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Chapter one

Jean raced down the ally way trying to find a way out. Her heart beating as fast as a cheetah could run. Her lungs could barley get enough oxygen for her to breath. She and Scott had been running all night from the U.S. Military. The President not only called a state of emergency and placed every mutant under arrest for the actions of one but The government had found a desiese known as the Legacy Virus and it only targeted the X-Gene in mutants and it eventually kills them. Now, the Military had the virus and would use, and all ready had used, it on mutants who refused capture.

They came in the middle of the night long after Jean and Scott had gone to sleep. Scott could sleep threw any thing, that much she was sure of but she, on the other had, would have pictures of people's thoughts and dreams or what is going on outside her house. This only happened occasionally but that night it saved her life. She saw in her minds eye soldiers coming in a helicopter and their intense were to capture or kill her and Scott. They knew that the two of them were mutants and had at one time been part of the X-men. She woke up with a start and as she woke her sleeping husband, troops came in threw the glass stain window in the bedroom.

"Jean, get down!" Scott yelled as he took off his goggles and opened his eyes, full power at the in coming troops. While Scott did that Jean telekinetically put Scott's visor on his face and clamped it for him.

"Jean, run!" Scott yelled getting out of bed but making sure Jean was out of the room first.

Jean ran out of the room and hoped to God that Scott would soon follow her. She was out side before she looked behind her and saw Scott running two feet behind her but the soldiers were at the most five feet behind him.

"Keep running Jean, don't stop!" Scott said when he finally managed to get up to her side. Where are we running to? Jean asked telepathically. She was never able to talk while she was running because she always ran so hard.

I don't know that part yet Jean but we have to keep running.

What about the Mansion? Jean asked

You know as we as I do that wee can't go there. If we did the troops would not only catch us but find Logan, Theressa, the girls and who ever else lives in that house and capture them as well. I'm sorry Jean but we are on our own for this one.

Jean's legs began to hurt so instead of running she levitated her self off the ground for a few moments and then started running again.

When they reached New York City, the two mutants thought there would be tons of people there because it was nearing six in the morning and you could see the sun coming up just a little bit. What they saw was more troops and another helicopter.

Jean, get the heck out of here!

Jean looked at Scott, not wanting to leave him but something in his eyes said I can take care of myself. Go! So Jean ran as fast as she could and didn't look back until she saw a second ally way and went down it. She watched from her hiding place as two soldiers passed by. Evidently she was so far a head of them that they had lost track of her.

Suddenly someone put their hand over her mouth. Jean kicked her legs and moved her arms but didn't want to scream because of the near by troops. Finally, she hit him with a telepathic punch. The person fell to the ground and said, "Aww, why'd you go and do that Jeannie?" in a low whisper.

"Logan?" She replied.

"Yeah. Good to see you too, Red. Black Fox and Archangel are with me." Logan said holding his head and trying to get over the pain.

Theressa stepped out of the shadows and into what little light there was.

"What happened to the mansion?" Jean asked knowing that her friends were risking their lives being out here with her.

"The troops found it but we managed to leave just before they took over the whole building." Angel said sanding in between Black Fox and Wolverine. Logan was now standing but leaning against the wall. His whole body hurt and he felt like he road kill. Theressa had hit him telepathically before when they were practicing but that was nothing compared to what Jean could throw at you.

"Scott's been captured." Jean informed her friends.

"We know." Logan said still holding his head.

"Angel and I tried to save him but I got pumped full of lead and Angel's left wing is broken. So the only people who can fly are you and Fox." Wolverine told Jean as he was finally able to stand on his own feet with out the wall.

"Logan," Theressa said walking over to a swear cap and unscrewed it. "You know good and well that we aren't flying out of here because if we did we would be shot down with in seconds of our take off."

"Where are we going, Fox?" Jean asked finally breathing normally.

"To visit the Morlocks."