Fic Title: 51 Ways To Draw A Perfect Circle

Fic Summary: A drabble for every episode: the good, the bad, the happy, the sad. The dark and the bright, the smiles, the fights.

And here we embark on a collection of FMA drabbles! On for each episode, with a variety of characters, probably some repeating. Will I ever finish? Who knows. But we can start at the beginning, the best place.

Episode 1 – Al

Them's The Breaks

"I'd really like some tape," Alphonse Elric said, though no one could hear him. "Tape would be nice, to seal all my gaps. And maybe a scrub brush."

If Al were able to sigh, he would have. After all, he couldn't exactly move to improve his situation himself, entrenched as he was and slowly filling up like an hourglass.

Moments like these were by far Al's least favorite part of professional government-funded questing.

"Al! Al!"

Edward's mildly panicky voice, filtering through the sand.


That brother of his was so inattentive. It was worrisome.

"Over here! I sank again!"