Title: Making an Obscene Clone Fall…

Genre: Drabble – My first. I'm so proud.

Rating: None – Doesn't deserve one.

Pairings: Jack/Mary Steenburgen?

Spoilers: Fragile Balance

Warnings: How about a total lack of plot? Or the horrible pun in the title?

Synopsis: Jack gets a glimpse of what Mini-Jack has been up to and sees the world through green-colored lenses.

Notes: I just thought that it's ironic that the actor who played Mini-Jack is on a show starring Jack's dream lunch date.

Disclaimer: This has been written entirely for entertainment purposes – mostly my own. I don't own Stargate or Joan of Arcadia. I don't even own a TV anymore, so don't bother suing me.

Jack flumped onto his over-stuffed recliner: beer in one hand, remote in the other, pizza on the table next to him.

He flipped on the television. There was no game on tonight; he just wanted some mindless entertainment.

By chance he wandered onto a channel, and there before him was the woman of his dreams.

He settled into watch, not quite sure of the plot, but hooked anyway.

The scene changed. No. It couldn't be. It just wasn't fair. It made sense but it still wasn't fair.

Mini-Jack was on TV - and he was having lunch with Mary Steenburgen!