Girl's Bravo was written by Mario Kaneda and published as the anime by AIC (Anime International Company).

Ranma was written by Takahashi Rumiko and published as an anime by Kitty Films - Fuji TV and Viz Communications, Inc.

Sailor Moon was published as an anime by Toei Animation and Geneon Entertainment

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-0- Conclusion?

The battle was long as both parties battled tooth and nail each trying to gain some form of victory over the other, Sailor Moon was making use of her Tiara as a distraction while aiming her powered shots straight for the false Sailor. Meanwhile Mars was firing off any shot she could at it while also taking out any Kimera that got too close, and it seemed that they continued to dwindle in numbers. Finally Mercury was busy multitasking with keeping the Youma Sailor from getting a clear line of sight on anybody, taking shots of opportunity, and finally she was scanning for weaknesses. She was slightly distracted when the wind suddenly stopped which made it far easier to keep the fog up.

The fight itself seemed to have gone on for an hour with nobody getting a clear advantage; then finally a change occurred as twin spinning blades forced the Youma to dodge taking a nasty hit of Mars Fire, but otherwise mostly causing a pause in battle.

Mars herself was in part relieved at the sudden reinforcement but annoyed at how long it took, "About time you showed up, just what were you doing? Dancing them to death?"

Siren smirked, "Yes actually it's quite effective, if you know the techniques, or the forms."

Before the argument could continue Mercury spoke up, "The only major weakness I can find is her bracer. However its different from the ones Galaxia used, it emits a false pure heart wavelength so Moon's main healing based attacks are rendered ineffective."

The Youma smirked, "Of course it is, you all have been using the same types of attacks since you started fighting, don't you think that we would adapt?"

Almost without warning a Siren's spinning Blades came from behind the youma, however this time she was prepared and dodged them, she glared at Sailor Siren who looked on impassively, frustration clear on the false Sailor Senshi's features. Suddenly another blade blew past the Youma, this time severing her arm at the shoulder. Spinning angrily she then saw her mistake, sitting on Sailor Siren's forehead was not Sailor Siren's own tiara, but Sailor Moon's.

As the girl powered down her Katana blades back to its resting form she looked on fatigued as she channelled her duplication powers into her spinning tiara which created two copies. Though now it lacked the power to finish off the Youma it would server its purpose.

"You think this will stop me, this is only a setback. I will kill you all!" The Youma was pinned for a few precious moments; Sailor Mars sensed the moment was right and fired her strongest Fire attack at the bracer, which was still on the severed limb, vaporizing it. While Mars had fired her attack Moon had charged hers and sent her most powerful spell at the wounded Youma, after taking a direct hit it fell to the ground. However it did not turn to dust.

Taking a moment it slowly regained its footing, then it sneered at the Sailor Senshi before crying out, "You think you won? You think beating me is a victory? It's not even a setback. When my masters are done they will return here then you will..." Before the mangled demon could finish the tirade a beam of golden energy pierced its back.

The now startled warriors who could only look up in horror at Sailor Terra and Sailor Chaos. Between the Dark Senshi dangled what appeared to be a hostage. She was suspended between them by dark tendrils of energy that was causing the unknown young woman pain as proven when she shook violently as the energy surged down her. She was obviously far gone by a vacant look in her eyes, eyes seen only when they opened between the worst of the surges. Aside from her traditional looking clothing the only thing that stood out was her purple hair that ran in two thin ponytails down past her knees.

Smirking Sailor Chaos sent a surge of power through the suspended woman and a light flashed on her forehead, "We win." Then in a flash of dark energy the trio was gone.


It was two weeks later that the Sailor Senshi finally had time from hunting down the last of the Kimera and searching Tokyo top to bottom for any Youma before the group finally got to collapse as one. Everyone had their own task they were trying to do while maintaining a cover identity, well except for Pluto and Siren. With the school rebuilt and Tokyo returning to some degree of normality it was decided that everyone needed to keep up appearances as much as possible.

The only reason Ranma got the pass on school was that there was a moon to rule and she had people who could tutor her. Something that came as a quirk to Ranma was that the people of Siren had accepted the curse, however they still followed tradition and always called Ranma princess even when he was powered down and male.

Ranma had just finished a meeting at Rei's shrine with the other senshi. With the apparent final cleaning of the remaining monsters of all types that Chaos and Terra left behind time to assess their true goals had come. Mercury had confirmed that with the power the rogue Sailors used they had to have left the Earth. Unfortunately the group was split on how to handle things from here. Moon wanted to find them and stop them and so did Mercury, Mars, and Venus. Ranma, and Jupiter wanted to stop them too but they wanted to clear up immediate problems and make sure that the renegades would not be able to repeat their last performance. Uranus and Neptune wanted to defend the Earth and leave other worlds alone. Pluto abstained as she had to focus on the gates, and Saturn was refusing to take sides but was leaning between Moon' and Uranus/Neptune's sides.

