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Summary: Two years before his death a powerful psychic made Sirius a promise. Now Genkai and Yusuke travel to London to keep it and throw the British magical community for a loop.

Warnings: Some mild swearing.

A Grim's Promise

Chapter Three

June 27th, Genkai's Shrine

After sending her response to the law firm Genkai began searching for Yukina and Yusuke. There was quite a lot to be done before she could have another person staying in her home, especially this person. She would need to adjust the wards on the forest, set up a guest room, warn Botan and Hiei about their sudden entrances, ask Kurama to add more plants to guard the boundaries… The list went on for quite a while. Even if she didn't manage to get it all done before she and Yusuke left Yukina could get the other boys to finish. In Genkai's opinion that girl's puppy dog eyes were the most deadly weapon known to man. But there was one thing that absolutely had to be done before they left.

As Genkai reached the training area the boys had set up for sparing she found Yusuke. He was just sitting in the center, starring off into space. She should have known he'd be here. In the past six months this had become his favorite place to be when he needed to be alone. Kurama, Keiko, and Kuwabara had all been accepted into a good college and were now attending classes and Hiei spent most of his time in the Makai working for Mukuro. And Yusuke, well… he spent most of his time at the shrine. He only left for work, missions or for the occasional get together with his friends. The group was still close but the others had found their paths in life while Yusuke was still searching for his. Genkai smiled as she made her way over to her old student. Perhaps having this wizard around would do Yusuke some good.

June 28th, Koenma's Office

"You're what?!" The tiny prince starred at his detective in disbelief. He couldn't believe his ears. Yusuke had to be joking, he just had to be. His best detective has not just come in to his office and told him that.

"You heard me. I'm taking a vacation. No missions, no assignments, no anything for the next two months. Starting now."

"Yusuke I can't let you do that. Who I'm I going to send out when there's a break in the barrier…" Yusuke cut Koenma off.

"There hasn't been a barrier breach in over a month. Hiei's got that covered. And all the demons that do get through Kuwabara could catch with his eyes closed. Hell, I did catch the last one with my eyes closed" Yusuke stuffed his hands into his jacket pockets, looking bored.

"But…but…" Koenma searched his mind for a reason not to let Yusuke go. He had to find a reason, some excuse. "What if the vault's broken into again?"

Yusuke shrugged, causing the bag hanging on his shoulder to sway a little. "Send Kurama. Who better to catch a thief than an ex thief? Look toddler, if you have a problem with this take it up with Genkai. She said she wanted to teach me another way to use my spirit energy and I'm taking her up on her offer." Yusuke turned and began walking towards the door. "If it makes you feel better I quit my real job. You know; the one that pays me. Now if you'll excuse me I need to get this stuff to Grandma." As he opened the door Yusuke turned and gave his boss a cheeky grin. "See ya in September pacifier breath." He walked out, letting the door close behind him.

Koenma starred at the door, willing it to open and Yusuke say it was just a joke. Five minutes passed before the door opened but it wasn't Yusuke; it was Botan. His head fell forward, hitting his desk with a loud thump. He was in so much trouble.

Botan walked over to her boss, trying to catch what he was muttering at his desk. All she understood was Yusuke's name. "Umm sir, is something wrong with Yusuke? I mean I just saw him on my way in. He looked fine. Well, he did say something about Puu and…" When Koenma lifted his head Botan's voice trailed off and she paled under the glare he was giving her.

"Yusuke's fine." Koenma climbed on to his desk and began stalking across it towards the ferry girl. "It us that's in trouble. Do you know what that idiot just did?"

Botan shook her head, edging towards the door. "Well no, but it couldn't have been that bad."

"Oh it's not bad, it's much worse than bad. That fool of a boy just took a vacation! He just waltzed in here and said he was taking the next two months off. No warning, no notice, no replacement!" By this point Koenma was shouting and jumping up and down wildly by the edge of his desk. "If this gets out demons will be trying to escape through the barrier daily! The only reason Mukuro's people have been able to handle guarding the barrier is because of the threat Yusuke posses! Do you understand how bad, how horrible, how terrible this is now Botan!? Do yo…" Koenma's foot slipped and he went crashing face first into the floor. "Ow."

"Oh my." Botan rushed forward and knelt down next her boss where he had fallen. "Sir, are you okay? Koenma? Sir?"

