Bent and Broken


Jolly Rancher

Chapter 3: Yaardrat

He was running; running from those whom he had once called his friends. They weren't his friends anymore, but he didn't blame them. He killed their leader, their idol…his father. He suddenly came across a weeping woman in his flight from former loved ones.

"Hello ma'am…is there anything I can help you with?" said Gohan.

The woman looked up and Gohan gasped. "You murderer! You killed my husband!"

"No! Mommy, I didn't mean to, I swear!" cried Gohan.

She stood up unsteadily and fixed her tear-filled eyes upon him. "You killed the father of my unborn child. You killed him! Murderer!"

Gohan woke up gasping for breath. He had been having the same dream for the past eight months. It's not like I don't deserve it. He thought to himself. I killed my father. I deserve everything I get.

He sighed and got up off of his bed. He had tried several methods to try to stop the nightmares, but the only method that seemed to work was training all day without any breaks. He hated doing that, unlike Vegeta; he knew that it hurt his body.

His stomach rumbled loudly, and he glanced at it with a rueful smile. Guess it's time for breakfast. He looked at the time and groaned. It was only 4 o' clock. According to Vegeta, Saiyans only required five hours of sleep, but damn it, he was half human! I really need to get more sleep. He stumbled to the bathroom connected to his room and looked at his reflection dully. He had large bags underneath his eyes, along with a few cuts that had inevitably come from his training.


Attention: ETA on destination is approximately fifteen Earth minutes. Please secure yourself. Attention: ETA on destination is approximately fifteen Earth minutes. Please secure yourself.


Gohan heard the computer alert him to the imminent arrival at his next destination. He had been flying around the galaxy for months looking for the planet, and had finally gotten the coordinates a month ago. He grinned, anticipating his arrival on Yaardrat. He didn't know why he never asked his father to teach him Instant Transmission during the year spent in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but he was determined to learn the technique. He had seen his father use it to his advantage in his battle against Cell, and knew that knowing the technique would prove invaluable to him.

He went to the bridge and buckled down at the central console, where everything from navigation to communications was. When the ship came into communications range of the planet, he hailed them.

The view of the barren brown planet was replaced by a strange alien face. He had bronze skin, with wide eyes. The area around his mouth was pushed back, as if she had smiled considerably in the past.

He wasn't smiling now, however. "State your name and business, stranger."

Gohan blinked in surprise, Yaardian's were a solitary people but were very polite, according to his father. He shrugged it off and replied, "I am Son Gohan of Earth. I have come to learn from the Yaardian's the art of Instant Transmission."

Ra'Jin's eyes widened considerably and then narrowed suspiciously. He then said, "How – never mind. I am transmitting the coordinates to the space dock." With that said the Yaardian typed in a few things in his console, and looked back at the screen.

Gohan looked at his own console and found the line of data streaming in. He looked up and nodded his acquiescence before saying, "Thank you, sir."

Ra'Jin replied, "I will meet you at the space dock."

The screen blipped out and the planet of Yaardrat swam into view. Gohan was confused, he didn't know why the other being had acted so strange after he told him about his reason to be on Yaardrat. He shrugged it off and filed the incident in a corner of his mind. He set the coordinates of the landing pad into his console, and got ready to land.

The Council of Yaardrat was in pandemonium. They had just gotten a report from one of their space probes, a spaceship was traveling towards them at an incredible velocity. They had never believed that this day would come. Their Armageddon.

"Sir!" A junior official called out. "The spaceship is hailing us!"

The lead Council member, Pa'Lil, blinked in surprise. She wasn't expecting them to hail them, she had expected an all out frontal assault. "Open a channel. Ra'Jin, you answer it."

Ra'Jin nodded his acceptance and readied himself to speak. The junior official opened the channel and a face of a young boy came on screen. A vaguely familiar face, but Ra'Jin just shook it off. "State your name and business, stranger." He said, a little more rudely than he had meant to, but he was still very nervous from the shock of the Red Alert. As he heard the boy express his wish to learn Instant Transmission, his eyes widened. He looked over to Pa'Lil for guidance and the woman motioned him to bring the boy down to the planet. Obviously, she was as suspicious and surprised as he. "How – never mind. I am transmitting the coordinates to the space dock." He typed in the coordinates and looked back up to see Son Gohan nodding. He cut the transmission and looked to Pa'Lil.

"Take a dozen guards with you, Ra'Jin. If this is a trick, if he's a spy, do anything in your power to eliminate him." said Pa'Lil.

The spacecraft landed with a hiss of gas, as it slowed the craft down to an acceptable landing speed. Gohan unbuckled and opened the doors, giving him a view of a virtually barren space dock except for a group of about a dozen Yaardian's. "Greetings, Son Gohan." Ra'Jin said as he bowed formally. "These are the honor guard, they will see to our safe journey."

Gohan bowed just as formally and said, "Um…thanks for the welcome, sir."

Ra'Jin's face gave away nothing as he ushered Gohan into an air car.

A few minutes in their journey, Ra'Jin said, "We are going to the central quarters…" He paused at the end, obviously waiting for Gohan to say something.