In the end it was decided that they would reinforce their defences as much as possible for now then make plans to deal with Chaos and Terra later. Mercury warned that they had to prepare for a possible evacuation to Siren; if Terra had full control of her powers then the Earth was vulnerable. Worse was the apparent problem on how Chaos escaped her prior fate, and if her current planning was truly her own then it was possible the entire Sailor Galaxia problem was just a step that led here.

After the meeting everyone left with the worry that things were only beginning, Ranma was more distracted then normal as he travelled home, as such something he should have noticed in advance was entirely missed by him. Although to be fair his senses were more attuned to people in distress more now than ever. As such he entirely missed that his family had visitors.


Ranma sat silently but watched the guests with a guarded perspective. His ki sense and magical sense, as minimal as that was powered down and male, was constantly shifting, as if they didn't want to give any readings on any of the three before them. The Old man was easier to get a bead on though, his magical abilities may have been fooled but his ki was able to firmly say powerful, and hidden, and had a young but experienced flavour to them.

The girl had no ki reading he could easily detect clearly, it was there but completely alien to him, and his magic said very clearly she wasn't there. He bet if Mercury had scanned this girl she would be typing madly at her computer due to the lack of presence this girl had. Ranma had been taught that even people with no magic of their own still interacted with magic, it was like light; a star had light but a planet didn't yet a planet reflects light. This girl had the magical presence, to use that analogy, of pure glass, meaning that Ranma could detect that Magic was around her, and even where she was but she didn't interact with it. It was almost as if it flowed through her.

The boy was worse; his readings were strangely both at once. His ki was unfocused but spoke of recent battles; it was unsteady but somewhat ordered. Magic seemed to reflect off him indicating normal if slightly above standard for an average person, yet it was also trying to flow through him like the girl. He filed that fact away.

Focusing on the rest of the world again, he suppressed a sigh, his mother and grandmother sat on either side of him, his mother across the table from the girl, and his grandmother across from the man who introduced himself as Katsuhito Masaki. Looking at the tea set and how his grandmother had served everyone he recalled the boy across from him was named Tenchi, and the girl was Washu.

Never before now had he truly understood what all the pomp and act of tea ceremony was all about, now he understood, it was meant to be polite, and yet give both sides an opportunity to size each other up. He had assumed it had no place in battle, now he could see, sure people use it today for their political moves, but he felt sure that this was what it was really meant for. The one thing that bothered him was the lack of the rest of the family. They had all left as if abandoning them to some disastrous fate.

Finally the tea ceremony finished and his grandmother permitted the guests, specifically Katsuhito to say their peace. The old man seemed to sigh internally as if he did not want to ask the next question, "I need to ask a dire favour. It is of the utmost importance, but I fear you will turn me away for asking it."

Ranma's grandmother, Keiko, raised an eyebrow, "While we have not seen either in some time I doubt there is much you could ask that I would refuse out of hand."

"I need you to find a Sailor Senshi for me, any Sailor Senshi."

This pulled Ranma and his entire family back. Keiko pursed her lips, "May I ask why?"

Katsuhito now leaned back a bit looking pensive, "We were attacked by two of them. While I doubt their actions are that of the entire group, they may have specific knowledge we need. Actually I fear their actions may be far reaching, as far as our homeland." This time the two younger visitors' heads snapped towards their elder as if he had said something forbidden.

Keiko nodded, "I give no promises, and ask you to stay here overnight. The Sailor Senshi are local heroes, thus any action against them will be met with dire repercussions. We both know Tsunami would not allow a conflict between the Sailors and the wielders of the light."

Ranma watched everything the boy, Tenchi seemed lost a bit but something seemed to occur to him, Tenchi had all the air of a warrior held back. His head snapped to the girl, Washu, who refused to meet Tenchi's eyes.

As a 'Martial Artist' Ranma was not the type to allow himself be held back, but there were times that Sailor Siren had been, and so had Sailor Moon. There may have been a connection here and he suspected that his grandmother had some answers. Right now though, his grandmother gave him somewhere to start, Jurai. The ancestral homeland of the people of Siren was Jurai, unless he had remembered wrong.

He was now on a timer, he had to find out who these people were and decide if he would meet them alone as Sailor Siren, or if he should call for help. In the end both questions had the same answer. Sailor Mercury would have the answers to the history, but for the present, he needed to know and know soon if they were to be trusted. With Sailor Chaos and Sailor Terra doing something across multiple worlds, it now became a question of how to stop them when they seemed so far ahead of them.


"Are you sure?" Came over his phone. Ranma had opted to use the phone due to the nature of what was happening. He tried to hide his message in what would seem like a casual call between a dating couple, not that he had much skill in that department, nor did Ami, but she was smart enough to pick up on what little in the way on queues he was able to give.

