Disclaimer: I don't own Wicked or any of its characters, it and they belongs to Gregory McGuire, Steven Schwartz, and Winnie Holzman…who are all geniuses…but I do love it…also, I don't own this title, it belongs to Elton John…who is also a genius and who I also love

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

Chapter 1: Elphaba

The green girl started out of the door, just a few steps off the porch of her home, onto the Yellow Brick Road. It was right before sunset, the ten year old's favorite time of day.

"Elphaba!" she stopped short at the sound of her father's voice, "Where do you think you're going?" as she turned around she could see the anger in Frex's face. "No where, just for a walk, to watch the sunset." He looked at her coolly, "Take your sister with you, Nessarose needs the air more than you do!" Elphaba sighed, "But Father, Nessa's already in bed! And I wanted to watch the sunset, by myself!" She closed her eyes and crossed her fingers, hoping that her father would give in. "Well, then, I suggest, if your sister is already in bed that you join her! I don't need you wandering around Munchkinland after dark by yourself." "Yes, Father!" Elphaba ran back into the house and up the stairs to her bed. Wiping the tears from her face, she rushed into Nessa's bedroom. "I hate you!" she whispered over the sleeping child, "I never get to do anything, and it's all your fault!" Nessa didn't stir. "No, it's not all your fault, it's mine! It's my fault!" But Nessa continued to sleep without even noticing her sister was there. Elphaba walked silently across the hall into her own room, and watched the sun go down through her bedroom window. As she stared across the sky she saw the greenish shadow of the Emerald city. "Someday," she said to herself, "Someday, I'll get out of here, and I'll go to Emerald city, and I won't have to worry about Nessa, or Father or anyone!" and suddenly a thought came to her, "Maybe I'll even leave Oz! Yes, I'll get out of Oz forever, who knows, Father always says that anything is possible!"

So, after she watched the sun go down, Elphaba went to bed, and fell asleep, think what was to come. Her future life, beyond the yellow brick road!