Chapter 22: It Ends

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Sieghardt and Kagan stared each other down from across the lower floors of the building, lower even than the coliseum level at which they had first entered. Kagan had gone back down into his more humanic form after getting the crud kicked out of him by Sieghardt. He wasn't going to give up though. Not until Sieghardt lied dead at his feet.

Sieghardt, on the other hand, was still ready to fight on and on. His energy was limitless because it was his own. His energy didn't come from some old relic that eventually wore off. He was more than ready to finish this now.

Kagan called forward his sword once again and put almost all of his remaining energy into it. Sieghardt did the same with his, causing the symbols to glow in a brilliant red.

They both charged forward with everything they had. Kagan and Siehgardt were both coming at each other with incredible speed. Their swords drug on while they ran until they were close to each other. They brought up their swords and made their final attack. They both slashed at each other at opposite ways. Each using a great amount of energy in order to finally beat the other. Once their attack was done they ended up on opposite sides of the field, and waited.

Sieghardt faltered for a moment but didn't fall, but Kagan wasn't so lucky. At first his sword began to show a cut through it, then a red circle began to form around his head.

" No, it can't be, I have the dagger…" were Kagan's last words as his head detached from his body. The top of his sword fell with it.

Sieghardt stood up once again and turned to face where Kagan's body fell. What he saw was what he expected. The dagger itself began to come up from Kagan's body. It began to spin for a moment, simply hovering in the air. Once it finally stopped Sieghardt took out the Jackal and leveled it with the Dagger.

" Jackpot."

With that he fired his gun and watched as the dagger broke into pieces in front of him. The side effect of this was that the entire field was then engulfed in a giant explosion.

With the others

Integral, Alexander, Alucard, and Seras all watched as Kagan fell from the heavens with Sieghardt at his throat. They watched and waited as they fell through the building, and they watched as a giant explosion rocked the world. And they listened as all went silent and then came back to life once again.

Integral couldn't believe that something like that had happened. She feared the worst from the explosion.

Integral began to ghost-walk forward for a moment and then fell to her knees. She fell forward and caught herself with her hands. Tears began to drop onto her glasses. At this moment she couldn't speak, she knew that this was it, no matter how powerful Sieghardt was, if his body was destroyed in this then he wasn't coming back.

Seras was on the verge of tears as well. She was about to begin to cry when Alucard sent her a mental caress.

" There is no need to fear, Seras, our son is still alive."

" In all my years I never thought I would see Lady Integral Wingates Hellsing crying. It doesn't really seem to suit you."

All of them looked up to find where to voice had come from. And there, walking out from the rubble and smoke: was Sieghardt. He was back in his original uniform, his swords sheathed on his back, and his guns holstered once again. His glasses began to gleam in the rising sun of the morning.

Integral couldn't seem to move fast enough as she ran full throttle at Sieghardt and embraced him. She came close to knocking him over in the process. She buried her face into his shoulder and let out the last of her tears.

" I thought I had lost you." Said Integral

" You couldn't lose me no matter how hard you try." Replied Sieghardt

He returned her embrace, entangling his fingers into her platinum blonde hair.

" It's all right now. It's all over."

Seras and Alucard waited before they walked over before Seras ran up to him and gave him a bone-crushing hug.

" That was an amazing display of power. I never thought anyone but I could do something like that." Stated Alucard.

" Yeah, well it just goes to show that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Replied Sieghardt.

" One question though: What happened to the crystal that was on the inside of the Dagger?" asked Seras

" In the exact place where I put it the first time." Said Siehgardt as he pointed toward the cross on Integral's neck. " That cross is made of gold and mixed with another metal that keeps tracking it an impossibility. And you can't find all of the other pieces without the crystal."

" Now, if you don't mind, I would really love the idea of going home." Said Sieghardt

Hellsing Manor (Sunset)

Integral sat at her desk, finishing up the last of the paperwork, when a letter caught her eye. It had the symbol of the Queen on it. As Integral opened it and read, she couldn't be more in shock.

It Read:
Dear Integral Wingates Hellsing

It has come to the decision of the Knights of the Round (those who were not responsible for the Incognito Incident) have come to a conclusion. Hellsing needs you to produce an heir for the Hellsing family. We cannot have another incident such as the one with Bubancey. You may not have any sort of artificial insemination, but you do not have to marry to this man. We have included a list of suitable males, and of course, you may pick someone not from the list. You do not have to marry this man.

Within the next two weeks we will be holding a Round Table meeting to inspect the man you have chosen, if you have not chosen by then there will be a ball held in which you are to pick a man to court you. If you are still not able to pick then we will pick one for you.

