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Lily Potter hummed softly as she pushed her beloved little boy down the street in the Muggle stroller they had bought. James was at work with the Aurors for the day, leaving her with the ten month old Harry. They were currently wandering London, near the Leaky Cauldron. She was suddenly knocked out of her thoughts as a short and scruffy man pushed her to the side, pulled Harry from the stroller, and ran, turning and heading into a dark alley. Harry began to cry as his mother screamed for help. Two men began to chase after the thief, trying to close the gap between them.
An old man frowned into a crystal ball in front of him, watching the events play out. Blue eyes narrowed at the crystal.
The edge of the alley glowed a shimmering silver. The thief tripped and lost his grip on the baby as he fell to the ground. Everything seemed to freeze for a minute as the shrieking boy fell towards the light. Time sped up again when he fell through and the shrieks were instantly silenced. The light blinked out, only a second before the two men tore around the corner. They grabbed the unconscious thief and looked around for the baby, hoping to find him. They were without luck, however, and dragged the thief behind them as they returned to the hysterical woman.

Lily was going into shock, her screaming silencing to be replaced by loud sobs. A few seconds later, James and several other Aurors appeared, due to the magic they'd felt. James immediately saw his wife and the over-turned stroller and paled, rushing to her side.

"Lily? Lily, what happened? Where's Harry? Are you alright?" She sobbed and clutched to him, tears running rampant from her eyes. The two men who had tried to find the baby came back then, still dragging the man behind them. One of them shook his head sadly.

"I'm sorry ma'am, we couldn't find the babe. This one probably gave him to someone else before he collapsed or something, because there was no sign of the baby or a struggle, but the man's unconscious." Lily let out another sob as she heard the news, clinging even tighter to James. James Potter's pale face met that of one of the other Aurors.

"Dumbledore. Tell Dumbledore. I want my son found." That said, he turned to his wife and they held each other, trying to understand what had just happened in their lives.

The old man muttered something as he lifted up a small chain, upon which two rings swayed, and a thin letter. He dropped both onto the crystal ball and watched with satisfaction as they faded away. He turned his gaze back into the crystal.
A baby's shrieking cut through the quiet solitude of the pitch black night, sending a few birds off of their posts in a chorus of cawing shouts. Brown eyes snapped open, searching for the source of the sound. Captain Jack Sparrow swung to his feet from the stairs he was laying on, standing up. Frowning lightly, he wound his way across the deck, stopping at a little bundle that was right in front of the gangplank of the Black Pearl. He poked at it with the toe of his boot and winced when the shrieking got louder.

"A' right, all righ'! Shut up ye bloody thin'!" As he bent down to pick up the bundle, the moonlight fell across a glint of silver and a pale envelope. Intrigued, the Captain picked up the letter and the chain with rings, tuning out the baby's sounds. Dark eyes skimmed the letter, then glanced at the rings and then the baby. He sighed.

"Why d' I always ge' stuck wi' the 'ang-ons? Firs' Will, now this Harry…" He bent down and lifted up the squalling child, tickling the boy's nose with a finger.

"Be quie' youn' 'un, we 'ave t' go find somethin' t' feed ye with." Jack stuffed the letter into his pocket, slid one ring onto his finger, and draped the chain around the baby's neck. With that done, he walked to the dock and headed for the quiet village they were anchored at, whistling softly to the boy as he quieted slowly.

Dear sir,

I have no idea who it is that will find this letter, but I do hope you read it and keep an open mind instead of throwing it and the boy away without thinking. I was unable to keep the child safe from harm where he was at, so I have sent him here.

Strange as it may seem, this boy, Harry, is from what is your future. If he remained there, however, he would have died, so I took him away. I ask that you raise him as your own and tell him about this letter and what happened this night when he is old enough.

Harry will be a wizard. This means that he will perform magic, and perhaps even speak in tongues. Please do not be afraid, and do your best to teach him to control his emotions. Also, I ask that you let him know that he is a wizard early on in his life, and tell him that he simply needs to focus on what he wants and practice for it to happen. When he is 15 (he is 10 months old now), please take him to Yegandar (1), where there will be a school for him to learn a little more about what he can do.

As for when he will be old enough, you will know. I ask that you wear one of the rings, and that you keep the other on him at all times, whether on the chain or on his finger. These rings are a link between the two of you and between the past and the future. When Harry asks you about the feeling of incompleteness that he has, which he will, you will know it is time to tell him about this and to let him go. To get to the future is a very simple process—merely put one hand over the ring and say the word 'Black'. To return to the past, perform the same movement and say 'Pearl'.

Feel free to teach him anything you like while he is there. I dearly hope you have read this and have accepted it, even as far from truth as it might seem. Please, have an open mind and care for Harry as though he were your own. You will be able to visit him when he returns to the future, if that is your wish. This is all I ask.

Thank you.

-A concerned stranger.

(1) Yegandar—made up place, I decided it was one of the islands in the Caribbean. I needed a place for the school that I'm going to make!

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