"Yeah, I don't think it will lead to trouble though, but..." Ranma paused, he needed to tell her where to look but saying Jurai or Siren would be bad, "That thing we were studying just before the craziness ended, I think I want to go over it again."

There was a pause, "You mean that history... lesson?"

"Yes..." Ranma winced, both as part of the act and because it really was painful to go through, "I think I need to go over that again. Especially old laws and stuff."

A loud sigh came over the phone, "I should call Usagi as well, kami know she could use it."

Ranma nodded, "True, but someone might need to bring her, or she would just drag her heels on that."

"Rei could bring her... I will call Makoto too; the presence of food will weaken her resolve."

Ranma laughed, although it was obvious it was a guilty one as he would fall for the food too. Little did he know that his call was being listened to, or at least his end of the call. Fortunately Tenchi and Washu did seem to believe the entire call was a legitimate boy calling girl for 'Study Session.' Katsuhito wasn't entirely convinced, he suspected that Ranma may have been the link to the Sailor Senshi, but knew that Washu would do something foolish. He could only sit back and wait. Time would tell what would happen; he could only hope Tenchi was ready, for this disaster and the one to follow, known as politics.

Ranma reentered the room from the hall where the phone was located and looked towards his family elder, "I have something that I need to do, that is if you don't need me here."

"Go see your girlfriend, I am sure your... study session will be... very interesting." his grandmother smirked, like most times before revealing where he got it from.

Ranma bowed to the guests, "I am sorry that I can't stay, I hope you find your answers." With that Ranma left heading towards the shrine.


The currently male warrior of Siren sat with the others of the group in Rei's room at her family's shrine. He had just relayed the information he had gathered from the visitors. "Any ideas?"

Ami looked unhappy, "Given what we know, given they are from Jurai, by their own admission no less, it is probably that that girl that Chaos and Terra had may have been related to them."

"Probably, they came here looking for answers, stated a specific attack on them by two of our number, and unless Neptune and Uranus have been up to things behind our back, would be a trick even for them... The attackers in question are obvious." Came from the shrine maiden.

Makoto sighed, "This assumes they are being honest with us."

Ranma looked at her, "Jurai isn't exactly a name that comes up randomly."

Pluto, the only one in uniform, frowned, "I wish I could help more then I have but even back in the old Moon Kingdom we had little to no information on where our powers originated from. The old saying that we got them from the planets themselves was a lie to keep people on the wrong track. Even I didn't know the truth."

Usagi nodded resigned, "We will have to meet with them, but not in force, though we shouldn't go completely alone."

Rei sighed, "So who goes and who is backup?"

"I think myself, Ranma, and Usagi are obvious choices. I have the most historical knowledge, Ranma since he is the point of contact, and Usagi as she is the Moon Princess; and is our leader." Ami interjected.

Ranma tilted his head to the side, "Since they only have three people to see us, I say the three of us should go. Everyone else can stay back a bit, but not too close."

The princess of the dead moon nodded, "We should appear trusting, cautious, but not stupid."

With agreement all around Ranma was elected to make the information pass through his grandmother.


Keiko knocked on the door to the guest room and waited to be permitted to enter; when she did enter she nodded towards Katsuhito. "The Sailor Senshi have agreed to meet you."

The elder man of the group nodded, Katsuhito was glad that the meeting would happen. He assumed that this family still had connections, but still assumed it would take longer.

Ranma's grandmother continued, "They are a bit weary due to the fact nobody usually makes such direct requests to meet them. But given they are somewhat aware of the topic at hand they will meet you three in a park not far from here at midnight. Although they would prefer to wait, time is important here."

"We are glad for the help. Thank you, I am sorry for being such an inconvenience for your family."

"It is important to maintain good family ties."

With both bowing to each other and the elder woman leaving closing the door behind her Katsuhito looked at the other two, "Well we have the meeting."

Tenchi shifted uncomfortably, "What should we tell them?"

Washu frowned.

Tenchi's grandfather smirked, "The truth of course."

The self proclaimed greatest scientist suddenly smirked, "How much truth though?"

"As much as is needed, no more, no less."

Tenshi looked to Katsuhito and had to ask, "I thought we weren't suppose to talk to outsiders about anything like this?"

Katsuhito nodded, "True, but they aren't outsiders. They are descended from a lost branch of the royal family. Thus they know much, even if most of their blood is thinned."

"So," started Washu, "How much do they really know?"

"Probably as much as we do, just not the same things as we do."


"Thank you for meeting us so promptly." Katsuhito stated as the three Sailor Senshi walked into the clearing which the three outsiders were waiting in.

Sailor Siren nodded, "The pleasure is ours. Though I think time is short, but let us introduce ourselves, I am Sailor Siren and this is Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury." The others nodded when introduced. It had been decided since the requested contact was through Siren that she would be the leader for the senshi for the meeting, though Moon would speak for the group as a whole.

