Title: Dreams

Author: SqurlieJack (Me)

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Category: Harry Potter

Genre: Romance/ Drama

Ratting: R went up from PG-13

Warning: Slash m/m child abuse rape sexual content

Main Paring: Draco/ Harry

Other Parings: Lucius/ Severus may have other parings latter on.

Summary: Draco's been dreaming of kissing Harry and they won't stop so he decides this year he's going to do just that kiss Harry Potter and much, much more. The only problem is Harry wants nothing of it, after being abused and rapes by his uncle the thought of anyone touching him is unbearable. Harry's sinking deeper and deeper into depression, will Draco be able to help him, maybe even convince him the Dark sides the right side for him or will he be to late, and leaving Harry Potter lost to the wizarding world forever.

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- Chapter 07 -

Harry awoke feeling warm and content for the first time in a very long time. The raven haired teen snuggled deeper into the warmth before realizing it was moving. With a start the emerald eyed teen raised up looking down into the face of one Draco Malfoy in shock. Harry attempted to get out of the bed but found this difficult as long arms were wound around his thin fully clothed waist.

The emerald eyed teen the older boy wasn't hurting him and had been abnormally nice to him as of late if only a little creepy. He felt safe and content with the other holding him which was quite strange after years of fighting. Harry let his head rest back where it had been on the other teen's chest, letting himself relax.

Draco smiled eyes still closed as the younger teen's head rested back on his chest, he had been awake for over an hour not wanting to move. The blonde let his eyes flutter open, looking down at the soft raven colored locks, he hadn't dreamed last night but he guessed it had something to do with Ling's magic. 'Good morning." Draco said softly causing the younger teen to jump slightly.

"Morning." Harry said hesitantly looking up emerald meeting silver blue before the younger blushed looking down again. "I'm sorry, did I wake you?" The raven haired teen asked worriedly.

"No I've been up for an hour or so." The older teen replied, causing the smaller to frown slightly. Harry was about to question him when there was a knocking on the door fallowed by it opening and Voldemort, Lucius, and Severus walking in.

"What do you three want?" Draco asked in a slight growl, causing Harry to try and shrink away slightly. "Sorry." He apologized to the Gryffindor in a softer tone.

"We came to see how Harry was doing." Tom said taking a seat on the bed; Harry simply curled tighter to the blonde Slytherin. "So how are you this morning Harry feeling better?" The dark lord asked in a soft voice as not to frighten him, he'd noted the way the raven haired teen had reacted to Draco's harsh tone directed at them.

"Fine, thank you." The abused teen answered looking at the dark lord with large puzzling eyes.

"We're going shopping here in the Wizarding world today would you like to come." Tom asked, giving his supposed enemy a warm smile. "You can get your school things while we're there." He suggested in hope that the small teen would come.

"I would like that very much thank you." Harry said softly.

"Wonderful, why don't you get ready and then meet us downstairs!" Tom asked grinning. Harry simply nodded his head 'yes', before getting up. Draco reluctantly let the little Gryffindor up, glowering at the dark lord. "Oh stop being a sour puss." He said once Harry had left the room.

"You know he gets creepier all the time." Lucius whispered to Severus.

"Yeah, now he's using muggle terms, you don't think he's eating lemon drops again do you?" Severus asked eyeing the dark lords back.

"I can hear you! No I have not been eating lemon drops; I just think it's a funny term!" Tom growled out turning to glare at them as Draco got up to get ready.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

Harry went back to his room and after taking a shower, pulling his hair into a tight ponytail, pieces falling into his face. The raven haired teen throw on a pair of flairs with black flip flops, a silver toe ring peaking out. He put on a black mesh long sleeve shirt that showed his bruising slightly but would only be noticeable if you payed closed enough attention. He pulled on a black tee shirt over it; in white lettering it read 'Naked Quidditch' on the front and 'What's Your Position' on the back. He put on some jellies, and then did his make up in black and before heading downstairs.

Lucius, Severus, and Tom were all seated at a table. "Hello." Harry said quietly gaining their attention.

"Well hello, take a seat and order something to eat Draco will be down soon." Tom said pulling out a chair, which Harry took, though keeping his distance. When the waitress came all three men frowned as the young teen only ordered toast and orange juice. "Are you not hungry?" Tom asked concerned it wasn't right for a boy his age to eat so little.

