A/N: I have no clue where I'm going with this. It just popped into my head while I was working on the next chapter of VBS (my Tenchi/Gundam Wing fusion) and wouldn't get out. So I have no idea if it will be slash or het. I don't even know if there will be any pairings at all! Right now I'm as clueless as you as to where this story is going and if person A will end up with B, C, D or none of the above. But if you have a pairing that you would like to see and can explain why they should be together, please leave a review explaining your reasons and I'll consider it. However Kuwabara and Yukina are out of the running because that couple is just too cute for me to break up. Also, right now I'm leaning towards Yusuke and Harry having a big brother/little brother type friendship, so unless someone comes up with a really, and I mean really, good argument for that couple they will not be an item.

A/N 2: While I'm using the timeline from the Harry Potter lexicon as a reference any incorrect dates or facts are completely my fault.

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Warnings: Spoilers for books one through five and the YYH series. Also someone on Mediaminer said this was sad so Angst ahead. You have been warned.

Summary: Two years before his death a powerful psychic made Sirius a promise. Now Genkai and Yusuke travel to London to keep it and throw the British magical community for a loop.

A Grim's Promise

Prologue: August 1994

Genkai watched as the large Grim like dog trotted down the shrine stairs. Shaking her head, she turned and head back towards the house thinking about the animagus fugitive that had stayed at her shrine for the past few weeks. He was a cross of the fox and the dimwit. He and Kurama both had a past they wanted to forget yet that same past caused the guilt that led them to protect what mattered most; their chosen families. But his attitude had reminded her of Yusuke. Although she had only known him for a little over three weeks that similarity to her old student was what had prompted her to agree to his request. She silently wished the man good luck on his mission and prayed that he lived a long, happy life.

June 27th 1996, Japan

Genkai looked at the envelope then at the owl sitting across from her. The Great Horned owl looked up from preening its feathers and hooted once before going back to its previous task. As she opened the envelope she wondered who the hell she knew in London that would use a law firm called Cardsley, Dragoon, and Whispersmith. Her eyes widened in surprise as she read the letter.

Master Genkai, (it read)

Your presence is requested for the reading of Sirius Osiris Black's will on July second at nine a.m. in our London offices. All travel expenses for you and an escort will be covered by the Black estate. We have booked two rooms for you at the Angelic Halo for July first through the fifth.1 The enclosed portkey will take you directly to the lobby at exactly six p.m. (nine a.m. London time). Our offices are located on Horntail Avenue in the Diagon Alley shopping district. There will be a map and detailed directions in your rooms when you arrive. Please send a response with Hortus as soon as possible. Let us know if Translation rings will be necessary for you or your escort in your reply.


Diana Whispersmith

Putting the letter down, Genkai picked up a pen and scribbled a quick reply letting the firm know she would come with her student and that only one ring would be needed. As she tied the note to the bird's outstretched leg she tried to remember where the devil her wand was...

1 The Angelic Halo is a wizarding hotel that I've made up. Basically it's an extremely classy hotel.