- Cause Ah don't wana go with Kitty alone, and it'll get you away from Toad for a couple of house.

There was a short pause as Wanda thought it over.

- I'm there, come and get me will ya?

- Sure se ya in ten?

- I'll be waiting out front.

Rogue put down the phone and grabbed her wallet before heading to the garage to meet Kitty. The two then headed towards the Brotherhood's house (with Rogue driving because there was no way in hell that Rogue was going to let Kitty drive in the rain, or in any weather for that matter) to pick up Wanda. After collecting the Scarlet Witch they made there way to the mall.


The acolytes sat around the kitchen table, all three of them board stiff. It had been weeks since the last mission and they were running out of things to work on around the base. John was flicking his favorite lighter on and off effectively annoying Remy and Piotr.

"Mon ami, if you don't stop dat, dat lighter of yours will be shoved somewhere da sun don't shine!"

Piotr popped his knuckles while nodding in agreement.

"Da my friend, its driving me crazy as well."

"But I'm sooo board mates! What else can I do? Mag's wont let be burn anything! I'm goin nuts around here!"

"You mean more so den you already are?"

John flicked his lighter on once more, but this time he didn't shut it.

"You wana go at it mate?"

At that moment Magneto entered the kitchen, stopping Remy from charging a card and John from forming a fireball.

"You three, leave the base for the day."

"Oui sir."



Magneto left before they could say anything else. The boys changed out of their uniforms and into their civilian cloths before meeting outside the base.

"Whot are we gona do mates?"

The boys weren't sure what to do with their day off John leaned against the base as he resumed flicking his lighter on and off. No one said anything for a while as they all thought.

"How about the library?"

Piotr suggested, he had run out of books to read and hoped to get some new reading materials.

"Non, we be banned thanks to fire boy."

Remy replied, jerking his head towards John who shrugged and mouthed a "sorry" to Piotr. His eyes lit up as he through in his suggestion, his eyes glowing with excitement.

"How about we go to the wood yard?"


Remy and Piotr both shouted at John in unison, they remembered well what had happen the last time John was around a large pile of wood. By the time the fire had been put out all that was left was a pile of ash and a laughing Pyro.

"How 'bout da mall?"

They thought about Remy's suggestion and nodded in agreement. The three climbed into

one of Magneto's cars and drove towards the city. Not knowing that at that same time Wanda, Rogue and Kitty were heading to the mall as well


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