The Cat's Meow

Kagome grabbed the ledge of the well, and pulled herself up and over. She stood with her arms wide open, and breathed in the scent of the new day.

"Ah!" she said, as she relaxed. "It's such a nice day."

Then she gripped her backpack strap, and began to walk over to where Kaede's hut was. Kagome began to hum a tune that she heard on the radio, while she closed her eyes and walked. Out of no where, she heard the shriek of a cat. Kagome's eyes shot open, as she felt something sharp blast into her left leg.

"OW!!!" she cried out in pain. She then turned around to see who her attacker was. It was a cat demon!

"Get away from me!" she yelled.

The cat hissed at her, then scratched Kagome on her leg. Kagome jumped back in pain, and almost tripped over a rock that was behind her. She held her backpack tight around her, and then began to run.

'This is so pointless' she thought to herself. 'This demon can probably run faster than I can!'

And that was true. In an instant, the cat caught up to her, and took another bite, but this time from her right leg. This bite was worse then the last one. Blood seeped out of the open wound, and she screamed.

At Kaede's hut…….

Inuyasha sniffed the air, then closed his eyes.

"I smell blood" he said. Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kaede quickly turned to look at the half demon.

"A slaughter?" Miroku questioned.

His eyes shot open, and he felt his heart skip a beat, when he realized whose blood it was.

"It's Kagome!" he said, as he immediately got up from the spot he was in, and whisked out the door.

The others began to follow him, but a distance between them.

"AH!!!!!!!! Get away from me!" Kagome yelled, as she got up, and tried to run again.

Kagome was panting loudly, and she was almost out of breath from running. 'What am I gonna do?' she thought to herself.

Kagome was running so carelessly, she tripped over a rock that was on the floor, and fell onto the ground. She turned around to look at the cat, and in lunged towards her with its claws sticking out.

"AH!!!!!!!!!!!" Kagome yelled, and closed her eyes.

"Iron reaver soul stealer!!" Inuyasha yelled, as he sliced the demon in half.

Kagome's eyes were still closed. Inuyasha quickly ran over to her side.

"Kagome! Are you alright?" he asked

Kagome's eyes popped open, the instant she heard his voice.

"Inuyasha!" she yelled, as she hugged him.

That surprised Inuyasha, and he blushed.

After Kagome realized what she was doing, she blushed heavily, and pulled herself away from him.

"Thank you, Inuyasha. For saving me." She said with a smile.

Inuyasha stopped blushing. "Did that demon hurt you?" he asked.

"Um…" Kagome looked down at her legs. They were both bleeding, and the blood covered a lot of her legs.

"Can you walk to the river?" he asked.

"I think so…" she said, as she tried to stand up. But she fell back down. Inuyasha carried her bridal style to the river that was close to them. Kagome blushed, and so did Inuyasha.

A couple of seconds later, the rest of the gang arrived. Kagome was busy cleaning her wounds.

"Kagome!!!!" Shippo yelled, as he jumped into her arms.

"Kagome, are you alright?" Sango asked, rushing to her side.

"Were you attacked?" Miroku questioned.

"Yes, I was attacked by a cat demon. And yes, again, I'm alright." Kagome said, as she finished cleaning her wounds, and stood up.

Inuyasha, who was sitting right next to her, stood up in a split second when Kagome got up, and immediately stuck his hands out to help her.

"That's okay, I'm fine….." she said, and she fell back down, but Inuyasha caught her. She had fallen asleep.

'Wow, that really must have taken a lot out of her' Inuyasha thought to himself. Then he placed Kagome on his back. "I'm going to go take her back to Kaede's so she can get some rest." And with that, Inuyasha took her there.

A couple of hours later…

Kagome turned over, as she began to wake up.

"Oww…." She touched her head. "My head hurts a lot…"

Then, she went to scratch her arm, and she winced from the pain.

"Ouch! What was that-" Kagome looked at her hands. "WHAT?!" she yelled shocked. Kagome had long claws that looked similar to Inuyasha's.

"Where did this come from…" she touched the top of her head. "EARS?!" she also noticed that she had fangs, and a tail.

"What's happening to me?" she said out loud.

Inuyasha walked into the hut.

"Kagome, what happened? I heard you scream and-" Inuyasha was shocked when he saw her. "It's a cat demon!" he yelled, and he gripped his sword. "Where's Kagome?!" he yelled at the cat.

"Stupid, I am Kagome! What's the matter with you?" she asked annoyed.

"You're not Kagome. She isn't a cat demon." He yelled back

"I am too! I mean, I'm not a cat. I'm Kagome!!" she insisted.

"Prove it!" he said with a smirk.

"Alright" Kagome said with a grin. "Sit!"

Inuyasha's necklace glowed, and in an instant, he was on the floor.

"Okay…." He mumbled in pain. " are definitely Kagome…" Then he stood up and got in her face. "But why are you a cat demon?"

"I don't know….must have happened when that cat demon bit me." She said

"Well, I don't like the way you smell. I'm gonna go outside." Inuyasha ran outside, and went onto a tree to lie down. Kagome ran outside to follow him. She jumped up the branches, and got to where he was in a matter of seconds. Inuyasha jumped back.

"H-How did you do that?!" he asked startled.

"Meow…" she said as she curled up into a ball. "I dunno, maybe cat powers." She replied.

"Well, I still don't like the way that you smell." Inuyasha said, as he hopped up a couple of branches, and stood up on the top of the tree's tallest branch. Kagome quickly followed behind.

Inuyasha got his first real good look at her. She kinda looked a lot like him, on she was a cat and her fur was black to match her raven hair. Plus her school uniform was a bit torn up.

'Wow, she looks gorgeous.' He said to himself, as he stared into her green cat eyes. She was extremely close to his face, which caused him to blush. But for the first time, Kagome wasn't blushing. She was smirking, like it was funny to her that she was toying with him.

Inuyasha lay down on the branch.

"Go away and let me sleep." He said as he closed his eyes.

Kagome purred, and his eyes flashed open. She then jumped in his lap, and curled herself into a ball and fell asleep in his arms. Inuyasha smiled, and then feel asleep.

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