June 28th, Genkai's Shrine

Yusuke stood with his hands behind his head and watched as Genkai carefully looked over the materials he had brought from the Makai, checking for any knots in the wood or breaks in the bright blue feathers. She occasionally threw a bent feather or a warped branch to the side. Finally she was left with one foot long branch from an Alder tree and one of the glossy, blue feathers Puu had donated. Nodding to herself Genkai placed the scraped material into a waste basket and motioned for Yusuke to sit down on the other side of the small table. "Alright Yusuke, what do you know about spirit energy?"

Yusuke raised an eyebrow at the question as he sat down. This was too easy. "All life forms have it. Spirit energy tends to manifest in ways that represent the user's personality or genetics. It's easier for Demons and Apparitions to access since it is often necessary for them to use it to survive in the Makai. Humans usually get access to it when their lives are in danger. It's rare for a human to have enough excess spirit energy to need training but they too can master and control their energy." Yusuke crossed his arms, scowling at Genkai's surprised face. "What?"

"I'm impressed Yusuke. I didn't think you were that observant." Genkai gave him a small smile before continuing. "However that answer is not entirely correct. I wasn't planning on ever teaching you this but since your demon blood has now increased your life span dramatically and we will be having a new house guest soon it's going to be necessary for you to learn it." She ignored the teen's curious look and went on with her explanation. "There are humans out there with the ability to use their spirit energy from the day they are born. For the most part those with enough energy belong to a society of wizards. Wizards and witches use wands to access and control their spirit energy. By using wands, wizards can fight, heal, create, and many other things with just a flick of their wrists."

"That's nice, but it doesn't explain why I had to go pluck Puu or raid Raizen's old garden."

"Patience is a virtue Yusuke. Learn it," Genkai snapped at the teen. "Now with people like you and Kuwabara, your energy comes out in ways that best suit your personality. I, on the other hand, can use my energy to heal, fight, ward, shield and so on. And the reason I can do all that is because I learned to use a wand when I was younger. It allowed me to get used to manipulating my spirit energy in many different ways. Now you are going to learn how to use a wand. But first you need to make one."

"Do wizards have to make their own wands?"

"They can if they're powerful enough. However, most wizards go buy one. But since I don't care to spend the next six hours watching you blow up a wand shop, you are." Genkai picked up the wand lying on the table in front of her and held it out to Yusuke. "This is mine. Its nine inches long, made of yew and its core is a feather from a Bennu."

Yusuke studied the stick in his hand. When he didn't see anything special about it he tried to use his spirit energy to get a feel for it. Blue and white sparks began flying wildly out of the wand's sides. "Ow! Damn it." Yusuke threw the wand onto the table and began blowing on his burned hand.

"Idiot." Genkai snatched her wand from the table and tucked it into her sleeve. "That's another reason we're making you a wand. Considering your heritage, I'm not sure how a normal wizard's wand would react to your spirit energy. Are you done acting like a baby now?"

Yusuke put his hands back in his lap, glaring at Genkai. "I wasn't acting like a baby, Grandma. That freaking hurt!"

Genkai briefly closed her eyes and counted backwards from twenty. "I know it hurt Yusuke. Like I said, that's one of the reasons you're making a wand. I highly doubt you want to go through that ten, fifteen, or even a hundred times if we went and bought one. Now are you ready to do this?"

Yusuke nodded. "Yeah, I guess. What do I do?"

"Concentrate a small amount of your energy into your hands with most of it focused in your palms." Genkai continued when Yusuke's hands began to glow a pale blue. "Now pick up the feather and branch and push the feather into the branch, using your spirit energy to fuse them together." Genkai noticed how tense Yusuke was. "Relax and let your energy shape the wand. If it wants more than you're giving, then let it have it."

"Fine." Yusuke gritted his teeth and released the blocks he had on his spirit energy, letting it flow full force through his hands and into the branch and feather. Slowly the two items began to merge together. The branch began to shrink and smooth out as Puu's feather disappeared. Eventually the light died down and Yusuke was left swaying holding an eleven inch long pale golden brown wand. He had to grab the table to stop from falling over. "Whoa. Was that supposed to happen?"

Genkai raised an eyebrow in surprise. That had been interesting. Most wands didn't require that much energy to make. "It's not a normal occurrence but," Genkai shrugged, "I've seen weirder things happen around you. Now then I think you should go lay down for awhile. I'll wake you up for dinner."

Yusuke nodded as he stood up from the table, trying his best not to fall over. "Great idea, in fact I think that's the best idea ever. But don't bother waking me up, I'll see you in morning." Yusuke stumbled out the door and down the hall towards his bedroom still clutching his new wand.

