Chapter 1: Meeting the New Vampire

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It had been a mere 4 months since the Incognito incident. Hellsing was in the process of being rebuilt, even though it would take a while for it to gain back its reputation after what happened at the Bloody Tower.

Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing was sitting at her desk in the main office having just been released a few weeks ago. After a very long trial she was found innocent of the crimes she was arraigned for, although the ones who had used the organization as a scapegoat still remained in the shadows.

Once in that dungeon Alucard had offered her his blood, but as a Hellsing she refused it. It would not have been an honorable action to undergo and might have brought shame toward the Hellsing bloodline.

As she began to look into the reports on the latest missions a dark aura began to slip into the office. Thinking it was Alucard she began to speak.

"Alucard, might I ask what you want at the moment." Said the somewhat annoyed Hellsing

" I am sorry Lady Hellsing, but I am not my father if he is the one you wish to speak with at the moment. I would leave you to your work, but I have important matters to discuss with you." Said a deep rich voice that did not belong to the No Life King.

When Integral looked up she saw a Nosferatu (SP?) standing near the center of the room. He was as tall as Alucard and built like him as well. He had what looked like leather boot with a pair of black pants that went over them. He was also wearing a black vest but unlike Alucard it did not have the bow-like thing and a white collard shirt underneath it.

He was also wearing a red trench coat, but it did not have the old-fashioned look to it. It looked to have a set of buckles that did not seem to be connected and a triangular patch of large metallic half spheres next to the right arm, on the chest of the coat. Starting on the front of the collarbone, ending at a halfway on the forearm.

He also had a pair of white fingerless gloves, with what looked like metal spheres sticking out of the knuckles, and that symbol of Alucards painted in black on the back of the glove. Finally he had the same red had and glasses as Alucard, his hair was the same but it was longer and pulled into a ponytail.

His face did not look to have any types of wrinkles or lines on it. He looked very youthful, in truth he looked like a younger Alucard.

" Who are you and what do you want with me?" asked a somewhat nervous Integral

The figure bowed and then began to introduce itself.

"Lady Hellsing, My name is Sieghardt. And my business with you pertains to a relic know as the La Magra Dagger. It is, as the name states, the Blood God Dagger. It has the power to awaken that demon, and unleash something called the Army of No Lives." Said Sieghardt

" What is the Army of No Lives?" asked the slightly confused platinum blonde woman, she still did not fully trust this new vampire.

" What the name states. It is a relic that allows the blood god to release an army of vampires that have been trapped in the depths of Hell since the dawn of time. Lethal and unlike anything you have ever seen before." Said Sieghardt

" Alright, but why does this involve me as well as my agency, and what did you mean by 'I am not my father'?" asked Intergral

" Happy to explain." Said the Vampire as a huge smile, one that could have rivaled the No-Life King himself began to appear on his face.

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