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Skull Kid, Tatl, and Tael were out in the field talking when the Duke Princess and Romani came up to them out of breath "You won't believe this!" Romani said still catching her breath.

"What is it?" Tael asked.

"King Hyrule and Princess Zelda are in Clock Town!" the Duke Princess squealed.

"What's so great about him?! He's just some old man." Skull Kid asked with envy dripping from his voice.

"Haven't you guys heard?! Hyrule was under an attack for seven years! That means that the war is finally over!" Romani said happily.

"And we should care why?" Tatl asked annoyed, she was hoping that Link had come back.

"You still miss him don't you?" the Duke Princess asked.

"Miss who?! I don't miss anybody!" Tatl lied.

"Come on, it'll give you guys something to do!" Romani told them.

"Well, I am kind of bored." Tael agreed.

"And I do kind of want to meet him." Skull Kid also agreed.

Tatl sighed. "Fine, I'll come too." The four of them ran to Clock Town to see King Hyrule and the Princess Zelda.

It has been little over a month since Link, the Hero of Time, sent the evil Ganondorf into the Dark World. He and his girlfriend, Princess Zelda, decided to take a vacation with King Hyrule at Clock Town. When they entered everyone rush to greet the King and his daughter. They ignored Link and didn't encourage his existence. They didn't even remember that, that he was the same boy who saved both their town and Hyrule. Link didn't mind, he hated being treated like a celebrity. Link also didn't tell Zelda about his adventure here, and he didn't plan too any time soon. He doubt anyone would recognize him and he defiantly didn't want the attention.

"King Hyrule, it is good to see that you and Princess Zelda are alright." Kafei, the mayor, greeted him.

"Thank you, I see that you are the new mayor." King Hyrule replied.

"Yes, I am. My wife is the owner of the inn, I'm sure she will give you a room." Kafei informed them.

'I hope they changed the beds. Last time I was here there was a loose spring in one of the beds.' Link hoped.

Romani, the Duke Princess, and Skull Kid were having a little difficulty going through the crowd to meet the Great King Hyrule. Fortunately for Tatl and Tael they could fly so they didn't have any problems. When the three of them finally got to the front they saw King Hyrule talking to Kafei and Anju. They then noticed Zelda talking to a teenage boy with a green hat. Everyone gasped at the sight of the boy talking to the Princess. Tatl was furious and wanted to hit the boy over the head.

"Do you think that's Link?" Skull Kid asked no one unparticular.

"He better hope he isn't!" Tatl started to fly to the green covered elf.

Skull Kid grabbed her wing and pushed her back. "We don't want to cause trouble again!"


"Tatl, you'll get yourself killed!" Romani told her. "Princess Zelda is with him, you don't want the guards think that you're attacking the princess."

"Link would stop them…I'm sure he would." Tatl said trying to make herself believe it more than the others.

"What if that isn't Link? Do you think he would stop the guards then?" Romani asked again.

Tatl put her head down. "He just looks so much like him."

"Yeah, he does, doesn't he?" Princess Duke asked grimily.

"I got an idea! Why don't we call out his name and see if he reacts?!" Skull Kid suggested. "If it works and he notices us then we can play together like when he was little."

"Alright, on the count of three," Romani agreed. "1…2…3…"

"LINK!!!" All of them called out together.

But it was too late, the boy and the others were already heading to the inn. Everyone looked at the ground depress. They haven't seen their best friend in years and they had so much to tell them. Like how Skull Kid broke the curse he put on Kafei and how Mikau was brought back to live with Darmani.

"Maybe that wasn't Link and just a look a like." the Duke Princess guessed.

"And what if it really is Link?!" Romani asked frustrated.

"I know, why don't we sneak in here early in the morning and see if we can speak to Link alone?" Tatl suggested.

"Do you think they'll think that we're stalking them or something?" Tael asked his older sister.

"Then we'll see to it that they don't!" Tatl yelled between clutched teeth.

"Or we could tell my cousin, Anju." Romani suggested. (I think are related, I'm not sure though)

"Yeah, we can say: 'One of our best friends is staying the night with Princess Zelda and King Hyrule!" Tatl said sarcastically.

"Well, it's worth a try!" Romani said determined.

"Fine, but if it doesn't work out then we're taking my plan."

