Uzumaki Naruto; 7 Years Later

Age 19

Return Home-

Kiba, Chouji, Gai and I had just returned from our excursion in the mountain.

Our two year excursion in the mountain.

After checking in with the Hokage to inform him (apparently Shikamaru was the Hokage now) that we were back, he allowed to us to leave.

Speaking of Shikamaru's the Hokage…what?


What about me?

You can't just become the Hokage while we're gone like that! It's doesn't happen that way.

I wanted to be Hokage…

I had thought for a little while that being the Hokage didn't matter to me but that was certainly short lived.

I quickly realized that being the Hokage was the only thing I could do with my life and now that Shikamaru was the Hokage, he probably was never going to give it up!


Since I will definitely be the next Hokage…AFTER Shikamaru.

He had really surprised us when we had walked in… but especially Chouji. He looked like he was going to faint and have a heart attack.

But this might be a good thing. Now that Shikamaru's the Hokage, we'll probably automatically become chuunins just because we know him. Then again, it's not like we need the inside connections after two years of training in the mountains.

The three of us were going to dominate the Chuunin exam… but especially me!

I was going to become a chuunin!

"This chuunin exam will be no problem this time around!" Kiba announced randomly.

It might have not been random, but I had been on a trail of thought that he had interrupted so it certainly seemed random to me.

"Yeah, I know!" I agreed. "I am SO ready for it!"

"Do you think we'll be able to pass?" Chouji said.

I was GOING to tell him that he was a fool for even beginning to doubt us, but Kiba did the job just fine.

"Of course we will!" he said.

Chouji had gotten huge in more ways than one in just two years.

Kiba had also gotten a lot taller and, much to my dismay, a lot more attractive than even me.

As for me? I looked pretty much exactly the same as when I had left. Typical huh? That sort of stuff always happened to me.

It was only a matter of time before we would crash into…

"Sakura!" I exclaimed loudly.

There she was!

Right there!

She was so beautiful!

And, after two years of pining for her, I could only hope that she had not been taken by another guy!

Naw, she was definitely saving herself for me.

"Naruto?" she said.

Then she…was that a smile?

Yes, most definitely a smile!

"So you're finally back?" she said.

There were hundreds of things that I wanted to say to her!

I wanted to tell her about the training we had to endure!

I wanted to ask her how her training was going!

I wanted to tell her that all of the letters she had written to me while I was up in the mountains had somehow gotten lost and I hadn't gotten a single one so I hoped she has copies!

"Kiba?" Sakura said suddenly just when I was going to tell her how much I loved her. "Is that you?"

Uh oh.

"Who else would it be?" Kiba said.

That's when I noticed that Hinata was there too.

"I was so worried about you Kiba…" said Hinata timidly. She was so WEIRD!

Kiba, Kiba, Kiba!

Why was everything always about HIM?

Why were all the girls always paying attention to HIM?

What about ME!

Why did I always have to get stuck on the same team as someone who is so much better looking than me so that even though I am gorgeous and handsomely attractive, next to him I just look like a fool!

I tried to get Sakura's attention, but she seemed completely entranced by Kiba.

This made me SO angry!

I mean…Kiba KNEW that I loved Sakura! Besides, Kiba had been going on for almost a year about how much he missed Hinata and how he was going to ask her out on a date when we got back! So WHY he was trying to seduce Sakura was beyond even me!

He had no right to do so!

I noticed that Sakura and Hinata started talked privately.

I couldn't hear anything they said and, even though I wanted to know what they were talking about, I had to turn to Chouji and Kiba and tell them something important.

Well, actually, I had to tell KIBA something important.

I had to make sure he knew that Sakura was mine.

"So what do you think?" I said, thinking of a way I could say this so I wasn't saying straight out that Kiba wasn't allowed to ask her out. I mean, we were pretty good friends now. "Should I ask Sakura out on a date now or wait for her to ask me?"

"What if she doesn't ask you?" Chouji asked.

"Oh come on…" I said, not needing to hear that. "I've been gone for two years! She probably misses me so much!"

"I'm going to ask Hinata out." Said Kiba, getting the attention to himself.

AS IF we didn't know he was going to do that.

But if he had been planning on doing that then WHY was he making the moves on Sakura?

"Like we didn't know you were going to." I said.

Well, it was time for me to get the girl in the end just like every hero of ever story.

We all turned back around in unison.

I opened my mouth to ask Sakura out on a date.

"Kiba, what…" Hinata began.

"Kiba, are you doing anything later today?" Sakura interrupted.


"I might be." Kiba said.


"Well what would you say to a date?" she asked.


"…All right!" Kiba said.


I didn't know what to say!

I suppose I was in shock with my mouth hanging down to the ground because I could not believe what had just transpired.

Not only had I reminded him that Sakura was mine, but he had just reminded us that Hinata was his!

It didn't make any sense!

Why was he doing this to me!

Why was Sakura doing this to me!

"That wasn't so hard!" said Sakura to Hinata.

"Ha ha…" said Hinata. "Yeah…"

"Hinata, are you unhappy about it?" asked Kiba.

"No." Hinata said. "Have a good time. I have to go."

With that, Hinata ran away.

AH! Could Kiba be any STUPIDER!

It was so obvious that Hinata loved him! Any IDIOT could see that, even Kiba!

And, besides, I could have SWORN that he had just so recently convinced us that he was going to ask her out!

"Have a good time?" said Kiba.

"A good time?" Sakura said. "I'll make sure we have a GREAT time."

NO! I want to have a great time with Sakura!

"WE?" Kiba demanded of her. Then he turned to both his dogs that barked something incoherent to him. "You're not the only one!" he said.

I finally was able to speak.

"Kiba!" I yelled. "How could you!"

Kiba looked around frantically.

He put his dog down and ran in the general direction that Hinata had gone off in.

Everything processed in my head.

What if this had been one big misunderstanding?

What if, for some strange reason, Kiba had thought that Hinata was asking him out?

Kiba's stupid enough to think something like that.

"Ha!" I cheered. "He DOES still love her!"

"Naruto, I don't know if that's very nice to just ANNOUNCE that to everyone." Said Chouji.

"So what?" I said.

I had recently come to a wonderful realization and I was going to be vocal about it.

"Hey, didn't Kiba say he'd go on a date with me!" said Sakura.

"Who cares about Kiba?" I said, getting the courage to ask Sakura out finally. "Come on, Sakura! Come on a date with me! Or…" What if it was too early for a date? "…not a date! Just a welcome home dinner!"

Sure, I'd disguise it as a welcome home dinner but it would definitely be a date.

Sakura only stood there with her eyes popped out.

She wasn't moving.

She was just so excited that I had finally asked her out.

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