Gilded Waters

by bl00mbaby26

O'er the hills time passes slow

To a place only gods on high know.

While gilded water falls down the stream

To that place only known in dreams.

Fairy steps leading to the sky

You take this path oft by and by.

To that precious castle that is my

Goal to see so very high.

Yet still I ponder hopefully

What life still has in store for me

To look upon my dreams come true

And some thoughts I never knew.

In you the fairest used to dwell

Though some could never ever tell.

Starlight shone within your eyes

A soul so pure, not a trace of lies.

Your friendship was the greatest gift

You could ever give me.

No longer was I lost adrift

On Life the treacherous sea.

Then one day winter fell.

My heart was turned to shadow.

That was when my friends were foes,

My goals then sunk so very low.

You were taken far from me,

To the honored halls of Manwë.

Then a voice whispered quiet

My hearts desire one day I'd find it.

And now the time

Melts hilltop snow

In a place that I do know.

Though gilded water falls down the stream

You exist in more than dreams.

For you took that magic stairway

Which I hope to trod one day

And in that time

We'll meet again.

This tale goes on and on,

But I needn't tell the end.