When Gohan just nodded to show that he had heard, Ra'Jin sighed. "Ok, let's put away the pleasantries, Son Gohan. I want to know how you know of Instant Transmission."

Gohan blinked and said, "Is that guarded information?"

Ra'Jin glowered and replied, "Of course it is! We Yaardian's aren't very strong physically, but our special techniques allow us to stay unharmed."

Gohan blinked in surprise and actually looked at the strength of Ra'Jin's ki. His eyes widened a little as he thought, Woah, these guys are weaker than humans! "I'm sorry; I didn't realize it was such a secret."

Ra'Jin just stared at him, silently prodding Gohan to explain further. "Oh! Sorry. My father crash-landed on Yaardrat about four years ago. His name was Son Goku. I know about Instant Transmission from him."

The Yaardian's eyes widened and his glower immediately disappeared. "Goku? Why, I remember Goku! I personally helped him to master the Instant Transmission technique!" said Ra'Jin excitedly as he clapped his hands in near-intoxicated delight. "How is he? Is he well?"

Gohan's eyes dropped to the floor. "I'm sorry, he's – he's gone."

Ra'Jin's eyes lost their mirth. "Dead?" he said faintly.

Gohan nodded in silence.

"He was such a kind man." murmured Ra'Jin, "…such a kind man."

He sank into his seat and stared listlessly out the window. He smiled slightly and said, "Did you know he actually finished a Yaardian serving of food? He asked for seconds afterwards! He was the only alien that we ever met that could eat as much as we can."

Gohan grinned slightly, remembering his father's eating habits, but then sobered quickly as he remembered how Goku had left him

If Ra'Jin noticed Gohan's change in expression, he didn't say anything. He looked out the windows and adopted a thoughtful look upon his face. If he's as strong as his father…this just might be the miracle we were looking for.

They landed in front of a gargantuan building, and entered through a tall archway. They entered a room painted in green, where the honor guard took their places outside the doors.

"Revered Council Members, I introduce to you Son Gohan, son of Son Goku." Ra'Jin began. "He may be of use to us."

The Council Members started when Ra'Jin mentioned Goku. Ra'Jin continued, "He wishes to learn the technique of Instant Transmission –"

The Council stirred and muttered amongst themselves, interrupting Ra'Jin. The afore mentioned Yaardian put his hands up in a placating gesture and said, "In exchange for teaching him Instant Transmission, I propose asking him to help us in the war."

Gohan was officially confused. He had no idea what was going on. "Err…if I may? Can someone please tell me what's going on here? What war?"

Ra'Jin blinked and turned to Gohan. "Oh! Sorry, I have not mentioned it to you yet. I will let the Minister of Defense tell you about it."

A Yaardian on the Council, one considerably stronger than the others, stood up. "I am Ti'Kon, Minister of Defense." He bowed formally and watched as Gohan imitated his movement. "About six months ago a group of Ice-jin's landed on Yaardrat, demanding to be taught some of our techniques. Naturally, we refused. They then gave us an ultimatum: Teach them the techniques, or face the complete eradication of our race. They then retreated, giving us twenty-five days, a month, to make our decision. On the last day, we refused again, and they landed. They destroyed our largest and most prosperous city that day. They gave us another deadline then, which is four months hence." He sat down again, waiting for Gohan to speak.

Gohan was incredibly exhausted. He had thought that his days of saving planets were over. Then a thought occurred to him. "Ice-jin's? As in the big, gay, and purple idiots with humongous egos?"

The Yaardian's exchanged glances. Gohan watched as one stood up.

"I am Pa'Lil, First Among Equals."

Gohan blinked in surprise. Well, there's one way to tell the difference between a male and a female. The female has a much higher voice than a male.

Pa'Lil continued, "I am unsure about what you mean by 'gay' but, yes, that is who we are talking about. We would be forever indebted to you if you could help us defeat them. We know that your father was incredibly strong, so you must be as well…"

She trailed off at the end, waiting for Gohan to make a decision.

Gohan sighed. He hated this, but his conscience wouldn't let him not save them. "I'll do it."

"Concentrate, Gohan!" said Ra'Jin as he and Gohan sat in a meditative position. Apparently, in addition to being the Minister of Interplanetary Affairs, he was one of the best Ki Manipulators on Yaardrat. He had agreed to teach Gohan Instant Transmission.

It had been two months since Gohan had landed on Yaardrat, and he was still learning how to Transmit. He knew how to gather ki, of course, but he had to learn how to manipulate it, to make it push him places at the speed of light. It was incredibly hard.

"Gohan," Ra'Jin sighed, "You insist on trying to control your ki. You must submit to it, only then will you master it. You Saiyans are so harsh. Be gentle and it will come to you."

Gohan sighed as well. He was taught to just grab at his ki, and throw it anywhere he wanted. It was hard to do it in a different way. He had tried to do that once, in the beginning, and thought he had lost control. He had straight out refused to try that again – he was scared that he might destroy the planet if he lost control. He opened his eyes and looked at his instructor. "Fine! I'll try it again!"

