A/N: I really don't know what this is about, I just felt like writing something Star Wars, so this is a little spontaneous thing of mine that is just here 'cause I don't feel like updating my other fics. I think I'm just going to make a ficlet, with one chapter that is basically just a splurge of insanity. Okay?

What Jedi Masters Do In Their Free Time

Master Yoda was not on Coruscant, not in the company of the Jedi Council, and not acting like himself. He stood in his kitchen, fumbling with the apron he was trying to tie on. It was too long, of course, so when he tried to take a step, he tripped over it and fell most un-Jedi-Master-like on the floor. Picking himself up, he took off the apron, muttering. "Gone to the Dark Side, this apron has." He threw it as far as he possibly could with his short little arms and went about his business. Taking flour, sugar, and other ingredients down from the cupboards, he chose a large, yellow-colored bowl and set it on his little table.

Master Yoda was making chocolate chip cookies. Trying hard to follow the recipe, he failed miserably and put double the amount of flour in. By the same token, he didn't put enough water in, so while he was trying to mix it, the water had barely soaked the flour. He then added sugar, six eggs and some baking oil. He wasn't following the recipe at all, but he was sure he was. "The Force guides us, surrounds us, helps us with our baking, it does." He said to no one in particular. He finally added a bag that was half empty, of chocolate chips to the cookie dough. After stirring this in, he looked at the bowl. Inside it was a lump of very dry flower, six eggs crushed, with bits of shell everywhere, a glob of oil off to the side, and a few brave chocolate chips poking their heads out.

"Good, this looks." He said with a little laugh. Preheating his oven, he began rolling the mixture into little balls. Filling one tray of them, he began on another, and continued doing this until the oven beeped, telling him it was ready for the 'cookies.' He went to wash off his hands because there was cookie dough all over them. But, instead of reaching for the soap, he reached for the vegetable oil bottle, and washed his hands with that. Before putting the trays in the oven, he sniffed his hands and stated, "Strange, this new soap smells." But shrugged it off and put the cookies in the oven, setting the little timer for 10 minutes. There was still some dough left, so he rolled one huge ball and put it on a cookie sheet, declaring, "The biggest cookie in the galaxy, I will make."

Soon the timer beeped, signaling the cookies were done. Putting on oven gloves with little hearts on them, he opened the oven and took out the trays, setting them out to cool. Most of them looked disgusting, dry and flat, the oil that had never been mixed in sitting in a pile on top. Little bits of eggshell stuck out here and there, and you could barely see the chocolate chips. But Yoda didn't notice. Taking the 'biggest cookie in the galaxy', Yoda struggled to get it in the oven, since the cookie seemed bigger than the oven mouth was. But he managed to get it in and set the timer for 20 minutes.

He waited a few minutes, then went and got a spatula and began putting the cookies, which actually smelled kind of good, on a plate. Again, the timer went off, and Yoda, unsuspecting and innocent, went and opened the oven door. An explosion sent him flying backwards with cookie dough coating his head and upper body. The cookie had been too big for the oven, which was very, very small. The small Jedi Master sighed and said, "Not for me, baking is. Learn, perhaps, to knit, will I."

A/N: I hope you liked it. This was just an idea I had and I was bored, so, yeah.