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Chapter 7

Otto was startled when the downstairs door slammed shut. He pushed himself away from his desk, where his sprawled out homework was covered by his skateboard and tools. He's been replacing the wheels with new ones he'd bought earlier in the week. He exited his room, coming to lean on the banister, and finding Reggie at the bottom of the staircase. She looked somewhat disgruntled.

"What's up, Reg?" Otto called, grinning, "What's for dinner?" She shook her head, running her fingers through her hair distractedly and kicking off her shoes.

"Order a pizza," she muttered, "I'll pay."

"What's wrong with you?" Otto asked, starting down the stairs. Though he was more than willing to take Reggie up on the pizza offer, it wasn't like her. She was always responsible, always had her dinners planned out and ready to cook. She looked…agitated.

"Nothing," she mumbled, then crossing to the living room and slumping on the couch, "Okay, maybe something…"


"It's about Twister."

Otto rolled his eyes but still jogged down the stairs, coming to sit next to his sister. He knew it would get uncomfortable, but he couldn't just leave her in that depressed condition.

"Okay, what happened?" he sighed. Reggie frowned, burying her head in her knees.

"I got voted cutest couple with Ricky," she moaned, "And me and Twist got in a fight over it."

"You did?" Otto cried, incredulously, "Who'd think you'd make a cute couple with that shoobie?"

"Apparently everyone at school," Reggie whispered, "Including Twister."

"What? What do you mean by that?" Otto demanded. She shook her head again, straightening. Her eyes shining with what Otto hoped weren't tears. If she started crying, he didn't know what he would do. Panic, most likely.

"I don't know. It's just something he said…he was mad, he couldn't of meant it…oh man, Otto, I really screwed up!" Reggie cried.

"You screwed up?"

"I didn't mean for it to sound the way it did," Reggie went on, "But he took it all out of context, and…I shouldn't of said anything. But he was being ridiculous! It's just a stupid yearbook thing."

"Reg, you're not making any sense," Otto interrupted, "Start with an explanation, then move your way into a rant." Reggie nodded, taking a deep, unsteady breath.

"This morning, that's what he had to talk to me about. He wanted me to go down there and decline the title, even after Ricky already accepted it for us…"

"Of course that prick did," Otto muttered, in regards to Ricky.

"I couldn't go up there and turn it down, could I? I mean, Ricky was being cool about it, how would it seem if I suddenly acted uncool about it? It would hurt Ricky's feelings…"

"You didn't tell them you didn't want it?" Otto snapped, "Reg!"

"Otto, you gotta understand," Reggie retorted, "I never get voted for these kinds of things. Most athletic, most likely to be a success, yes, but cutest anything…"


"Well, I just…I was flattered…I mean, the school thought I was cute with someone…and…"

"Oh god, Reg, please tell me you didn't say any of this to Twister," Otto cried, horrified. Reggie lowered her eyes, chewing her bottom lip. "Reg! What's wrong with you?"

"What's the big deal? I mean, Twister way overreacted when I said…"

"Regina! Think how it must have sounded to him," Otto pressed, "Like you're actually happy about being voted cutest couple with Ricky…"

"Ricky has nothing to do with it! I don't understand…"

"Well, maybe Twister didn't pick up on that fact! Think about it, Reg, how would you feel if it was Twister!"

"Jeez, Otto," Reggie mumbled, "If it was Twister instead of Ricky, I wouldn't have gotten in that fight and…"

"That's not what I mean," Otto spat, "What if Twister was voted cutest couple with some other girl? Some girl that wasn't you, but was Twister's friend? And that you knew wanted to date him."

"Ricky doesn't want to…"

"Or dated him previously!"

Reggie pouted, thoughtful. Then she moaned, falling back against the couch and covering her face with her hands.

"Oh man! I really screwed up!"

"You need to talk to him," Otto said wisely.