Genkai stayed sitting at the table, trying to think up a solution to her new problem. Maybe Yukina could convince Kuwabara to pick up the new bed and freezer.

June 30th, Genkai's Shrine

Kurama winced as he stood up, rubbing his right shoulder. Yesterday he and Kuwabara had picked up a new bed, including a mattress and a box spring. Today it was a freezer. As he followed Kuwabara out of the small store room and into the kitchen he tried to figure out just who Genkai was having in her home that she needed new furniture for. The freezer could be explained. The nine of them did eat quite a bit when they had dinner here but the bed was a puzzle. He smiled absently at Yukina as he accepted the glass of water. Just what was going on here and why couldn't Yusuke run all these errands for Genkai? That was another thing that was bothering Kurama. He had yet to see Yusuke. Where was the detective?

"Ah fox, I was looking for you."

Kurama almost choked on his water when he heard Genkai. He hadn't felt her energy signature nearby, but he hadn't been looking for it either. "Is there something else I can do for you Genkai?"

"Yes there is. When you're done here meet me out back at the edge of the forest." Genkai turned around and quickly left the kitchen.

Kurama thanked Yukina for the water and hurried after the psychic. Maybe now he'd get some answers.


Kurama starred at Genkai, trying to process what she had just said. "I'm sorry; maybe I didn't hear you correctly. Did you just ask me to do what I think you did?"

Genkai smirked as she ground her cigarette out. "Yes I did. I want you to add some plants to the barrier wards. I also need you to train them to attack and subdue anyone who wishes harm on anyone at this shrine. It doesn't matter if it's a human, wizard, demon, or an apparition."

Kurama winced. "Genkai, not to be rude, but I can't do that. The laws …"

"Won't be broken fox. I said subdue, not kill. The plants need to be something that can read the intent of the trespasser and respond. Nothing too difficult for you, right?" Genkai turned away and began heading back to the house. "When you're done for the night, feel free to stay for dinner. Yukina's making Oden."

Frustrated, Kurama watched as the aging psychic entered the house. He was no closer to solving this puzzle than before he followed the woman out here. The only hint she had given him was she needed plants to guard against wizards and that was odd in itself. With a barely audible sigh he pulled his communicator from his pants pocket. He would have to make a trip to the Makai for some of the plants he needed. Smiling, he opened the compact. Maybe Botan knew what was going on.


"If Genkai hasn't told you then I can't either Kurama," Botan said, floating on her oar far away from the dangerous, acid spitting plant the silver kitsune was by.

Kurama plucked a few more seeds before calmly walking back towards the ferry girl. "So you do know why she wants me to do this?" Kurama stood in front of the girl, giving her his iciest look. He watched her fidget for a few minutes before speaking again. "Well, do you or don't you?"

Botan looked away from the amber eyes. She absolutely hated hiding things from her friends but Genkai had already asked her not to tell Kurama anything. "I suspect I know what's going on but I'm not sure. Please don't ask me again. I promised I wouldn't tell." Botan gave the man her best puppy dog eyes. She wasn't as good at it as Yukina but it was worth a shot.

Kurama narrowed his eyes, growling softly. "Fine, I won't ask about what Genkai is up to. But do you know where Yusuke is? I've been at the shrine for the past two days and I haven't seen him once." Kurama asked as he began walking across the field, looking for the last plant he needed.

Botan flinched ever so slightly. "Yusuke's at the shrine of course. It's where he's living now right?" Botan gave him a cheery smile, hoping her nervousness didn't show.

Kurama snorted softly as knelt down next to some flowers and began to persuade them to give him their tiny seeds. "You know as well as I do that's where he's living but that doesn't tell me where he is or what he's doing." He put the seeds in a small piece of silk and folded it up before placing it the pouch hanging from his waist. He stood up, glaring at the blue haired girl. "You can keep your secrets Botan but I will figure this out. Now if you would be kind enough to open a portal for me I can be on my way."

Botan landed and sliced her hand through the air, opening a portal back to Genkai's shrine. Right as Kurama was about to step through she grabbed his arm to stop him. "I'm sorry I can't tell you anything but…"

Kurama sighed and pulled her hand off his arm. He lifted her down turned head so he could look her in the eye and gave her a reassuring smile. "It's alright Botan. I understand that you take your promises very seriously. Besides," He released her face and stepped back, "I've always loved a good puzzle." He smirked at her before jumping through the portal.

