Violet was upset.

For the past two hours, she had called every rental shop in Metroville.

The answer was the same.

Not one place had a gown she could afford for her prom night.

The most gorgeous boy in her High School asked her out to the prom, a once in a lifetime dream, and she didn't have a thing to wear!

And the prom was in two days…

"Whatcha doin sis?" Asked Dash as he walked into the room.

"Leave me alone!"

"What… let me see!" he said as he grabbed some rental catalogs.

"PUT THOSE DOWN!" yelled Violet, as she scooped them up.

"What's this for?"

"It's for my prom. I have a date with Tony, and I don't have a thing to wear!"

"Wear? You have a whole closet full of stuff!"

"You don't understand! This is a SPECIAL date, and I need a SPECIAL dress! You know, like for a wedding! Oh, it's no use..!" she said sadly as she buried her head between her knees.

Dash looked sympathetically at his sister. Then he had a thought.

"What about that lady who made our costumes? They're pretty special!"

"This is different!" she said in a sharp tone.

"Yeah, but look! Mom said that she won an award in a dress contest somewhere in Europe" He said showing her a clipped article. It showed Edna Mode accepting an award at a modeling show.

As Violet read the article, a spark of hope grew. If she was friends, with mom and dad, maybe she could let her 'borrow' a dress for the prom!

It was worth a try.

She was so full of glee, she did the unthinkable. She kissed her brother on the forehead.

Dash, clearly disgusted by this stood in shock for a few seconds, and then quickly ran around the room in disgust.