"I know. I tried to go there today, but he never came…and…well, Lars was there, and…" Reggie frowned, straightening her shirt, and sitting up as though suddenly reminded of something.


"Nothing. Never mind. I'll call Twist tonight…if he'll talk to me. Order a pizza, Otto. I'm not hungry. I'll be in my room," Reggie said, sighing and hefting herself up to the stairs. Otto watched in silence, shaking his head before heading to get the phone and call the delivery place.


Sam took a deep breath, leaning over the table and his notebook. Twister sat across from him, glancing up nervously, and looking around in awe. They were sitting in the library after school, having agreed to meet there the day before.

"So, where do we start?" Twister asked, then in a small whisper, "Wow. This is the library? There sure are a lot of books in here…"

"I've made a list of all your faults," Sam started, donning an astute persona, "Wrote them down accordingly, and the different ways we can go about fixing them." Twister frowned, flipping through the notebook, page after page covered in writing.

"I'm not this bad…" he mumbled, "Bites his nails…? Only when I'm taking tests! Fidgets…I do not!"

"Those are just little things I thought you could think about stopping…" Sam explained sheepishly, "The bigger things are at the back…" Twister looked up skeptically.

"Picking on me, calling me the Squid…Dude, Squid, what is this?"

Sam slammed the notebook shut, chuckling nervously.

"I've…uh…narrowed your main faults down to five things. Hygiene, organization, academics, attitude, and finances," he stated, clearing his throat with an authoritative 'ahem', "I think we should start small. Like for instance, bettering your hygiene"

"I have good hygiene," Twister snapped, indignant, then scrunching his nose, "And I will take no more insults to my family!"

"Um…what do you think hygiene means?" Sam mumbled, "Hygiene is cleanliness, an ability to take care of oneself..."

"Oh," Twister mouthed, leaning back and grinning, "I'm a very clean person."

"Ah huh," Sam breathed, "But just for the hell of it…Twist, when's the last time you took a shower?" Twister frowned, rolling his eyes up in concentration. He grinned meekly back down at Sam.

"What month is it?"

"How many times have you worn that shirt since its last cleaning?" Sam continued.

"Um…" Twister chewed his bottom lip, "Define 'cleaning'."

"How often do you apply deodorant?" Sam pressed, tilting his head. Twister puckered his lips, before tucking his chin to his chest and tentatively sniffing himself. He wrinkled his nose.

"After every shower," he muttered, slumping.

"Enough said," Sam groaned, "I'm beginning to wonder how Reg can date a disgusting pig like you."

"Hey!" Twister shouted, "I used to have a pig, they're not disgusting! They're actually very clean animals!"

"I'm sorry I insulted the pigs," Sam muttered sarcastically.

"Well, you're not forgiven."

Sam rolled his eyes, before continuing, "I think you should start by bathing at least every other day," Twister opened his mouth to speak but was promptly cut off, "And no, 'bathing' in the ocean when surfing and swimming does not count. Nor does sun 'bathing'. In fact, after trips to the beach, you should probably shower."

"Man, too much water…" Twister pouted.

"Coming from you, that statement loses meaning," Sam pointed out, "Deodorant should be applied after every shower, yes, and every morning when you change from your nightwear to your clothes. You need to brush your teeth at least twice a day, then floss and mouthwash afterwards. Clean your face at least twice everyday, you can do that during the shower and…"

"Jeez, Sam, I thought you wanted me to be cleaner, not turn into the damned bald guy on those cleaning products…"

"Twister, these are things that every normal person does," Sam cried, "I'm surprised you're in such good health, considering the way you maintain your body!"

"How'm I supposed to remember to do all of this?"

"Write it down, if you have to," Sam shook his head, "It should become habit, a ritual if you must."

"Anything else?"

"Yes. Your laundry. Do you do your own laundry?" Sam asked.

"No. I'm supposed to, but after a while, my mom gets tired of me wearing the same dirty things over and over again, so she does it for me," Twister smirked, "I got that one all figured out. Sweet, huh?"

