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Chapter 15 (Last One)

Rob's POV-

I have never been this scared shitless in my life. Just looking at the blood coming out of Jess's body scared me more than anything else that had ever happened to me. That included getting arrested too. Normally, I would be freaked out by the sight of blood, it could be just because it's Jess's blood, but I'm not freaked out. I'm scared.

The police and paramedics finally rush into the gym. Well, they took their damn time getting here didn't they? What I didn't expect was to see those two FBI agents that Jess has problems with occasionally. I had already been pushed away from Jess by the time they walked over to me.

"Mr. Wilkins, you need to come with us," Special Agent Johnson said. I would have listened to him, but the love of my life was being taken away in a stretcher and I wasn't about to let her out of my sight.

"Later." I jogged to the ambulance that had Jess's unconscious form lying in and jumped in.

"Young man, you can't be in there." Like hell I was leaving Jess alone.

They finally gave in when they figured out that I wasn't leaving Jess and the only way to get her to the hospital to treat her was to take me too.

When the ambulance arrived at the hospital, they rushed Jess right into the E.R. I don't know how long I stood outside those doors just watching the place I had last seen her. God, I love her. I knew it before, but I could never bring myself to tell her. I love her smile, the way she moves, the way her eyes light up when I see her. I love everything about her.

Eventually, a nurse physically put me in one of the seats in the waiting room. She asked if I knew any of Jess's insurance information and I vaguely remember giving her as much of the information that she needed. They wanted to get me checked out, but I told them I was fine and after some persuasive convincing they seemed to accept that.

After what felt like an eternity replaying the horrific scenes in my head, I got up and called Jess's parents.

"Hello?" A sleepy voice said on the line. I didn't have a clock on me, but from the darkness outside, I could guess it was pretty late.

"Mr. Mastriani? This is Rob…"

He sounded more awake when I said my name, "Rob? What's the matter? Where's Jess?"

"I think you should come down to the hospital. I'll explain everything down here." He was in the middle of saying something when I hung up on him. It's not that I didn't want to talk to him, it's just I didn't want to tell him what had happened to his daughter over the phone.

I then made one more phone call to my mother to tell her that I was fine, but I probably wouldn't be back for a while. She said that she was coming straight over to the hospital now. She had been worried about Jess and me since Jess left to get me.

Jess's whole family showed up a little later. I wouldn't be able to give a specific time. I was still suffering from the effects of shock.

"Oh my God, Rob! What happened? Whose blood is that? Where's Jess?"

They asked too many questions for my brain to keep up with. I tried to organize my thoughts into an explanation I could offer them, but none of them seemed to be satisfactory.

Suddenly, Doug was kneeling before my face and said, "Rob, what happened to my sister?"

I turned away from his intense stare and looked at the worried and panicked expressions on the other members of the love of my life's faces. I saw my mom and the two agents come up behind them.

One of the agents stepped a little closer to me and said, "Mr. Wilkins, we really need your version of what happened in that gym."

I sighed and leaned my head back against the wall, "Jess and I were at the house trying to keep her safe when Earl called asking me to come into the shop because he needed some extra help. Jess went to go get something to eat…" I broke off. This wasn't as easy as it looked. Actually, it was pretty damn hard to get the words out of my mouth.


"Some guy came and grabbed me. Well, chloroformed me really. He took me to the high school gym and tied me up on one of the basketball poles. Jess…had a dream and physically untied the roped that were binding me. She came a little while later on my bike."

I looked at the expectant sea of faces gathering around me. "Coach Albright came with a gun. They talked for a while and he was going to shoot me."

I didn't know if I could go on. My mom seeing how distressed I was came over and put her arms around me. I leaned my head on her shoulder and welcomed the warmth and comfort she offered. "What happened after that Rob?"

"She stepped in front of me. He shot the gun and she stepped in front." I couldn't look at any of Jess's family. I just couldn't. It hurt a lot.

"I tried to stop the bleeding, but none of it seemed to help. Then we heard another shot…I don't know what happened with it. I was too worried about Jess." I specifically left out the part where I told Jess that I loved her, they did not need to know that.

Special Agent Smith said, "That second shot was Albright. He shot himself. His body is being sent over to the coroner's office right now."

I nodded and looked down at my blood-soaked clothes. I didn't even want to think about how much of Jess's blood was lost from that bullet.

We all waited in silence for another long length of time. Occasionally someone would say something, but it was virtually pointless.

A doctor stepped out of the doors leading to the emergency room covered in blood. And I'll give you three guesses as to whose blood it was.

"Hello, Joe, Toni. Unfortunate meeting we have today. Well, I have some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first?"

"Oh, God Dr. Thompkins. Give us he good news first." Jess's mom had tear streaks on her cheeks and puffy eyes from the crying she had exhibited.

"Well, the good news is that we got the bullet out of her body. The bad news is that the bullet reached her spinal cord and Jess is now in a coma…"

There was an anguished sob from Mrs. Mastriani and Jess's brothers started to tear up. I stood there again going into shock.

"I can estimate on when she might wake up, but all coma patients are different. She could be in a coma for a week, or for the rest of her life. I'm sorry, I did all that I could."

He walked back through the doors and left us all standing there hopeless and alone.

The End
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