Tatl and the others ran or flew to the inn and went through the door. They noticed how everyone was running around and giving commands. They waited for it to cool down before Romani went up to her cousin.

"Um, Anju, do you we can have a word with the boy in green?"

"Why do you want to speak with him?" Anju asked exhausted.

"We think that's our friend, Link." Romani answered.

"I'll get him, but don't get your hopes up. The kid probably is just a look-a-like." Anju walked from the counter and to her cousin. "To tell you the truth, I'm kind of hoping he his too."

Anju gave her a small smile and walked up to Link's room. She knocked on it a couple of times and waited. A few seconds later a tall boy with sapphire eyes and a green hat opened the door. Anju stared in awe at how much he looked like the little boy that helped Kafei and her get married.

"May I help you?" Link asked. 'I guess they found me. I'll tell Zelda and King Hyrule once I'm done explaining myself.'

"Uh," Anju snapped back to reality and got back to the reason why she came up there. "You have some guests." She bowed and stepped out of the way.

Link shrugged and walked down the stairs and to the lobby. Anju followed right behind him eager to see if he really was Link. When Anju reached the lobby she went to the Kitchen to repair a meal. Link reached the lobby and looked at his now grown up friend-well except Skull Kid he was still child size. He gave a deep sigh and then a small smile.

"I guess you guys found me. I was kind of hoping to stay hidden so there wouldn't be a mob of people harassing me." Link gave small laugh and rubbed the back of his head.

"You mean that it really is you?" Romani asked with tears in her eyes.

"Who else would wear these clothes?!" Link asked looking at his outfit. Everyone ran and hugged him. Everyone fell to the ground with a thump. "Ow! I know you're glad to see me, but could you show me your love one at a time?" Everyone got off of Link laughing and smiling brightly.

"So, Link, how did you get close with royalty?" Tatl asked.

The Duke Princess put a finger to her chest. "Hey, what about me, I'm royalty!"

"Yeah, but King Hyrule is ruler of a whole kingdom! You only have that puny swamp." Tatl informed her.

"To tell you the truth I've known Zelda since I was ten. That same year I also met Darunia the king of Gorons, King Zora and his daughter Ruto, along with Nebooru who is the female leader of the Gerudos." Link answered ignoring the argument.

"Why didn't you tell us?! I want to meet them!" Tatl hit him on the head.

"Ow! I need to wear a helmet when I'm around you." Link rubbed his head.

"You better believe it! There's so much you missed while you were on that pointless journey!" Navi yelled at him.

"It wasn't pointless! It was my destiny to bring peace back to Hyrule and send the King of Evil to the Dark World with the help of the six sages!"

"What are you talking about?" Skull Kid asked interested in his friend's adventure.

"Oh…well… never mind it's not important!" Link rubbed the back of his head. "Uh, you should leave; Zelda is coming soon so we can do something."

As if on cue Zelda came running down the stairs and grabbed Link's arm. "Link, let's go to the beach party!"

Before Link could say anything Zelda pulled his arm toward the door and ran to the beach area. Everyone stared at the door that their friend had just exited from. Then out of nowhere they started to laugh.

"Why don't we go to my place and wait for Link to come back?" Romani asked no one unparticular.

At the beach Zelda gave Link his swimming trunks and they walked to the changing tents. While Link was changing he was thinking of ways to tell Zelda about his journey in Clock Town. When he walked out he ran into the grave he made for Mikau when he died so many years.

"What are you staring at, Link?" Zelda asked from behind him.

Link turned around and tried to smile. "I was just reading what it says!"

"Graves are always depressing." There was an awkward silence before Zelda spoke again. "Did you know while you were gone a boy came here and saved the town? They don't know his name, but whoever he is I'll like to meet him."

"What if you already do?" Zelda turned to look and looked at him strangely. "Never mind, come on! Let's go have some fun!"

Link grabbed her arm and ran to the ocean. For the rest of the day and night there was only peace. No one was aware of the crime that was committed and wouldn't until later. For at the entrance of the Clock Town's clock tower laid the body of the Happy Mask Seller Man.

"That fool thought that the power of the Majora's Mask's magic was fully destroyed." A dark and evil voice laughed. "The magic is much stronger than any living creature could expect and now it's mine. Soon, all will fall to the power of both the Triforce of Power and the Majora's Mask!" The cold voice started to laugh evilly.

To be continued…

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