Sorry it has taken so long to finally get back to you with a name. Jessie and the new author have been great, it's just me that has been holding up the process.

I was involved in a car crash about a month and a half ago, and was injured and in the hospital for a few weeks. Two other people in the crash (not in my car) died also as a result of the injuries. Naturally, you can see that I am shaken up. It's taken a while to physically heal and though I'm doing good in that regard, emotionally I'm still not doing all that well. I am in fact planning to move back closer to my family just to be around some friends and those that I feel safe and happy with. Needless to say, I haven't been focusing on fanfiction. And for that, I am truly sorry, because I am sure a lot of people (especially the new author) were getting very annoyed.

On a lighter and happier note! Alexzangel is now the new author of Pacts Unbroken. She is a wonderful and very talented author, and Jessie and I couldn't be happier that she has agreed to write the story. I hope you all follow the story over to her account, because I am absolutely sure that she will do a fantastic job. Once I get a PM back from her, then the story will be deleted from my account. I hope you guys all read this in time!

I wanted to thank Jessie, because she helped me out and breathed new life into the story right when I needed it. Thanks again for putting up with me, and, lucky for you, alexzangel will most likely be more regular with updates than I am!

Lady B