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She's going to say it this time. Tonight, she won't chicken out and swear that she'll do it the next day. If she doesn't do it tonight, she'll be in shit when Buffy finds out. She'll have to hear the same lectures once again, before getting grounded for life; "She's too old for you!", "She's acts worth then Faith," "She's a slut," "She's evil! She works for Wolfram & Heart!" So Dawn'll do it this time. She'll swallow her tears, keep her voice steady and break up with her girlfriend.

"Dawnie?" Her voice catches as Eve walks into the room, a child-like grin on her face, the one Wesley said only she brought out, with a small bundle of fluff in her arms. "Look who I rescued from the science department." The kitten's head pops up, and licks Eve's flawless cheek. "I thought we could call her Sami. She could be our baby."

Or maybe tonight, she'll finally tell Buffy off when she leaves home.