Botan started giggling after the portal closed. Genkai was right; he had fallen for her act.


Yawning, Yusuke slammed the book on magical theory shut. That made it four books in two days. This was starting to suck. When Genkai had offered to teach him again he had been thrilled at the idea of learning more of her techniques. Heck, even the healing techniques she was teaching Yukina would be fun to learn. Although with his track record of getting into trouble it was probably a necessity to learn those. But before he could even think about learning that he needed to get used to using his wand and before he could do that Genkai had ordered him to read. At least he only had one book left, The Standard Book of Spells, Grade One.

Yusuke sighed as he picked the book up and looked at the clock. It was already eight. He debated about going and getting something to eat but eventually opened the book and began reading. After Genkai's lecture and Botan's warning he didn't want to risk running into Kurama. As he started reading about the different wrist movements for each type of spell he wondered what was so special about this kid Genkai was taking in that made her want to hide him from the kitsune. Yusuke snorted. Then again, it was far more likely that Genkai was just trying to drive the poor guy insane by giving him a mystery that only she knew the answer to.

July 1st, Genkai's Shrine

Kurama glared at nothing in particular as he coaxed some poppies from the Makai into full bloom. He wasn't having much luck solving his latest puzzle. So far he only knew four things for sure. One; Genkai was taking in another long term guest. The new bed he had helped Kuwabara carry up the stairs made that very clear. Two; Genkai and Yusuke were going somewhere. Yusuke's duffle bag and a suitcase had been sitting outside the house when he arrived this afternoon. Three; Genkai was raising the defenses around her land. His current task plus the new wards were definite proof of that. Four; Yusuke was taking a vacation to train with Genkai again. Koenma had called him, Hiei, and Kuwabara into his office late last night to tell them that they were taking over the detective's non-existent case load. Apparently the young man had strolled into his office, said he was taking the next two months off for training and had walked out.

He groaned in frustration. That last fact gave him more questions than answers. If Yusuke was training with Genkai he should be here, but for the past three days he had not seen nor heard Yusuke. He hadn't even been at dinner last night. There were two things Yusuke never missed; a good fight or Yukina's cooking. And Yusuke had missed Oden, his favorite dish. This was mystery was going to give him a headache. None of the clues fit together. Well, maybe some of them fit. Yusuke and Genkai were obviously going somewhere to get someone who was going to be living here. But who was it? Where were they going? Why were all these extra defenses necessary? If Yusuke was going somewhere later, where was he now?

Kurama rubbed his temples, trying to stop the headache that was forming. It was definitely time to head back. He needed some Tylenol.


Kuwabara's mouth dropped open in shock as Yusuke exited the house and went to pick up the luggage sitting outside. Somehow Genkai had managed to get him to dress nice. Not Yusuke nice, which consisted of clean jeans and tee shirt, but normal person nice. The black haired teen was wearing khaki pants and a long sleeved white button up shirt. She had even managed to get him to ditch his old green jacket. Yusuke's hair was different too. It was still slicked back but it had a fraction of the hair gel he normally put in it. Yusuke hadn't even dressed this nice for his last job interview.

Yukina giggled softly as she pushed the orange haired teen's mouth shut. "It's not that big of a change Kazuma," she whispered softly. The Koorime smiled at Yusuke. "You like nice."

Yusuke quit scowling at Kuwabara and smiled at the girl. "Thanks Yukina. Genkai said the hotel we're staying at is high class so…" He shrugged slightly.

Yukina nodded. "I know. The Angelic Halo has a very good reputation. Even I've heard of it." She looked at the bags he was carrying. "Do you have everything?"

"Yep." Yusuke twisted his wrist, causing his wand to pop out of his sleeve and into his hand. "Even this thing. Though Genkai never told me why I had to have it with me at all times. She was a little vague about that." He put the suitcase down for a moment as he carefully tucked his wand back into the holster hidden under his sleeve.

"There are reasons Yusuke. I'm sure Genkai will explain once you get to London."

Kuwabara looked more and more confused as the conversation went on. Since when was Urameshi going to London and what was that stick in his hand? Kurama was right; something weird was going on here. Unfortunately, before he could ask exactly what it was, Genkai came out.

"Is that everything dimwit?"

Yusuke rolled his eyes. "Yeah, Grandma."

