SUMMARY: Kira Nerys' POV, how she found the strength to fight after her father was killed.

DISCLAIMER: Star Trek DS9 and everything else belongs to Paramount. The story however, is mine.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Finding Courage

By Tiger

She stood outside the temple and looked up to the sky. It was midnight, the sky was pitch black, the moon was covered by the storm clouds. Everyone was already inside under the storm cellar, in case the temple, would be destroyed by the fierceness of the storm. They begged her to go in with them, to go to a place where she would be safe, where she would be protected from the storm by the Prophets.

She shook away their offers of help, their confused stares. She sent them on their way, not particularly caring at the wind blew hard enough at her to make her fall to the side of the mountain. She didn't care if she was detected in the middle of the storm by the Cardassians. She was in the resistance cell and she knew that caution was prudent, but she also knew that the Cardassians wouldn't dare venture out in the fierce storm, no matter how hard they bragged about being able to adapt to anything. They were cowards all of them.

"COWARDS!" she screamed into the wind. "That's all you are! Cowards, bastards who murder defenseless people! Who take away mothers, wives…." Her voice trailed off as she fought back tears. "Cowards!" she screamed again, and then sank onto her knees. She felt the pebbles cut into her knees, but she pushed the physical pain away. She put her tear stained face in her hands and began to cry again.

"I didn't even get to say goodbye to him" she sobbed. "Papa, why did you have to come out? I told you to stay away! I told you I would get Mama back to you…" She felt someone put a warm blanket over her.

"Nerys, you have to go in, you'll catch a cold if you stay out in the rain much longer." Shakaar said as he knelt beside her.

Kira sniffled. "I don't want to go in. I don't want to feel safe."

"You're only thirteen, you don't know what you want, much less really how to take care of yourself." He retorted, but with a small smile. "But you know what will help with the pain?"


He paused to think for a moment, to think whether what he was about to suggest was ethical or not. Ethics my ass, Shakaar thought. This is war, there is not time for ethics. Besides, she needs a purpose, I can give it to her.

"Revenge. Kill the Cardies for what they did to you," he said. He felt a twinge a guilt. "Your father died so that you could live, so that you would have the courage to fight the people who took your mother away form him. Do you have the courage to finish what he wanted you do?"

For a moment she regarded him, her bright blue eyes piercing him to him. He held his breath, afraid that she had found out why he was saying what he was saying. She looked so old for a moment. Those eyes…they were her mother's eyes. Her mother, Kira Meru always knew what he was up to. They grew up together, they knew each other's minds better than anyone else. He also knew that she would have never wanted him to push her daughter in the direction of war and murder. But it was war.

"I can do it," she stated. Her eyes were an icy blue now. Determined, no feeling left in them. Shakaar felt his insides turn into ice. What had he done to her?