Title: Finishing What He Started

Author: Rude's Mom

Disclaimer: No, I don't own any of it.

Season: Future

Warning: Shakespearean body count

He grew up being told that you should always finish what you start. If you started building a tree house, you kept working on it all summer, finishing just as school started. If you caught a fish, you cleaned it and ate it. When he joined the Air Force, he stayed with it and rose through the ranks, eventually making Colonel before he retired.

After his son died, he almost ended it. The Air Force even gave him a way to do it with honor and widow's benefits for Sara. But he found a reason to live on Abydos and he didn't finish it. Later, he found other reasons to live with the formation of SG-1: the war against the Goa'uld and, later, his unlikely friendships with his new teammates. He stayed with the Air Force and continued to rise through the ranks, making Brigadier General before his 53rd birthday and Lt. General before his 59th.

The war was over. Earth won and the Goa'uld had been destroyed. The cost had been high. In the first year, he lost his old friend Charlie. Abydos was destroyed by Anubis a few years later. Janet Fraiser was killed in action. Jonas died when the Kelowans finally managed to blow up their own planet. Daniel died a few times before finally staying dead. Teal'c had been killed while visiting his son. Jacob had fallen during the System Lords' final assault on the Tok'ra. So many dead.

He retired one week after the war was over. Years earlier, he had promised himself that. He had promised her too. When the Goa'uld threat was gone, they'd let it out of the room. As he had been forced to admit at the time, he cared more for her than he should. It had hurt when she was with Narim, Martouf, and Pete. He had hurt her with Laira and Kerry. But in the end, there hadn't been anyone else for either of them. And now there was no one for him. Carter had been with her father.

Two weeks later, a postal worker called the police when she noticed hundreds of flies on the inside of the windows of the O'Neill house.

Lt. General Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill (retired) had finally finished what he started all those years ago.