"Good." Smirking, Genkai tossed Yukina a bottle of Tylenol. "Give these to the fox when he gets back. I have a feeling he's going to need them. Now remember, don't tell them anything except about the dog and I guess you can explain what a portkey is to that one," Genkai pointed at very confused Kuwabara, "But nothing else. I want to see if Kurama can figure it out before we get back."

Yukina nodded. "I promise, I won't tell them anything."

Genkai pulled a small button from her pocket. "Yusuke come here. It's almost time."

"I thought we both had to be touching it. Isn't that thing a little small for that?" Yusuke asked, bending down to look at the button in her hand.

"No." Genkai's hand shot out.

"Ow! Damn it let go of my …"

Kuwabara looked at Yukina then back to the spot where Yusuke and Genkai just were. "Um, Yukina? What just happened?"


Kuwabara was waiting by the steps when Kurama finally got back. He waved Kurama over to where he was standing and handed him a bottle of Tylenol. "Don't even bother going in. They left about twenty minutes ago and Yukina isn't talking."

"What did you do?" Kurama popped open the bottle and quickly swallowed two of the pills.

Kuwabara blushed, looking ashamed. "I kept asking questions so she asked me to leave. But I did manage to learn few things." He pocketed the bottle when Kurama handed it back to him. He could give it back to Yukina when he brought her his apology gift tomorrow.

"Like what?"

"They went to London to stay at some high class hotel called the Angelic Halo, they left using a portkey and it has something to do with that strange black dog that was here two years ago."

Kurama blinked. "Kuwabara, give me the Tylenol back. I'm going to need it."


Author's Notes:

1) Yusuke's wand: The wood part is from an Alder Tree. I choose the Alder tree because of its unusual nature. It's a water loving tree that's highly flammable. It reminds me of Yusuke in a way. He started out the series as a human and ended up a demon by the end. Another reason I choose it is because it's symbolizes strength, tenacity, and determination. Those are all traits I feel Yusuke repeatedly shows through out the series. Now the core is one of Puu's feathers. Puu is a living symbol of Yusuke's true personality and spirit. It seemed perfect to have one of his feathers be the core.

2) Genkai's wand: The wood is from a Yew tree which symbolizes death and rebirth. The Druids believed that it could increase psychic abilities. The core is the feather from a Bennu. A Bennu is a mythological bird and is considered by many to be the Egyptian Phoenix. It also represents death and rebirth. Genkai made the wand right after the first Dark Tournament she fought in. The contents of the wand represent the new chapter in her life after she made her wish to never be invited to one again. It can also represent her death and Yusuke's wish in the second Dark Tournament she fought in. Either one works.

3) The way that Yusuke made his wand is not the way typical wands are made. The way that Yusuke made his makes it his wand only! It is directly tied into his spirit energy and will only respond to him. That means no other wizard will ever be able to use it. It also means he will get much better results with it than if he had gone and bought one.

4) Before you ask; no, Genkai is not going to hide the fact that Harry is coming to live with her and yes, Genkai, Botan and Yukina are messing with Kurama's mind. Actually it was Genkai's idea. Botan and Yukina are just helping.

5) A couple of people in their reviews mentioned that they didn't believe that Ron would ever betray Harry or that he hadn't meant to do it or that he would ever act that way. You're partially right. He didn't mean to betray Harry's trust. Initially it was an accident. After he got kicked out though…Well, let's just say Ron's resentment at being sent home caused him to do something very, very stupid. '…there were some things he had told only Ron in confidence had somehow made it into the papers' The papers Harry is thinking about in this line isn't Sunday's edition, but the newspapers from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Now as to Ron going off in the middle of the twins store like he did I really do believe something like that could happen. In the books Ron never does seem to display a sense of tact. Basically he doesn't always know when to keep his mouth shut. While it may never happen in JKR's world I do see it as a possibility. One last thing that Aura Black Chan mentioned. I agree; the Weasleys, being a well-known 'light' family, are some of the Order's most valuable members which is why they're still in the Order. The Weasleys are just not trusted as much as they once were; especially Mrs. Weasley. When she defended Ron Remus and Snape took it as if she was defending Ron's actions (which she wasn't by the way). The Order is also worried about its security. Right now with Voldemort visibly active again they can't risk any information getting out, like for instance that Snape is a spy. Ron's tendency to blurt things out and his actions after being sent back to the Burrow represent a serious risk. Hence why things happened the way they did.

Ack! That is one long author's note. Anyways, on to more important things. Thank you to everyone who reviewed. I'm glad you're enjoying my story so far.