"Yeah, yeah, sure," Sam mumbled, "From now on, Twister. You have to start doing your laundry at the end of the week…or every other week if you can."

"What? Squid…I don't know if…"

"I can teach you," Sam interrupted, "Now…what else…? How often do you shave?"

"Huh? I don't know…"

"Twister, you have strong Hispanic roots. Unless you're going to grow a mustache - which, with your bone structure, I wouldn't suggest - you need to start shaving more often to avoid that five o'clock shadow," Sam told him, "And do you wear cologne, and aftershave?"

"Dude, Sam," Twister cried, "My mom doesn't even know all this stuff about me!"

"If I'm going to change your life, Twister, I need to know almost as much about you as you know. And yes, that means more than your mom knows," Sam sighed.

"Oh," Twister murmured, "Then I guess I should tell you about that rash…"

"Okay, too much information!" Sam yelped, eyes wide, "I don't need to know that much!"

"But you just said…"

"I know what I just said, I take it back," Sam whimpered, then rubbing his forehead with the tips of his fingers, moaning softly, "But I'll never erase the image…"

"I don't know what you're thinking…" Twister muttered, "I was just saying…"

"I guess that leads us to something else we need to talk about. It falls under the attitude category, but it's something you should start working on right now," Sam pressed on.

"What's that?"

"You're…uh…well…bluntness," Sam explained, "Or, more specifically, the…uh…less than intelligent things you tend to say."

"Squid, I can't stop the stupid things that come out of my mouth! Believe me…"

"Just…I want you to repeat this phrase," Sam told him, "Think before you speak."

"Think before you speak."

"Now, I want you to say that in your head over and over again," Sam commanded.

"But why does telling you to think before speaking help me?" Twister questioned, confused. Sam sighed, lowering his head and shaking it wearily. There was that headache again.

"No, Twister, I want you to think before you speak."

"Then why didn't you just say that?"

"Because I want you to keep that phrase in mind, to remember it."

"What phrase?"

Sam slapped his forehead, taking a deep, composing breath. It was going to be a long afternoon, and the lesson didn't look like it was ending any time soon.

"Twister," Sam started again, his voice shaky with underlying frustration, "I want you to tell yourself, before opening your mouth, to think before speaking. And then, to follow those instructions. Before you speak, think."

"So, just keep thinking, 'think before I speak'?"

"Yes," Sam hissed with exasperation, clapping his hands together, "Egad, I think he's got it!"

"Who's egad?"

"I spoke too soon."

Sam flipped through the notebook once more, glancing over the pages, and sighing every now and then. He looked up. Someone was saying something. Words were being spoken, but Sam couldn't figure out the source, or even what was being said. He looked around the library, before his eyes fell on Twister. The redhead was looking at the table, spinning a quarter in boredom. His lips were moving.

"Think before I speak…think before I speak…" he was whispering to himself in chant form. Sam closed his eyes, taking a painfully deep breath, before snapping his eyes back open and all but narrowing them to threatening slits in the direction of the oblivious Twister.

"Twist," Sam seethed, and said boy looked up with a slight smile and complete ignorance to his wrongdoings, "You're saying it out loud."

"Saying what out loud?"

"The phrase," Sam pressed, "You're supposed to say it in your head, to yourself, so no one else can hear!"

"Oh," Twister mumbled, "You didn't tell me that part." Sam rubbed the back of his neck, errantly licking his lips, and flipping the pages more loudly.

"I'm going to write out a schedule for you…a hygiene schedule. You'll take it home today, and I'll make a new one at home on my computer tonight to give to you tomorrow," Sam said, "You'll need to follow it exactly." Sam tore a blank piece of paper from the notebook, quickly scribbling some things down, "This is all very important to making a more mature you. And that's what you'd like, right, to be more mature?"

"I don't know…I'm starting to think, with all this shit I have to do…is it really worth it?"

