Blood Angel Ranma

By Brother Angelon

Chapter One

AN: I don't own any of Ranma ½ as that work belongs purely to its writer and creator who I have a great deal of respect for. Warhammer and all of its parts are owned by Games Workshop. I will claim the rights to any characters I myself create and use for this story.

The Emperor protects the loyal

Have no fear of the alien for the Emperor stands with you

The roar of thrusters changed pitch as the hull vibrated under the extreme stress it was placed under. Twin Jets of flame propelled the large box shaped vehicle down into the think atmosphere of the blue/green planet. Flashes of weapons fire could be seen arching back and forth across the blasted earth as two forces battled for control of a meaningless ball of earth near the eye of terror.

"ETA 10 minutes Veteran Sergeant Ranma", stated the voice on the tactical channel built into the Blood Red helmet currently worn. The smell of sweet was overpowering even the powerful filters of the armor that was used for both defense and offense.

Ranma stood up as the vector thrusters on the Thunderhawk gunship changed pitch again in preparation for a quick pass over the battle field. Already the ship was being pelted with defensive fire from the troops bellow.

"Get ready for an air drop. Brother Ryoga what is the status of the squad?" Ranma asked of a large man in powered armor carrying a high powered Plasma Gun like it was a simple Bolt pistol.

"Squad is at full strength and ready to punish the traitors sir" Ryoga replied while the first stages of rage could be seen in his eyes even now. Ryoga was not the only one to be showing signs of the rage in the squad.

The finale preparations were done in silence as each member of the 10 man assault squad double checked there gear.

Bolter fire was traded back and forth as the two well trained forces on the ground continued to look for any weak spot in there enemies lines.

"Captain Herb the left flank is starting to buckle under the enemies assault" A large hulking man in Tactical Dreadnaught armor reported.

"Understood Sergeant Lime, have 3rd squad move to reinforce the left flank. They only have to hold for a few minutes before the transport arrives with the reinforcements from the first company".