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Raven opened her eyes. As soon as she did she heard Starfire scream.

"FRIEND RAVEN! YOU ARE ALRIGHT!" Starfire grabbed Raven into a hug.



"I cant breath."

"Sorry." Starfire let her go. "But you have been like this for a week, one day, three hours, 54 minutes and 3, no two seconds."

"You've been keeping track?"

"Of course! Everyone has been worried about you! Beast Boy has been pacing back and forth and has not slept for quite some time now."

"Starfire, I'm sorry, but can I please see Beast Boy for just a second? Alone? I know I just woke up and everything but I really need to see him."

Raven could see Starfire fighting with herself. But she had to see Beast Boy.

"I feel like my ears are in a boxing match against each other." Starfire saw the confused look on Raven's face. "Fine. But you only get ten minutes."

She walked out of the room to get Beast Boy.


Beast Boy walked into the room. He was afraid of what was going to happen, he didn't know what had happened. He was just afraid.

He and Raven just stared at each other for a moment. Then Beast Boy said

"I'm sorry."

"WHAT?" Raven said "I'm the one who should be sorry! You haven't done anything except for be nice to me and save my life while this entire time I've know you I have been a complete jerk to you!"

"You haven't been a jerk! It's not your fault you cant exactly show emotions like everyone else! It's not your fault you felt like Terra was taking your place! It's not your fault that Terra tried to kill you! It's not your fault that they pushed you off a cliff and no one ever gave you a real home! It's not your fault!"

Raven was silent. Beast Boy was silent. Raven was hurt. Not by what Beast Boy said. She hardly had heard what he had said. She tuned out after a second. She was hurt. She wasn't hurt physically but her heart hurt. She thought Beast Boy liked her, she thought he wanted to be with her, to help her. That's why she went to the factory.

"It's not your fault, Raven! This entire time I've been the jerk not you! This entire time you've been hurting yourself and I've been to big of an airhead to realize that! I've been to dumb to see that you've been starving yourself! I've been to dumb to see that you've been killing yourself! I've been to dumb to see that you were hurt! I've been to dumb to see that I love you!"

Well that was random. Let's hope that Raven heard that.

"You love me?"

"Umm… Sure?" Beast Boy sat on the side of Raven's bed and put his head in his hands.

Raven burst into laughter. Beast Boy looked at her with hurt eyes.

"I'll just go…" His voice slowly trailed off.

"Beast Boy, come here!" Raven jumped out of bed and winced. Her stomach felt like crud whenever she moved, and she just jumped out of bed.

Beast Boy caught her and helped her back in her bed. He pulled the blanket up and his face was close to Raven's. Raven kissed him.

"I love you too."

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