"Um yes slightly." Harry answered blushing, Mrs. Weasley was always pestering him to eat more but after years of abuse his stomach couldn't handle too much. "Sorry." He apologized causing the dark lord to feel bad. It was tense as an awkward silence covered the table.

"Tom's really not good at this is he?" Severus whispered breaking the silence.

"Nope not at all." Lucius said shaking his head. 'What do you think of Potters new look?" the blonde asked. Neither one noticed the two seats of eyes staring at them incredulously, one emerald the other ruby.

"Quite nice, surprising though, Draco really seems to like it." Severus answered, causing the Gryffindor to blush brightly. Lucius was about to put his in put about it when Tom spoke up.

"That's enough! For Merlin's sake we're sitting right here, we can here you! You two have been doing this for the past three days its bloody hell annoying!" Tom said clearly annoyed and exasperated. The dark lord was about to continue when Harry giggled smiling at them fondly. "I suppose you think this it funny?" Tom questioned trying to sound intimidating as he played with the raven haired teen who nodded his head' ye' knowing the older man was playing. Tom simply stuck out his tongue before resorting to pouting as the small teen burst into giggles.

"What's so funny?" Draco asked as he sat down next to the giggling young man. Harry couldn't stop laughing to answer, so the blonde looked at the other three with a raised eyebrow.

"Tom's childish antics." Lucius supplies, throwing a piece of his toast crust at said man, who glared as it bounced off his nose, grumbling. Harry finally stopped laughing as the waitress brought him his food and drink, taking Draco's order.

"Is that all your eating?" Draco asked appalled as he watched the raven haired seeker take a bite of his toast.

"Uhum." Harry answered blushing and looking down at his plate.

"You need to eat more then that, no wonder you're so small." Draco scolded.

"I can't." Harry answered quietly.

"What, why not?" Draco asked.

"Draco." His father said warningly. "He's fine let him eat." Draco grumbled but did as he was told.

"Where's Ling?" The emerald eyed teen questioned as he finished his meal.

"In my pocket snoring." Draco indicated to his robe pocket where a small sound was coming from, Harry just gave the blonde a smile before drinking his juice.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

"Why are we in such a hurry?" Draco asked annoyed by the pace his godfather set.

"Because my daughter is meeting us at Gringotts five minutes ago." Severus said obviously annoyed. He didn't often get to see his daughter as she lived in America with her mother, who had divorced him over personally reasons, a year after there daughter was born. She had just moved to London after graduating from a wizarding school in Salem, this was the first time in over a year he would get to see his baby girl, so Draco didn't bother to question him any further.

"Snape has a Daughter?" Harry asked surprised, Draco related what he knew about the situation, which wasn't much to the smaller boy, he himself had never met her before, his father said she was quite a firecracker. "No wonder he's so bitter all the time." Harry said as he thought about the situation, if he had a child and couldn't see them, but taught other children he would be miserable as well.

They were all slightly shocked when a blurring of black and violet jumped into Severus's arms. "Hi dad!" came a very familiar voice to Harry.

"Sherice?" the raven haired teen asked wide eyed.

"Harry." She blinked in surprise as she looked at him still in Severus's arms.

"Snape's your dad." Harry stated in surprise but when he thought about it, it was kind of freaky how much they were alike. "Should have known." He said more to himself then anyone else.

"And why is that Mr. Potter?' the potions master asked as he put his daughter down, giving her a smile.

"You two are really alike." At the dark haired Slytherins raised eyebrow he elaborated. "Like the eyebrow thing you both do it the same, and rubbing a peace of hair between your fingers when you're thinking." Harry pointed out he tended to watch the people around him closely.

"Why exactly did you notice that?" Severus asked curiously.

"I watch people." Harry answered blushing.

"A very Slytherin trait!" Tom pointed out proudly.

"I was supposed to be in Slytherin." Harry told them quietly, they all stared in shock.

"Then how did you end up in Gryffindor?" Draco asked amazed.

"I asked." He pointed out as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Oh." Came the confussed reply.

"Hey I thought we were going shoping?" Shirece said to draw the attention away from the small teen, who gave her a thankful smile.

"You can be so impatient sometimes." Severus said before they headed on there way.

"We should get their school supplies first, while we're doing that Severus you and Shirece can spend sometime together and we'll meet you for lunch." Tom suggested.

"Fine." Severus said he and Sherice walked off, the others headed off to do their shopping.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

They got all the things both Harry and Draco would need for the school year, before meeting up at the 'Dusty Rose' "So Sherice, how do you know Harry?" Tom asked after they had ordered.

