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Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

-Headstone in Ireland

Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven were sitting on giant uncomfortable chairs in the large hospital waiting room. Except for Beast Boy, he was pacing around with his hands behind his back. Robin walked in.

"Is she okay?" Beast Boy asked concerned. Raven set down the book she was reading.

"Shes fine." Robin said with a smile. Everyone sighed.

They had found the antidote. Actually, Beast Boy was really the one who found it. One of his friends worked at a drugstore. He and Cyborg came to pick him up because Beast Boys friend didn't have a drivers license (neither do cy and bb!!!) Beast Boys friends Sam worked behind the counter, BB didn't see him so he went around back looking for him.

Sam was in back. He was sorting though some bottles and jars. Sam said he'd be done in a minute so Beast Boy wandered around looking at the labels. Then he saw it. He saw the antidote that would cure her. That would bring her back to life. All he had to do was buy it. But of course he couldn't. This wasn't a normal kind of drug or anything. Beast Boy begged his friend to let him buy it. Sam asked his boss. Beast Boy was part of the Teen Titans so Sam's boss figured it would be for a good reason so, surprisingly, he let him get it. Beast Boy ran out to the T-Car forgetting Sam and showed it to Cyborg. They raced home and showed everyone else. Robin was a little bit uneasy about resurrecting Terra but was still happy. Starfire was overjoyed and Raven, Raven was bitter.

Now they were at the hospital. The Teen Titans had gone to the cave and poured the antidote on Terra. She was alive, but barely. They rushed over to the hospital. Now they were all waiting. Beast Boy and Starfire were barely breathing. Raven just read her book. Cyborg and Robin were still a little uneasy about the whole idea.

"She tried to kill us." Raven said "Shes a traitor and doesn't deserve to live again. We gave her three chances. I think that's enough."

But no one believed her. Probably didn't even hear her. They didn't care. Terra was going to be back. Raven was just going to become nothing. Who knew what would happen once Terra was back. Beast Boy would once again fall madly in love with her, Starfire would become her best friend. And Robin and Cyborg would be happy to have her back on the team. Raven would turn into nothing. Terra would take her place, and Raven knew it.

Terra stepped off of her bed and got dressed into her own clothes. She couldn't remember where she was or why. But she knew that she had a pain all over, now it was gone and she felt fine.

She walked out of the room. Everyone jumped up to greet her. All her friends. Beast Boy, Star, Robin and Cyborg, all there to greet her. Raven stood up more slowly and didn't hug her like the rest. Just stood up and stared at Terra.

"Come Terra. This place is no place to get better in! we must go back to the tower!" Starfire said leading Terra to the door.

"Ya, Star's right. You should come home and rest." Beast Boy said taking Terra's other arm and leading her out to the T-car. Cyborg and Robin walked with them, leaving Raven to follow slowly behind.

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