Hi everyone. We're back! I know we said in the Naruto Primer that we would not be submitting until December 1st but, combined with pressure from various fans to submit early and recent developments in the plot of the series of Naruto, we find ourselves backed into a corner. Therefore, even though it will make everyone so sad, we have decided to submit this early as you can so plainly see.

Like the Naruto Primer, a chapter will be submitted once a day. Every day. So come back and visit us once a day. Every day.

Even though the rate of updates will be identical to that of the Naruto Primer, we'll say outright and quite clear that this is NOT the Naruto Primer: Platinum Edition. This is an entire different series altogether and if you're reading this expecting to see a continuation of the Naruto Primer then you will be disappointed. However, we do believe it is a good relief and a fun story...if you're willing to make the commitment to the story.

As a final note, this series takes off IF Sasuke had decided not to leave the village on that fateful night. This is if everything ended up being relatively normal.

-As I See It-

One Year Later

Everyone is pretty sure that he or she is the center of the universe. They all see the same event in a different way. How is everyone growing up? What will their reactions to the new events in the village be?

Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura were all unable to progress to the final tournament in the Chuunin exam. Ino and Chouji also failed when it came to making it through the exams. Neji and Shino, on the other hand, were quite successful. All of their teammates can't help but be happy for their newly promoted pals but could there also be some secret jealousy?

The four teams of ninjas that we have come to know and love can't stay twelve forever. Eventually, everyone grows up.

Will Sasuke ever become a chuunin?

Will Chouji be able to focus on his training?

Will Lee be able to prove to everyone he can be a great ninja?

Will Hinata gain some courage?

Will Naruto get through to Sakura?

Will Ino become one of the only great female ninjas?

Will Neji ever get over his bitterness?

Will Kiba retain all his friendships?

Will Sakura ever be able to woo Sasuke?

Will Shikamaru get a break?

Will Tenten continue her training?

Will Shino go on to bigger and better things?

All these questions, and many more, will be answered. One year at a time.