"Is Reggie worth it?" Sam inquired, looking up intently at Twister, who lowered his eyes and nodded.

"Yeah, definitely."

Sam handed the paper over and Twister folded it, shoving it in his jeans' pocket. Sam closed his notebook, putting it casually into his backpack and then looking to Twister expectantly.

"Let's recap today's lesson. What did we learn?" Sam announced.

"That I'm stupid and smelly," Twister moaned, "And you're mean to pigs."

"Ah…nothing we didn't already know, then?" Sam joked and Twister scowled. They looked up when the library door opened, and a recognizable figure slipped in. Twister turned shamefaced, slipping down in his chair, and laying his chin on the table. Sam smiled.

"Hi, Reg," he greeted.

"Hey, Sammy," Reggie replied, then in a soft, sheepish whisper, "Hi, Twist." Twister simply nodded acknowledgement, not even looking up. She fidgeted slightly, shifting her weight, and a contortion of different, unreadable, emotions swept her features, "I've been looking everywhere for you guys…I wanted to talk, Twist," Still nothing, "I really wanted to apologize, for what I said yesterday. I was completely wrong, and completely out of line…" Sam glanced nervously to Twister, who was biting his lower lip, yet, remaining stoically silent. Reggie lowered her eyes, her voice growing unsteady, "Um…the fact is…Ricky had nothing to do with my liking the idea I was voted cutest couple. I just…I never get voted for those types of things, and I thought…well…it really meant something to me. That, you know, people did see me as something more than an athlete and tomboy and…you know, it was flattering what with the ragging I usually get for playing so many sports and hanging with all the guys and never wearing dresses and skirts. But you're right. If I'm not voted cutest couple with you, then I shouldn't want the title. And, having thought about it, I really don't. It is a stupid yearbook thing, but the thought behind it does matter. If everyone thinks me and Ricky are a couple, and I don't set them straight, I'm lying to them, and hurting you. So…I already went down there and told them that I didn't want it because me and Ricky aren't a couple." She shifted, staring expectantly down at her feet. Sam looked to Twister, who was gazing deeply at the book shelves, his brow furrowed. He said nothing. There was silence. Reggie took a deep breath, sniffing, wiping a stray tear from her cheek, "I guess you're still mad at me…" she mumbled, "Okay. I understand…I'll see you guys later." She turned, unsteady, leaving the library.

Sam let his breath out in a great whoosh, wheeling on Twister.

"What is your deal? Why didn't you say anything? She's right there pouring her heart out, and you completely snub her!" Sam cried, "Twister! What's with you? You were being a total jerk!"

"What?" Twister demanded, "I was only doing what you said."

"What?" Sam stated, taken aback.

"Well…" Twister began, fiddling with his fingers, "I was telling myself - so that only I could hear- to 'think before I speak'…but I didn't know what I was supposed to be thinking about…so…" Sam growled softly.

"Crap!" he roared, and the librarian glanced in their direction meaningfully, "Twister, for five minutes, forget what I said, and go get her!"

"But how'm I supposed to be mature if I forget what you said…"

"If you lose Reggie," Sam pointed out, "You really have no reason to be mature!"

Twister didn't need anymore prodding, bolting out the library doors and down the hallway after Reggie. He grabbed her elbow, slightly winded from the sudden sprint, but coming to a halt. She turned, her eyes red-rimmed, confused. She looked like she'd been crying, or ready to cry. He didn't care which, either one was enough to break his heart. He slipped his hand into the small of her back, gently drawing her forward into a light kiss. She sank into it with ease, her arms coming to wrap around his neck. When she pulled away, they touched foreheads, looking bashfully down into one another's eyes.

"Sorry," Reggie mumbled.

"Yeah," Twister replied, "I got that. I'm sorry, too, that I didn't say anything back there…you know how I am…it took awhile…to…you know…register."

"Yeah. We cool?"

"You really went down there and told those yearbook people you didn't want the title."


