Summary: Just your basic Fred likes Hermione. They bond, et cetera (can't give to much away).

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Fred Weasley stared across the aisle at the bushy-haired girl. He sighed to himself, wondering how he got lucky enough to have his younger crush in his Arithmancy course.

Well, that's an easy question. She's only at the top of her class. Pretty good for a 5th year who knows a Weasley.

He snorted. When Professor Vector shot him a look, he quickly straightened up and tried to appear serious. A feat hard enough without his mind constantly wondering to his younger brother's best friend.

She looks so serious. I wonder what she's thinking about. It couldn't possibly be the lesson? Everyone pays less attention to Vector then to Binns. Then again, it is Hermione...But honestly! She does look to serious, I know something that might break her mood.

He quickly scrawled out a note in his best writing

What has three heads, a tail, and for once doesn't belong to Hagrid?

Shooting the note off to Hermione, he silently cursed himself for where it landed. Her hair. But got over the feeling as soon as it had started, seeing her grin when the trance the lesson had provided broke.

"Mr. Weasley! I would expect such immature note passing from- well... I suppose from you! Iwill ask you not to pass notes again! But these are important facts to know for your N.E.W.T.'s and for once I cannot tolerate the state you put these classes in. Both you and Ms. Granger will report to my office tonight for detention."

"But Professor!" shouted Hermione, casting an anxious looks toward the aged instructor.

"I'm sorry Ms. Granger, but it is necessary even if you didn't induce Mr. Weasleys unsatisfactory behavior."

Fred shrugged. He was used to it by now, the teachers didn't even give him detention for his audacity anymore. It was more to see what prank he and his twin counterpart would pull in revenge. Although he felt slighty guilty for getting Hermione a detention for his still boyish ways, he couldn't help but feel as if extra time with her was what he'd been hoping for all along.

You see...Fred Weasley had a problem. He had a crush on a girl he knew he shouldn't like that way. The girl was clever, witty, beautiful and completely off limits. Why? Because that girl happened to be his younger brothers best friend and crush of the last five years.

Oh sure,Fred knew she would never like his little brother the way his little brother liked her. But then again, it wasn't a sure shot she would like Fred that way either...

When she'd spent the summer at the Burrow, they'd flirted of course. He'd chalked it up to her liking him as somewhat more then just a friend's older sibling, a step closer to 'more then just a friend', and she, not knowing his feelings, had decided it was just his natural instinct to flirt with any girl not related to him. Both were unsatisfied with their theories on the others behavior, because both wanted more...

"Mr. Weasley!"

"Sorry Professor." He sighed to himself, and began to finally pay attention. His quill hadn't marked down two sentences before the bell rang.

Bloody hell. Old habits die hard.

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