The old man smiled and nodded, "I am Katsuhito Masaki, and this is my grandson Tenchi and Washu."

Siren nodded politely bit her eyes never left the visitors. While manners dictated a formal bow would be the proper greeting, this was not a formal gathering, it was two sets of warriors who did not entirely trust one another nor really knew each other. Thus a polite nod was the best that either was willing to give. "I understand you have information on someone being attacked by two Sailor Senshi?"

"They called themselves: Sailor Terra and Sailor Chaos." Washu offered.

The three Senshi looked at each other before Moon answered, "We want to find them ourselves, they are the ones behind all the trouble that Tokyo had gone through with all the recent demon attacks."

Katsuhito sighed, "We assumed as much. Any idea where they would have gone?"

"They are not in the solar system, we have used all methods available to us. If they were here we would have found them." Mercury interjected, left unsaid was the obvious problem they had with their powers that when they regained the Time Gate it let them know that they were probably elsewhere.

"I see." Came from the elderly looking man. "Any idea where they went?"

The other senshi looked at each other before Mercury spoke up, "For security purposes we will simply refer to the ancestral home from which we originate."

The others nodded, they implied Jurai.

Tenchi, who had been quiet so far had to ask, "Why, why do you think that?"

"We saw them with someone they had captured just before they left. After we heard what you had passed along we think they are trying to make another Sailor Senshi, probably a corrupt one." Mercury supplied.

"How would they do that?" Washu asked.

Sailor Siren sighed, "We really didn't want to answer that, and if it was anybody else we wouldn't. However what we will speak about is going to be again not answered directly."

"What they would need is someone considered Royal through bloodline, linked to the origin of power, and able to gain access to the source." Mercury gave.

Washu and Katsuhito paled, they knew that wasn't good. Katsuhito then stated, "If they do that then any power derived from the origin would be disabled."

"What?" Came from Moon.

"What he means is that since our powers are descended from theirs we will lose our powers, except for you since you have the Silver Crystal. All of us. Since Terra has the Golden Crystal and Chaos is different then they will remain in power." Mercury explained.

"We have to stop them." both Siren and Tenchi said at once, before smiling lightly and shaking their heads before the conversation renewed.

Katsuhito spoke next, "Given the severity of the situation I assume you will help us."

Moon shook her head, "We will do this for everyone."

Siren frowned, "We will need to leave a force behind so that we can defend behind us. But many of us will go." She looked at Moon who nodded. This was previously agreed upon as their standard reaction to leaving the earth. Especially after the Siren War.

Moon spoke up next, "So how will we get there."

"By space ship of course," Washu offered.

Siren rolled her eyes, "Right and I assume you can pull one out of your pocket? Or you somehow landed one with our systems specifically watching for them."

"Actually yes."

The Sailors were silent. Someone wasn't doing what they were suppose to or else their was a hole in the old Moon Kingdom's sensor net that was large enough to literally drive a star ship through, which of course defeated the entire point of such a sensor net. Moon then sighed, "If the Moon Kingdom didn't fall we would have several people explaining this to us."

"At least." Siren grunted.

Katsuhito nodded, he could see obviously that their lines of defence were in trouble, but then again theirs were not the only ones. "So how will we proceed. We can leave in three days at the earliest."

"Why so long, not that we do not need a day or two to prepare ourselves but it seems like you need more time then we do."

Tenchi sighed, "We had a few people at our home who were either injured or who need to stay behind to care for our injured. In fact some of the ones we wish to take need to stay behind. We still have to sort this out."

Sailor Moon looked at them before nodding, "We are in a similar situation. Where do you want us to meet?"

Katsuhito supplied, "The Masaki shrine in Hokkaido." Siren's eye twitched.

"Now that the formalities are out of the way I must ask, why are your uniforms so..." Washu asked.

Everyone ignored as the old man palmed his face.

"We don't know how to change them. They are tied to our power source." Came from Mercury.

Washu nodded, "Then the one with the oldest power that the others descended from would have set up the appearance." Mercury and Siren glared at Moon as she shrank back waving her arms.

"Right," came from Siren. "Better than fluffy pompoms or pointless flowing ribbons anyway" Tenchi who was not wearing his Jurian armor just knew he was in for it later. "We will see you there in three days."

As both groups left and the Senshi met with the others who were listening via Mercury's computer Moon found herself surrounded, "So this is your fault." Moon was unsure who said it.

"Waaahhhh! I based it off of Sailor V's costume, don't blame me. I didn't do it intentionally." She sniffled, "Besides Luna never told me this would happen!"

Venus waved her hands in front of her, "Hey Artemis only told me about the one transformation, and it was preset."

"She only told me I made Tuxedo Mask's outfit!"

Siren's eyes narrowed, "I always knew cats were evil."