"Totally cool," Twister grinned, brushing his lips against hers once more before straightening and taking her hand in his own, "And you told them that Ricky's not your boyfriend, right?"


"And that I am."

"Um…" Reggie offered a candid smile, "I didn't know I was supposed to tell them that part." Twister frowned, pouting and she rolled her eyes, giggling softly, and pressing another kiss to his lips, "So what are you and Sam up to?" she asked lightly. Twister's eyes went wide, and he quickly scoured his mind for an excuse.

"Nothing," he blurted out. Brilliant, he silently berated himself. Reggie raised a suspicious brow.

"Oh," she commented casually, "This isn't the kind of nothing that gets you into trouble, is it?"

"No. Nope. No, ma'am. Actually, this is the kind of nothing that…" Twister trailed off, chewing the inside of his cheek thoughtfully, "You see…nothing is done…and nothing is…well…it's nothing…so nothing….means, no trouble. See?" Reggie nodded, obviously at a loss for words. Twister sighed, relieved, "I got to go back…you know…to do nothing. I'll see you later?"

"Yeah," Reggie managed, still confused.

"If you're sticking around, I can walk you home," Twister offered.

"Yeah, I've got to finish a few things for journalism. I'll meet you out front of the school?"

"Yup," Twister placed a kiss on her cheek before leaving back towards the library. Reggie blinked a few times, before smiling, and turning to head back down the hallway, rubbing her face with her hands wearily. At least things were back to good, she told herself.

Twister slumped back at the table in the library. Sam looked silently, questioningly at him. For a time, neither said anything, simply exchanging blank stares.

"So?" Sam finally prodded.

"So…what?" Twister returned.

"So, what happened?" Sam cried, receiving another annoyed glance from the librarian, "Are you and Reg a happy-go-lucky couple once more?"

"Uh…I guess. We made up, if that's what you mean," Twister smirked, lost in thought, "Yeah…made up," he mumbled goofily.

"Then I guess there's no more need to go through with this silly making-a-more-mature-you plan, huh?" Sam asked hopefully. Twister snapped back to reality, wide-eyed.

"Hell no," he answered, "I need you to keep helping me, Sam! I can't risk losing Reg!"

"But didn't you hear everything she said…?" Sam pressed.

"Yes. Well…most of it…I was partially thinking before I was speaking, so I wasn't really paying too much attention…why, was it good?"



"Love really is blind, and deaf too it seems," Sam stated, astounded, "So…uh…I guess just follow that schedule and we'll meet at the Shack tomorrow?"

"Yes, sir, Squidmeister, sir," Twister grinned. Sam frowned.

"Go back to thinking before you speak."


Ricky frowned, watching as the team ran through passing drills. He took a swill of water from his drinking bottle, and poured the rest over his head. Practice had run for a good time, and he was a little worn down. He nodded to a teammate, that came to sit down next to him. Malcolm, or something along those lines.

"Hey, congrats on the score with Reggie Rocket, by the way," Malcolm said, smug, "She's a total babe. How are things going with her, anyways? Physically, I mean…and feel free to not spare any details…" A few of the other boys perked at that, skating over. Ricky smirked. He liked the attention.

"Well," Ricky started, "I probably shouldn't say anything…"

"More like you couldn't," Lars commented, removing his helmet to take a drink of his own water. Ricky scowled, as the others turned their attention to the easily more well-respected boy. Ricky had learned quickly, and at great pains to his dignity, that Lars commanded the group of hockey players. When he spoke, everyone fell silent and gave him their full attention, "Seeing as how you're not dating her."

"But we were dating," Ricky retorted, "And far be it for me to…"

"If you guys wanted any details on the Rocket girl, you'd have to ask Twister," Lars interjected, "The dweeb is her boyfriend."

"That dork is dating Reggie?" one of the boys whistled, "I guess the kid deserves semi-props, I've seen him on a skateboard."

"Yeah, that guy can grab serious air," another boy commented.

