(Here's my question. It's quite simple really, why does Tidus have to go to spira? Why can't Yuna go to Zanerkand 1000 years ago? Here's my version.)

So… here I stand once again amidst the cheering fans, the ecstatic players and the blitz ball. Yet, I'm so unhappy. Why? Tidus knew exactly why, but he never liked to think about it. It was Yuna. That last night in Spira was such a blur to him, he could hardly remember it anymore. And since he never tried, he would soon probably forget.

He scored the last goal, and they had won the game. The fans went into an uproar and so did the players. A fight broke out somewhere, but he wasn't paying attention. He didn't even know if this place was real. It was supposed to be demolished by now, but somehow after the incident with sin, he was still here. Maybe I went too far back in time. But then nobody would know me, and I wouldn't know anyone else. It was almost as if I never left… but my memory won't let me believe that… at that slightest thought, an image of Yuna entered his mind. He quickly shook his head and headed towards the locker room. He was the first inside.

The second one inside was his old friend Travis. He saw Tidus looked down in the dumps, but it wasn't knew to him. To him Tidus just wasn't himself lately, and he would cheer up… eventually. He went over and sat down next to him.

"Hey, buddy! What's wrong?" he asked.

Tidus chuckled at the simple question. What's wrong? If only you knew… he thought. He gave a simple answer. "Girl problems," he said bluntly.

Travis laughed out loud. "That's all?! That's why you've been so down lately? Who's this girl? Got to be some real hot shot to turn you down!"
"She didn't turn me down."

"What? You're too afraid to ask her out? Who is she?"

"You wouldn't know her…"

"I know everyone!" Travis exclaimed, somewhat truthfully…

"You wouldn't know her. Just drop it," Tidus said getting annoyed.

"Come on…"

"I said drop it!" Tidus cried. He stood up and walked out of the room. Why do I get so angry? It's not his fault… but… I don't know anymore…

Tidus headed home towards his home. Some fans saw him, but quickly walked away from his temper. They all knew now- something was wrong with him. It was weird for them, one day he's fine, the next day he might turn on you. But most were especially afraid of his sword, sure the sword was intimidating, but he could use it and nobody wanted to mess with that.

He slammed the door of his home. Nobody was there, but he didn't expect anyone either. He's lived at home alone for a long time now. He was slowly departing from the world as he knew it, but he didn't really know it that well. For the final time that day he thought, Why me?

Tidus woke with a start. He had been having a nightmare. It started out with him, then Travis appeared and said, "so who's the girl?" Then Yuna's face appeared and she laughed. Travis's face got confused, because he didn't know who she was. Then this huge blue/green orb thing appeared and was about to suck Yuna in when… he woke up.

That was strange. I don't normally have nightmares… he thought. Why did I have one tonight? What was that orb thing anyway?

There was a knock on his door. He looked out his window to see that the sun was just barely starting to rise. Who could that be? He thought while getting up. He didn't normally get visitors. It's probably just Travis to see if I'm okay. He headed down the stairs cautiously, not really sure if it was Travis. He got to the door and opened it a crack to peek outside. And there, standing in his door way was someone he thought he would never see again…

It was Rikku. They both just stood there staring at each other. Tidus threw the door open to let her in, but she just stood there staring at him. Rikku…? Is…is it really her? But I thought… Tidus couldn't get his thoughts straight in his head. Finally, Rikku spoke.

"Is it… really you?" she asked in a soft voice.

"I think so, but you? You're here. How…" Tidus started before he was interrupted by a huge hug from Rikku.

"We missed you so much! I can't believe I made it! Shinra's invention worked!" she cried.

"Huh? Who's Shinra?" he asked pulling away. "What invention? What happened."

"Um… let's go inside," Rikku said pulling him in. They both sat on the couch and Tidus waited. "Well, you see. My brother built an airship with buddy, and we became sphere hunters. This girl Paine joined us, and a little later so did Yuna. Shinra is an al bhed whiz kid who is with us also and…"

"Wait a second!" Tidus cut off. "Yuna's with you?"

"Yeah! We've been trying to find you and finally Shinra made an invention that could take us back in time to Zanerkand!"

Tidus's jaw dropped. He sat there taking it all in. Yuna's alright? Rikku is here? In my house! I really did go back in time… But then what happened to sin…? Why isn't Yuna here? He thought.

"Where's yuna?" he asked.

"She's at the air ship. Uh… you see, this was a test run and I uh… was chosen as the guinea pig…" a sour look came over her face. "But it worked, now all I need to do is find out how to go back with shinra's little machina thingy…"

"Then let's go!" Tidus exclaimed.

Rikku looked at her toes in disappointment. "I wish I could take you… but I can't! For some reason the machina won't take people from the past. Shinra is trying to fix it, but all he says when we ask is 'I'm just a kid'."

"Well… Can't she come here? You did."

"That's it you see, that's why I came. To test it. Once I go back, Yunie can come. But there's one little glitch…" she did a little half laugh/giggle. "I have to wait 24 hours for the machina to power itself up…"

Tidus didn't care. He was already overjoyed by the news. "I'll have to show you around then!" Tidus exclaimed excitedly. Rikku smiled. It would interest her to see all the great machina. "I even have a blitzball game tonight.

"Great!" cried Rikku. They both got up and headed out the door. There stood Travis. He was coming over to see if Tidus was alright. He looked Rikku over.

"You were right," he said. "I didn't know this girl." He put out his hand and shook Rikku's. "The name's Travis. I'm his bud here…"

"I'm Rikku. Let's just say Tidus and I are 'old friends'…" Rikku said.

"So this the girl?" Travis asked Tidus.

"Wha… no! This is just a friend!"

Rikku turned to him. "Did you tell him about Yunie?"

"No, I…"

"He was in a bad mood last night. And the past week I might add… he said it was 'girl trouble'." Travis said.

Rikku laughed. "Well… I guess you could call it that."

"You'll meet Yuna soon enough Travis… this is our friend Rikku though… She come's from the same place as Yuna. She's an Al bh…"

"We're from another island far away from here," Rikku cut in, giving Tidus a hard glance.

Oh right… the war with the al bhed. I don't want to cause any trouble, Tidus thought. I hope nobody notices her eyes…

"Well, I'll see you at the tournament Tidus," Travis said. "I'm glad to see that you're feeling better!"

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