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While Elphaba and Nessa spoke with the Wizard another story was unfolding on the other side of Emerald City…

"No really? That's so fascinating!" Cavin was becoming annoyed with this girl, the "Galinda Upland, of the upper Uplands!" She was infuriating, she thought everything Fiyero said was absolutely wonderful and she had this infuriating giggle, that made him shiver. And the way she talked to the Goat, he thought his name was Dillamond, it was so awful, like he didn't have Life or anything. And Fiyero wasn't any better. All he was doing was bragging about his life and how great it was, and how someday he'll have to take Galinda to one of his castles. It all went on for hours and the conversation was dull. Cavin noticed Dillamond had fallen asleep, and finally had to break in.

"If you two are done, then I think, Fiyero, that we had better head back to school!"

Fiyero looked oddly at his friend, "Why? What time is it?" He looked up at the large clock tower that hovered above their heads, "Sweet OZ! We have to get back, its late!" Hastily Fiyero took Galinda's hand to kiss it, "Miss Galinda, I hope to see you again."

At this Galinda began blushing, "Of course, I'm sure we'll see each other very soon!" She said, quite coolly, despite her red cheeks, "Dillamond! We best be going back to the hotel! DILLAMOND!"

The Goat awoke from his nap, "So sorry, Miss Glinda!"

"It's Galinda!" she snapped, as they walked away into the green masses of Emerald city

"I'm going to marry her." Fiyero said definitively.

Cavin shook his head, "You know this after four hours?" Fiyero shook his head,

"I knew as soon as I saw her!"

The pair headed on their way, back to school. Both silent, Cavin trying not to mock Fiyero's "love" for Galinda, and Fiyero lost in his thoughts of Galinda.

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