I apologize for this on such short notice, and I apologize for the regulations put onto this, but it is for the good of Hellsing, as well as England.

Again I am sorry to have to push this on you.

Best Wishes,

Queen Elizabeth (A\N: No idea of the real name so I'm just putting one here.)

Integral could only stare blankly as the letter fell from her hand. She couldn't believe this. Here she had served her Queen and Country and now they were forcing this upon her. It saddened and yet infuriated her to no end. She reached for the drawer for her miniature cigars, only to have her hand stopped by another's.

" You know, that habit is going to kill you one of these days." Said Sieghardt.

" Right now I don't really care about that." Said Integral icily.

" And why is that, because the Queen has force the Heir thing on you?" asked Sieghardt.

" Who gave you the right to read my mail?" replied Integral.

" It fell after you read it, besides, I don't really think that is much of a big deal." Began Siegahrdt, " Didn't I say we had unfinished business before I told you to go from Kagan's tower."

With great speed he picked her up bridal style and phased through the walls until he reached her room. Before she could protest his lips covered hers. Though she was still mad at what he did to her, she still returned the kiss full force. She snaked an arm around his neck to pull him closer as he entered her damp cavity. She tasted sweeter than he could ever imagine. This kiss sent cold fire shooting through his spine. He knew where this was going to end up, but he hoped that she didn't have any objections to it.

After the smoldering kiss Integral looked up at him with here ice-blue eyes before saying, " What do you believe you are doing?"

" Simple; I am helping you complete the Queen's request, if that's alright with you."

Integral could only stare at him. How could she have been so stupid to forget that she had a man whom she loved and was loved by? She knew he was the right one for this, and she was ready to accept him.

He set her down on her feet before looking her in the eye.

" Integral, there is one thing I want to ask you. Do you still wish to remain human?"

She couldn't believe he would ask her this. She hoped, for his sake, that he had a good reason for asking this.

" Yes, I will still remain human. But what, might I ask, does it matter to you?" asked Integral

" It will simply change something about the way we need to do this, if were going to be linked forever." Began Sieghardt, " it is the same sort of bond that my father and mother have, just with the different species."

" What will I have to do?"

" I am going to cut my wrist, and I will need you to drink some of my blood. I will end up doing the same to you, and the link will be almost complete." Said Sieghardt.

" Alright. I'm ready." Said Integral

Sieghardt picked up Integral once again and carried her over to the bed. Once there he sat her in his lap while his back was against the headboard. He took off his coat and threw it to the floor, and then he pulled back his sleeve and used his fingernail to cut a slit in his wrist. While he held Integral's back she came forward and put her mouth on the cut before she began to drink down his blood. She didn't truly like the coppery substance, but it did have a certain quality taste to it that made if somewhat interesting.

Sieghardt pulled away soon after and the cut healed. He could hear a sort of whining from Integral. She had drunk enough to have the link, but not enough to become a ghoul or Nosferatu. Siegahrdt then leaned down and began to nuzzle her neck with his nose.

" Are you ready?" he asked, he only got a nod.

He sunk his fangs down into her neck and began to drink at a snail's pace. He had to show the greatest restraint he had ever shown; her blood was just too sweet for him. He pulled away, showing all of the control he had, and then rested his head on the backboard.

" So, how is this different?" asked Integral.

" When it is with two vampires they drink almost all of each other's blood to complete the link but when one of the mates is human, then they have to do it differently. Our lives our now linked together, you will not age since I will not, and you will not die if I am still alive. Our scents and aura's are even mixed. Were are, almost, one." Replied Sieghardt.

" And how do we become One fully?" asked Integral.

" I am so glad you asked."

Sieghardt disengaged his body for the best night of his life. Both Integral Hellsing and Sieghardt came together last night in the most intimate of bonds. Breaking down barriers that had been set up by many over the years, and neither of them regretted it.


Sieghardt awoke about 3 hours after they had fallen asleep from their unbelievable lovemaking. He had never thought that a human could have so much stamina, but hell, this was Integral Hellsing, a woman who was always full of surprises. He managed not to awake her as he shifted his position to cuddle more with her. He allowed his mind to begin to wonder for a few moments and he found himself thinking of the future.

He knew they would have to deal with the Queen and the Round Table in about two weeks, but they would be ready for them. Hell, they would be ready for any challenge or obstacle that came their way. And he knew that he could also finally rest, he had finally finished his mission. He had killed Kagan, gained his revenge, and stopped the Army of No Lives.

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