a/n-Ok, here it is. The third installment of the PITD series. I'll just go ahead and say, this has lingered on my computer for weeks because I didn't like the ending. Still don't. So you might look for a large edit later. I decided to go ahead and put it up here since the bulk of the story is ok, its just the last chapter and Epilogue I don't like. Tell me what you think.

As always, all charaters belong to JK Rowlings, and the songs belong to Five for Fighting.

The thing that Ron Weasley had long dreaded was finally about to happen. His little sister, his baby sister, was going to marry Draco "The amazing bouncing ferret" Malfoy. It bloody boiled his blood, it did. He couldn't think of anything or anyone he detested more than Malfoy. The constant badgering and insults at school about him, his family, the lack of money, had started his dislike. The incessant picking at Harry and Hermione hadn't helped. Then the ferret had gotten to Ginny. His Ginny. The sweet little girl that had adored Ron as no one but a little sister could. She'd followed him around when they were small, and followed him around once she reached Hogwarts. He could always count on Gin to be there when no one else was. Until Malfoy, that is. And in the end, she'd sided with HIM and left Ron wondering what the hell had happened to his lovely little sister.

He'd tried to punish her. Had gone for nearly three years barely speaking to her, trying to do something, anything, to get through to her that Malfoy was unacceptable to him. It didn't work. Then Malfoy had to go and save his life during that final battle. He was forced to at the very least treat the ferret civilly or else end up looking the complete jackass. So he had, and he'd begun speaking to Gin again, barely. He'd suffered his true feelings on Draco Malfoy in silence.

But now, Malfoy was planning to add a wedding band to the big green (and don't think he didn't point that out to his entire Gryffindor family) engagement ring she'd worn for some time now. He had to do something. The time for desperate action was upon him. A date had been set, and to Ron, it was the deadline to get rid of the ferret once and for all.

So he planned and schemed and set it up carefully. Fool proof he thought. Little did he know, in the end, the only fool was him.


Ginny saw the picture in the paper the moment she opened her eyes. How could she not with Ron standing over her bed, holding it up like a prize in front of him.

"I told you Gin. I told you he was up to no good." Said Ron, with a touch of smugness to his voice, as he shoved the paper into her hands.

Ginny rubbed her sleepy eyes, and tried to focus on the picture Ron had carefully folded to the front. "What are you on about Ron?"

Then she saw it. Draco. Draco and some…. trollop. Obviously in a nightclub somewhere, from the look of the picture's background. And her tongue was shoved down Ginny's fiancé's throat!

"Who…. who is this, Ron?" she asked, not quite ready to believe what she was seeing.

"Who is it? It's Draco, of course!" Ron said. "Don't you recognize him? He is your fiancé after all."

"No, no, I see its Draco. Who is this…. woman?" Ginny clarified, pointing to the female latched on to Draco in the picture.

"Oh." Said Ron, suddenly not smiling. "I don't know. Does it matter? He's caught, red handed. You can't possibly marry him now."

"Get out Ron." Said Ginny, suddenly. "I have things to take care of."

Ron left Ginny's room, feeling satisfied that he had finally put an end to the fiasco of Ginny and Draco that had gone on too long as it was.

In her room, Ginny stared at the picture. How could he do this to her? Why would he do this to her? It wasn't as if they had any problems. Sure, they fought, but the making up more than compensated for the bickering. And it wasn't as if she denied him sexual favors. She was fairly nymphomanical about Draco. She just didn't understand.

A wave of nausea hit her suddenly and she ran for the bathroom. As she retched into the toilet, Ginny's thoughts turned from unbelieving to furious. As soon as she was able, she dressed and apparated straight to Draco's apartment building. She entered the building and banged loudly on his door. For several minutes.

Draco finally flung the door open looking less than happy and bit green around the gills. He looked confused and said "Ginny? Why didn't you just use your key love?"

Ginny stormed past him and into the apartment. "Because I wanted you wide awake and listening!"

Draco shut the door and turned around slowly, trying to gather his thoughts. He knew that tone. Ginny was about to blow her top and he hadn't a clue why. Quickly he ran though all his actions in the last few days. "What have I done, love?" he asked, trying to smile through the splitting headache he had.

"Don't you love me! Care to explain this!" Ginny spat and threw the paper at him.

Draco quickly ducked, causing him to wince as a spike of pain shot through his head. He turned and picked up the paper from the floor where it landed just behind him.

"What is it princess? You surely don't want me to explain the ministry's announcement on cauldrons? Percy should have that covered. Or is it the final scored on the Cannons versus the-" he broke off as he unfolded the paper and saw the other half. The half with the picture of him and someone that was not Ginny engaged in swapping saliva.

Draco looked up in horror. The look on Ginny's face told him this one wasn't going to be as easy as a nibble on her ear and a swift trip to the bedroom to solve. This was going to require some serious explanation. Trouble was, Draco hadn't the foggiest idea how he was going to explain. He realized he had no idea who this woman was, or what he was doing, because he couldn't remember anything from last night at all.

"Well?" Ginny asked, raising an eyebrow with a look on her face that Draco recognized quite well as his own. He now realized how he hated that look.

"Ginny, I-I don't know what to say."

"You don't know what to say! How about giving me some reasonable explanation of this photo." She looked almost desperate now. "Just say it was doctored. Say it wasn't the way it looked. Say it wasn't you!"

"Honestly Ginny, I don't know." He said, rubbing his temples. "I had a few drinks last night with a new member of the orchestra last night at the theater. I truly don't even remember leaving there."

"Don't remember?" Ginny said, scowling at him. "Did you get that drunk?"

"Well, that's the thing. I think I only had a couple of fire whiskeys. I don't understand at all." Said Draco puzzled. "Really Ginny, I swear to you, I didn't do anything wrong. At least, not that I remember. I don't know anything about this photo, or being at any nightclub, or any woman."

He looked hopefully at Ginny. She looked ready to believe him. Maybe he'd smooth this over yet. Then the most horrifying thing happened. His bathroom door, not his private bath, adjoining his bedroom, but the one guests used, off the kitchen, opened. And out waltzed the woman in the picture, wearing nothing but a towel.

"Draco darling, you're up. I thought you'd surely sleep the day away, all the partying we did last night. Have you seen my underwear sweet? You remember, they're red with-"she noticed Ginny and sneered. "Oh, I didn't know you had company."

Ginny looked at the woman and turned to look at Draco. Her eyes were hard and cold. She walked past him, slamming the door, out of his apartment, without a word.

Draco looked at the woman in the towel. "Now that you've broken up my engagement, would you care to tell me who the hell you are and what the bloody hell you're doing in my apartment?"