"He came into my store about three days ago; we hung out yesterday to." She answered smiling warmly at the dark lord.

"Well that explains the clothing." Severus said with only the slightest hint of distaste, Shirece just stuck her tongue out at him childishly.

"I like them." Draco announced causing Harry to turn beat red.

"You would." Severus said taking a sip of his drink; the blonde simply chose to ignore this remark as the food was brought.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

"So where are we going now, any suggestions?" Voldemort asked as they excited the 'Dusty Rose', most just shrugged but Harry had a suggestion.

"Can we go to the pet shop?" Harry asked hesitantly, fidgeting when all the eyes turned on him.

"Yes." Tom said drawling the attention back to him, as he led the way, the others following, Harry sticking close to Shirece and Draco. Tom didn't stop at the normal pet shop, opting instead for one down in Knockturn Alley. They came to stop in front of what appeared to be a closed shop, the windows were blacked out and you couldn't see in.

Harry hesitantly followed the others in, trying to make his uneasiness, that had somewhat dissipated since he had arrived at the Leaky Cauldron, but had returned full force upon seeing the building. "It's a spell." Draco whispered in his ear causing him to jump, he hadn't realized the blonde had gotten so close.

"What is?" Harry asked as they walked down the seemingly endless hallway with no windows or doors.

"The fear." Draco whispered causing to realize that was what was causing his uneasiness. The raven haired teen flinched as a hand grabbed his, but upon realizing it was only Draco's relaxed, and squeezed it in 'thanks', smiling softly when the squeeze was returned. The emerald eyed teen was relaxed when they finally came to a door at the end of the hall way.

When the door opened Harry gaped as the fear receded, it looked like they were in a forest with lush tall trees the sun shining through patches, they walked down a coble path, and Harry couldn't help feeling like he'd gone down the rabbit hole. "A bit overwhelming the first time you came." Draco stated whispering in his ear and squeezed the younger teen's hand again who hadn't realized they were still holding hands and blushed again.

When they came to the end of the path they were in a large clearing filled with animals, many of them rare and, or illegal. The shop owner simply nodded to them brushing a large Griffin. While the other wandered off, Draco stayed with Harry as he looked at everything wide eyed. "Come on, let's look around." Draco said tugging softly on the raven haired teen's hand; the smaller boy followed him obediently, for lack of anything better to do.

Harry was following the blonde and asking questions about the different animals when he felt something tugging on his pants leg. Looking down he was surprised to find a three headed kitten biting it with all three mouths. The raven haired teen looked down at it incuriosity, pulling his hand from the kitchen he bent down and picked it up, it fit in his cupped hands, it was pitch black and had dazzling goose berry eyes.

"Do you want it?" Draco asked as he leaned over Harry to look at the odd kitten, the younger teen was slightly startled but becoming used to the blondes habit of whispering in his ear and touching him. Harry nodded his head 'yes', giggling slightly as one lightly nibbled on his finger. Draco disappeared from the Gryffindor's side for a moment unnoticed, the blonde returned a moment latter and handed Harry a box.

"What's that for?" Harry asked cocking his head to the side.

"To put the kitten in, you can't carry him all the way home in your hands… well you could but then something might happen to it." Draco stated shaking the box.

"But I haven't bought it yet!" Harry said in confusion.

"I bought it for you." Draco pointed out raising one slender eyebrow.

"Why?" Harry asked sounding completely confused.

"Because I wanted to." Draco said rolling his eyes. The young Gryffindor stared at him; no one had ever bought him a present just because, there had always been a reason behind it. Harry looked up smiling and teary eyed at the blonde. "What do you not want it, I thought you wanted it." Draco said sounding bewildered as he focused on teary eyes. The Slytherin stopped his frantic questioning as he found his arms full of the raven haired teen and small kitten.

"Thank you" Harry said softly into the blonde ear hugging the taller teen, who simply hugged him back smiling.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 –

"Aww look they 're hugging." Sherice said tugging on Tom's sleeve.

"I'm glad at last he's starting to relax more, and slightly open up to Draco." Tom said looking at the two teens.

"They 're adorable." Shirece said smiling.

"No they 're not." Severs said pretending to gag.

"You can't talk I know who you like." The raven haired girl said sufficiently shutting up her father, who simply glared.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 –

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