He grabbed his ki again, but instead of controlling it, he let it flow through him, he reached out, searching for a specific ki signature: Piccolo's. As he found his mentors signature, he began to suffocate, feeling the loss of control. He quickly let his ki recede back into his body, and brought it under control.

Ra'Jin sighed and said, "You almost had it, Gohan! Just a few seconds more and you would have done it. Try again."

Gohan took deep breaths and readied himself to increase his ki once again. He felt it rush through his body, escaping through his pores, giving off a white aura. He suddenly felt suffocated again, but this time he let it go on. A few seconds later, the suffocation vanished and his aura roared up. He stood up, and looked at his hands in awe. This is amazing…I feel stronger than ever before! He looked at Ra'Jin with wide eyes, and saw the Yaardian grinning like a madman.

"Go on, try the technique out now." said Ra'Jin.

Gohan expanded his ki, searching for Piccolo's unique signature. He found it and pushed his ki towards him.

Gohan transmitted to a spot a few feet behind Piccolo. The Namekian was meditating at the moment, but not for long.

As he saw his oldest friend and mentor he let a large grin form on his face. "Mr. Piccolo!" he cried out, reverting back to his old name for him. He launched himself at Piccolo, effectively tackling him to the ground.

Piccolo's eyes had flown open the moment Gohan had appeared behind him, but he wasn't ready for the eleven-year-old kid to jump on him, so he had crashed to the ground, with Gohan sitting on his stomach, the trademark Son grin on his youthful face. His face expressed no expression, but he was grinning on the inside, Gohan just knew it.

"Kid," Piccolo said. "Nice to see you."

"Nice to see you too, Piccolo!"

"Mind getting off me?"

Gohan had the grace to blush as he said, "Oh! Sorry, Piccolo! Right away."

The Namek watched as Gohan climbed off him, and then got up himself. "So, Gohan, where have you been these past six months?"

Gohan was about to say something when Piccolo put his hand up. "Never mind, it's obvious that you've been on Yaardrat. They're the only ones who know Instant Transmission. That is what you just did, isn't it?"

Gohan nodded and said, "So how have you been, Piccolo?"

Piccolo just stared at him and said, "You know that you're mother had a kid."

Gohan cringed. He had been trying to forget about his mom's pregnancy. "Yeah…" he mumbled.

"It was a boy. His name is Goten. He looks like Goku, right down to his hairstyle." said Piccolo.

Gohan smiled softly at hearing that he had a baby brother, but glowered when Piccolo said that he looked like Goku. "Whatever. I have to go now, Piccolo." he muttered. He put two of his fingers to his forehead, in order to help him concentrate, but Piccolo interrupted him.

The Namek had noticed Gohan's glower at learning that his brother looked like Goku. "It's not his fault, you know."

Gohan blinked and looked back at Piccolo. "What?"

"It's not his fault that he looks like Goku." Piccolo repeated.

Gohan glared at him and said, "I never said that it was." He got ready once again to leave, but once again Piccolo broke his concentration. Damn, I really have to learn how to IT with distractions.

"Just because he looks like your father doesn't mean that he'll act like him. You owe it to your mother, and your brother, to visit them." Piccolo knew he hit a soft spot when he saw Gohan stiffen.

'What's the use?" Gohan said softly. "I can't stay."

"Then don't let her know that you're there. Just go look at your brother." Piccolo said, just as softly.

Gohan grimaced, but nodded, telling Piccolo that he would do it. He decided to forgo Instant Transmission, and instead ran to the edge of the tower and jumped off.

Piccolo watched him go with an impassive face. He knew that Gohan would do the right thing, he was never worried about that. He sat down on the floor, Indian style, and began meditating once again.

Gohan had been gone from Earth for a while, but he still remembered how to get back home. As he flew, he grinned at all the familiar sites. It was all over too fast, he thought as he landed outside his small, but comfortable home. No, not home anymore. I don't have a home.

He suddenly noticed a ki coming through the front door, and quickly jumped in the air and landed on top of the house. He watched as his mother came out the door, carrying a basket full of laundry in one hand, and a baby in the other. He gasped as he saw his brother babbling happily. Piccolo was right – the kid looked exactly like his late father. He watched as his mother sat Goten down on the grass with a smile upon her face, and then went to putting the wet sheets on the clothesline to dry. He averted his eyes from his mother and looked at his baby brother again. At the moment, the baby was watching his mother work with a big grin on his face. He started to smack the ground, creating indentations, and bounce up and down, his baby fat wiggling slightly. Gohan thought that his heart would burst from all the love he suddenly felt towards his little brother.

He couldn't take it anymore, he searched for Ra'Jin and Yaardrat and immediately disappeared from planet Earth.

Gohan appeared next to Ra'Jin, startling the Yaardian slightly.

"Ah, Gohan. I see that you finally mastered Instant Transmission. You know it took your father much longer than…" he trailed off at the end, surprised at seeing Gohan's watery eyes. "Gohan? Are you feeling well?"

Gohan, rather rudely in Ra'Jin's opinion, brushed past him and headed towards his quarters. Ra'Jin shrugged, the boy was a mystery to him and the other Council members. He walked away, feeling a tad bit tired himself.

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