Chapter 23

Piper had just blown up the last demon when she felt a hand grab her ankle. Turning she saw Paige, her face ghastly white as she fought the evil inside of her, but her eyes had returned to their natural color meaning the real Paige was in control.

"Power of three." She whispered before her eyes started to turn black again.

"Phoebe, over here." Piper called.

Phoebe joined her, looking down at Paige, "What do we do?" She asked.

"Think of a power of three spell, quick before her eyes turn completely black again. If you do the spell while she is evil it won't work." Piper said.

"Ok, no pressure here, spell, come on." Phoebe whispered to herself.

Paige fought to stay in control long enough for her sisters to come up with a spell. If her evil part was in control when the spell was used, the spell would get rid of the good part of her and not the evil part. She screamed as the evil fought back dragging her into darkness.

"Hurry!" Piper yelled.

"Ok." Phoebe said joining hands with Piper and grabbing Paige.

"Please help our sister Paige,
Release the evil from its cage,
Into nothing send it now,
Free our sister Halliwell."

A pool of darkness seeped out of Paige.

"Move her, NOW!" Phoebe yelled. She and Piper grabbed Paige and dragged her out of the way.

A second later the pool of darkness exploded dazzling their eyes. When the spots finally left their vision the black pool was gone and a scorch mark was all that remained.

"I'm so sorry." Paige whispered from where she sat on the ground.

Piper and Phoebe hugged her, "Its ok Paige, it's all over now."

Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked at each other hesitantly and then joined in the hug.


Several hours later…

"Well we better get the three of you back to Hogwarts." Piper said.

They had spent the last few hours catching up on sleep, everyone that is except for Paige who had been writing something, she kept balling it up and starting over.

"You're not coming?" Harry asked.

"No, once you straiten out the 'You being the Charmed Ones theory.' We don't want people knowing about us." Phoebe told them.

"Not so fast," Paige said walking into the room, "I've been working on a spell, I kept having to start over because if I get the wording wrong it would be really bad."

"How so?" Harry asked.

"Well, the spell is supposed to make people forget about the Charmed Ones, but if the wording is wrong they could forget everything but that or they could forget everything, or something like that." Paige explained.

"Let's see it then." Piper said as she and Phoebe looked at the piece of paper Paige held in her hand. "Ok, this is good."

"Wait, will we remember?" Hermione asked.

"Yes, and so will Dumbledore. Ready?" Paige said addressing the second part to her sisters.


Dumbledore nodded as Piper finished telling him what had happened.

"Very well, everything is back to normal and Voldemort is dead, you can leave now." He said.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige headed for the door.

"Paige wait please." Dumbledore called her back.

When the door had shut Dumbledore turned to a shelf on the wall and picked up the sorting hat. "Care to try this on again?" he asked and Paige nodded.

"Well, well, well, back again Paige? It seems you no longer belong in Slythern." The hat said into her ear.

"No," Paige responded, "My ambition for power made me an easy target for evil, but even though I turned evil my sisters still came after me. They fought to bring back the Paige they knew, they wanted me back for who I was and not for my power and my part in Charmed Ones. I don't have to be like Prue, I just have to be me."

"Very good, and for that reason, I feel it is really my duty to place you in, Gryfindor!" the hat yelled the last word aloud.

Paige took the hat off to see a smiling Dumbledore, I think your sisters and friends are waiting for you, why don't you go tell them the news."

Paige smiled to herself as she left the office. She wasn't Prue, she never had to be, all she had to be as herself.

The End