Crawling in my skin

These wounds they will not heal

Fear is how I fall

Confusing what is real


Sara was sitting in her apartment listening to Linkin Park when she heard her cell phone go off.

"Sidle" she said.

"Hello, this is Gretchen Stewart, a nurse at Desert Palm" the nurse said.

"Yes" Sara said.

"And I have a Gilbert A. Grissom here, we found this number on him, do you know him?" the nurse asked.

"Yes, what it wrong with him?" Sara said in panic.

"He was in an accident this evening," she said, "He is sable, but the doctors don't know if he will make it."

"What happened?" Sara demanded, crying.

"He was driving west on The Strip, and lost control of his car."

"Oh God."

Sara thought about which way he was going, west on The Strip, she lives west of The Strip. Was he going to see her? It was raining really hard outside. She felt so bad. Earlier that evening they had a big fight and Sara was going to quit, she was getting sick of him.

"Ma'am" the nurse said.

"What?" She was crying hard.

"Are you going to be okay?"

"Yes, I'm coming down there right now." She hung up.

She got her coat and got into her car. She got at the hospital in record time. She went in and asked about him.

"Can I help you?" the receptionist said.

"Where is Gil Grissom?" she asked.

"Are you a relative?" Sara thought about it, and knew if she said no they wouldn't let her see him.


"Okay, he is in room 196."

Sara went down some halls until she found it. She went in. Grissom was laying there helpless. His arm and leg were in casts. She started to cry again. She went over to him and kissed his forehead. She sat down in the chair beside the bed. She just looked at him.


The next day a nurse came in. Sara didn't sleep at all the night before.

"Oh", the nurse came in, "Are you his wife?" She hesitated and then spoke.

"Uh, yeah" she said.

"Okay, I'm Audrey" the nurse said. Sara just nodded.

"Sorry about your husband" Audrey said.

"Thanks." She liked the way that sounded her husband.

"He seems to be doing better."


"Well I will leave you alone, bye." Audrey left.


Later that night Sara left Grissom and went outside. She needed to leave for a while. She called Nick.

"Nick" she said.

"Yeah, where are you we have been trying to call you and Grissom" he said.

"We are at the hospital."


"Yeah Grissom was in a car accident and they called me, and I'm here with him, and…" she said, but Nick cut her off.

"Sara slow down. Grissom was in a car accident."


"We all will be there in a little while."




She went back to Grissom's room and sat down. She took his hand in her's. Just then, Grissom woke up.

"Sara" he said.

"Grissom, don't talk," she said.

"I'm sorry."

"About what?"

"About our fight, don't leave the team."

"Grissom I never will."


The whole team came down to see Grissom, and after a week, they let Grissom go home. Sara took him home. She helped him to his door.

"Would you like to come in?" Grissom asked Sara.

"I would love to" she said.

She went in to his house. She had only been inside his house once and that was nearly five years ago.

"Here" she said. She helped him sit down.

"Sara, I want to thank you for staying with me and taking care of me."

"You are more than welcome. I care about you, and I couldn't leave."

"Sara, I care about you to."


"Yes, the night this happened I was coming to see you."

"You were?"


"Why did you have my number on you?"

"At times during the day I would pull it out and look at it, just because it was your number."

"Uh huh."


Sara scooted closer to Grissom.

"Gil do you finally want to be with me?" He paused and then spoke.

"Yes Sara, I do."

They both leaned in and kissed. When they broke apart, Grissom said something.

"The reason that I made it though the accident was because of you."


"Really." She laughed and kissed him again.