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Piper- Age 18

Phoebe- Age 17

Paige-Age 15

Harry- Age 15

Ron- Age 15

Hermonie- Age 15


Chapter 1

Silence fell as Piper, Phoebe, and Paige walked into the Great Hall. They were attending Hogwarts to increase their knowledge of different types of magic. All eyes followed them as they made their way up to the platform for the sorting ceremony, they stood out like a sore thumb because all the other students with them were first years. Piper would be in 7th year, Phoebe would be in 6th year, and Paige would be in 4th year. They would only be taking classes that did not require a wand, such as potions, astronomy, and Care of Magical Creatures.


Hermonie turned to ask Ron or Harry if they knew who the three strange girls were, but Ron and Harry, along with half the other boys in the school, were deep in their own world, starring fixedly at the girls.

"Their gorgeous" Ron said, Harry made a gurgling sound in his throat, it seemed that was all he could get out.


Paige looked around nervously, every one was starring at her. She and her sisters had decided not to tell the students who they were, they knew it would leak out sooner or latter, but for now, they were happy to let the majority of the population think that they were just a myth.

Piper was called forward, after a second the hat called out, "Gryffindor". A few seconds latter, Phoebe also went to Gryffindor. Paige had to wait for a few more students to go before she went, her last name being different and all.

"Matthews, Paige" her name was called. As she made her way to the hat, she felt, rather than saw her sisters looking at her, willing her to join them.

Then the hat slipped over her eyes and a voice filled her ear. "Ah, another charmed one, I can tell you have a lot of courage, you have too what with your profession. But theirs something else, you want to prove that your as good as your older sister Prue, it's what drives your courage, and for that matter, I feel it's my responsibility to put you in, Slythern!"

Paige felt her heart sink, she had wanted to be with her sisters, and as she looked over to the table where she was supposed to go, the people looked like most of the demons they had vanquished.


"No!" Ron yelled in disbelief. The other two older girls, who had introduced themselves as Piper and Phoebe, and were sitting next to him, also looked crestfallen. "How can she be in Slythern?" Harry yelled, he might as well assume she was working for Voldmort now, and he didn't exactly like that idea.

"Is there something wrong with Slythern?" Piper asked.

"Yeah," Hermonie filled her in, "Slytherns are people who are really ambitious.

"What's wrong with that?" Phoebe asked

"Well most of the Slytherns are evil and working for Voldmort." Harry said glumly.

"Who?" Piper asked.

Harry starred at her in disbelief, "You know, You Know Who, the dark lord, Tom Riddle?" seeing that they had no idea what he was talking about, Harry filled them in.


Over at the Slythern table, a young, greasy blond boy was filling Paige in on the same story. She forced herself to smile at the boy as her wightlighter senses helped her pick out what true and what wasn't, she was starting to seriously regret coming here.


As Harry told Piper and Phoebe about Voldmort, Ron was trying to show off by pointing out all the times he had helped Harry. Hermonie looked up annoyed. She glanced over to the Slythern table and noticed the other girl was smiling and deep into a conversation with Malfoy, definitely not a good sign.