Girl's Bravo was written by Mario Kaneda and published as the anime by AIC (Anime International Company).

Ranma was written by Takahashi Rumiko and published as an anime by Kitty Films - Fuji TV and Viz Communications, Inc.

Sailor Moon was published as an anime by Toei Animation and Geneon Entertainment

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A shadowy figure wielding a large, odd shaped staff watched the events before her. She watched as an old friend suffered needlessly at the hands of others. "Soon…" she said, "soon you will find your past, and your destiny, and for that I am sorry. But, I must push you down that path." A single tear rolled down her cheek, which she quickly wiped away, and remembered the conversation that would push her old friend down a path that would not normally be taken.

About an hour prior the shadowy figure had been standing before the high priestess of Siren. It was just after lunch, local time of course. As she sighed heavily she spoke saying, "She has been found, and I now know why it has taken this long to identify her."

The high priestess smiled and said, "It's about time. She has been missing since that day… we should not have lost her in the first place. However, that was our own folly back then. This time it will be different."

The shadowy figured continued on, not looking particularly thrilled about the next 'bomb shell' she was about to drop, and said simply "Senna…"

Senna, the high priestess, frowned. "I have known you a long time, and I also know when you do not like a particular fact. You go all quiet." Senna said, before she asked quizzically, "So, are you going to just spill, or are you into playing the mysterious one, hmm?"

The shadowed figure in reply simply handed some documents that contained photos and birth records over to Senna. Senna cocked her head and began to rifle through the files, her eyes developing a noticeable twitch as she read the information contained inside. After she had read several of the papers, she looked the shadowy figure straight in the eye, and said, "Funny. Really funny. Now can the comedy and tell me the truth."

The reply came, simply, "Did I tell a joke?"

Senna began to shout at the woman before her. "No way is this," pausing to indicate the documents she had received before continuing, "her. This has to be a lie. There is no way this can be her… how can she help us? As she is, she is only useful for having children. Not the arts and defiantly not war." Senna yelled at the shadowy figure.

At this point, the shadowy figure thought, 'What a bigot of a sexist.' She shook her head and replied, "Have I ever lied before?"

Senna looked squarely at the figure and stated, "No. Bent the truth… yes. But lie outright…? I never remember you ever lying before." Senna sighed as the roiling emotion drained from her.

The figure then stated, "Fortunately, this problem is of minor consequence and has already been addressed. However, she will need guidance since she, as she is now, is not ready for her destiny, especially since both of her parents are… well, to say they are bad parents is an insult to bad parents." Senna raised an eyebrow questioningly. She began to get heated again, having an idea of where the other person was going.

The figure continued, "There are complete records in there of her life up to now. You should probably look through them."

Again, Senna looked through the records. She moved past where she had left off of last time and began to peruse the portions she had missed. As she read, she felt herself growing angry.

The figure then said, seemingly ignoring Senna's obvious display of temper, "Fortunately for us, she gets dunked in water on a near continuous basis."

Senna, while looking like she could spit fire and scare demons away with a look, growled, "I see… Lucky us…" with enough sarcasm that the shadowy figure was glad no device could measure sarcasm or it would have found itself overloaded and destroyed in very short order. Senna continued, "Ok where is she?"

The figure was silent a second, then replied, "Nerima ward, Tokyo, Japan."

Senna looked at the documents again, laughing unpleasantly. She forced herself to forget her anger, since it would not help at all in this situation. Senna, shook her head and said, "From the stories of her back before we lost her, her name fits her very well." Senna looked seriously at the shadowy figure and said, "Thank you Pluto. I hope she can recover timely from the treatment she received on earth."

Sailor Pluto nodded, and replied "She needs time to adjust to her new life. Help her relax and enjoy life first, then tell her the truth. However, do not let her return until you feel she is ready. She must not be forced to do something she does not want to do. She is very stubborn and must be handled carefully." With that Pluto teleported away in a flash of light, while Senna started making plans.