"He's still a dork," Lars muttered, indignantly.

"And what's more, a dork with a babe. Which is far worse, am I right?" Ricky put in, easily catching on to the change of game Lars had introduced. The other guys grunted their agreement. Lars simply took note of Ricky's ability to turn the tables on the conversation. He was a dangerous boy, that much was for certain. Wickedly cunning, and Lars hated that kind of opposition. Hurting Ricky was going to be particularly difficult, as with each passing day the aptly dubbed 'Golden Boy' was gaining a more reputable position. He was making more friends, expanding his crowd, winning everyone over with his slick personality, painstakingly well detailed charisma, and unfortunately good looks.

Lars took another drink of his water, seeing in the distance, Reggie and Twister walking together hand-in-hand. He saw, from the corner of his eye, Ricky unhappily notice them as well, and Lars could see the gears turning in that conniving mind. Golden boy needed to be taken down, Lars realized, soon.

END A/N: Short chap, I know...and I bet you're all wondering, "did Lars show her the tape, did Lars show her the tape?" Um...hahahaha...my secret. You don't get to know until later what that conversation she had with Lars was about. I know the fight between Twister and Reg didn't last long, but I needed something to push Twist over the edge to want to change himself. Uh huh...so what's in store for the Rocket gang. I bet you're all on the edge of your seats...heheh...


Oh, guess what I discovered? My radio in my car, actually picks up music. I have a really old car, and the radio doesn't always work. Now, I've recently discovered I pick up AM stations, and more specifically, Spanish stations (which are the only stations on AM that play music as far as I've found). So guess what I've been listening to in my car. I'm actually starting to know the songs, too, where a song comes on and I'm all like, "YAY! I like this song!" And then I sing along...and their really traditional kind of Spanish music, too, not like pop Spanish music. If there's one kind of rap I like, it's Spanish rap. It just sounds better. I've heard Korean rap, and Japanese rap, and English rap (of course), oh, and British rap. Spanish rap just sounds so much better. I don't know why. Like on the Crazy/Beautiful soundtrack. Someone should write a Crazy/Beautiful Rocket Power parady between Reg and Twist...or anyone else, I guess. That would be awesome. I'd read it. I love that movie. I love the songs, also. But...uh...back to Spanish music in my car. It's gotten bad, to the point where I'm kind of addicted. I need to listen to it when I'm driving, and I want to listen to it outside of the car. At work, they turned the radio on and it was set on a Spanish station (because the openers are all Spanish speakers, for the most part, the manager at least) but anyways, they went to change the station, and I'm like "NO! I want to listen to that!" And the guy changing it's like, "but I don't know what they're saying"...that's the thing about Spanish music though, and most music in general, you don't really need to know what they're saying. You can just feel it in the singers voice. Oh, I get the gist of what they're singing about, I can pick out a few words and understand, but if I didn't, I still could pick up on it. There's one song, that I really like, goes "Corazon..." okay, shit, I don't know. It's pretty though. I turn the radio up when it comes on and try and sing along, I love it.

I bought a Nirvana CD too, a while back. I'm addicted to it. I listen to it over and over, along with my Offspring CD, my Daughter Darling CD, and then, of course, sometimes I just have to pop a Greenday CD in. I have Dookie, Nimrod, International Superhits, Lookout No. 300 CD (don't know if that's what it's called, its just a compilation of all their early work before they were big and famous), and American Idiot, of course, that CD is worshippable, without a doubt. I also pop in Sublime every now and then. Just an idea of what I've been listening to lately. My dad's been buying CDs lately, like mad. He's got this whole CD project in his mind. Music is addictive, ain't it?

I should wrap this up. Um...this is what happens when I don't update in awhile. My A/N get ridiculously long! Anyhow, there's plently of material here, so REVIEW!

Please excuse any grammatical and typing errors, and...


all in all is all we are...all in all is all we are...(Nirvana again!)